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All ontology files on this website, Financial Regulation, and the imported reference ontologies LKIF and FIBO are Open Source.

This allows you to review and modify the design for your own customization free of charge.
Please email us your questions, comments, corrections, and suggestions: jziemer@jayzed.com

Jayzed Data Models Inc. has consulted global banks in North America, Europe, and Asia since 1999.

Business Domain Analysis Finance

  • Investment & Commercial Banking, Capital Markets
  • Credit, Market & Operational Risk, Regulatory Compliance, Trading & Settlement, Security Master, FI & FX, Derivatives, Accounting
  • Industry Reference Models: IBM Banking Data Warehouse, EDMC/OMG Financial Industry Business Ontology, Legal Knowledge Interchange Format

Data Modeling

  • Relational (OLTP, SOR), Dimensional (BI/ Data Warehouse), Conceptual (ontology)
  • Design Tools: ERWin, PowerDesigner, InfoSphere Data Architect, Sparx Enterprise Architect,  Protégé, Topbraid Composer
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2/UDB, Teradata , MS-SQLServer

Jurgen Ziemer was an IBM Industry Models, Banking Data Warehouse Consultant for 6 ½ years, leading data architecture for the Bank compliance team since Basel II in 2003.

I converted from data modeling to ontologies three years ago. Using OWL, I can define business constraints as axioms of the class structure. Executable business rules can be formulated in defined classes and semantic web rules. Traditional architecture has all these components separately (RDBMS, ETL, rules engine …).
In Semantic Compliance® everything is a Triple.