Loan data model Hierachy diagrams

The Loans data model, a package within the Financial Industry Business Data Model, FIB-DM has the most comprehensive treatment of commercial and retail loans. The model is a transformation of the new Financial Industry Business Ontology module to be released into production in 2020.

This diagram gallery shows the loan types sub-package. There are four major hierarchies, Commitments, Loan Agreements, Borrowers & Facilities, , and Mortgage Purpose.

  • Debit and Credit Agreement Terms. Both roll up to the Financial Industry Business Concept, Commitment.
  • The different types of contracts, in particular, Loan Contracts and Credit Facilities.
  • Borrower and the Facility hierarchies in the Financial Industry Business Data Model. Both hierarchies have the common ultimate supertype Thing in Role. The Thing in Role is most familiar as an Autonomous Agent, but it can be any Thing that plays a role in a given context, here Loans.
  • The mortgage purpose hierarchy in the Financial Industry Business Data Model. Purpose types comprise of Purchase, Construction (loans), Remortgage, Renovation, Right to Buy, Investment, Debt Consolidation, Equity Release, Government Sponsored Loans, and Combination Mortgages.