Banking Data Model

The Financial Industry Business Data Model (FIB-DM) is the largest reference standard for Retail, Commercial, and Investment Banks.

FIB-DM is a complete model transformation of FIBO, the Financial Industry Business Ontology.

Global banks created the FIBO as an open-source industry-standard for concepts, their relationships, and definitions. We used our patent-pending Ontology to Data-model Transformation to make it available in the leading data modeling tool, SAP PowerDesigner.

FIB-DM Core is an Open Source sub-model comprising of FIBO Foundation, Business Entities, and Finance Business & Commerce modules. The Financial Industry Business Universal Model, FIBUM is a sibling to FIB-DM. The UML model comprises more than 1000 classes.

For the Bank Ontology, the banking data model is a fully mapped bridge and relational data sources and targets.

Banking data model resources

Download the data model on the FIB-DM website
Bank Call Report Entity Schedule concept mapThe article on this site shows how to scope a reference data model for the Call Report.
Bank Call Report Entity Schedule (png)The companion webinar PowerPoint explains Financial Industry Fundamental Business concepts and the Call Report Entity schedule data model in detail.
The Semantics for midsize Banks video examines the challenges for smaller domestic banks utilizing the FIBO ontology and suggests a roadmap starting with the data model.
Open Banking PSD2 in FIBO and FIB-DMThe Semantics for large Banks video takes Open Banking with the EU Revised Payment Services Directive, PSD2 as an example.
Ontology Data Model Transformation tutorial - frontpageThe Semantics for Extra Large Banks video is the tutorial for the Configurable Ontology to Data Model Transformation, CODT, enabling Financial institutions to transform their FIBO customizations and extensions.
2020 FIBO FIB-DM Loans (fireworks) For Retail and Commercial Banks, LOANS with 300 new entities is the most anticipated addition to the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) and the Financial Industry Business Data Model (FIB-DM).
The diagram gallery of the new Loans data model package


The diagram gallery shows FIBO Foundation and Finance, Business, and Commerce packages for banking.

Click on a thumbnail to open the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) diagram. Then use your browser to scroll and zoom in and out.

Find more diagrams and a white paper about the FIBO data model transformation on

Entity Definitions

The table below has the definitions of all entities in the diagrams. The complete FIB-DM data dictionary is on the FIB-DM website.

Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:Accounta container for records associated with a business arrangement for regular dealings or services (such as personal or professional services, banking)
Account Holderfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountHoldera party holding an account
Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountIdentifieran identifier that identifies an account
Account Numberfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountNumberan identifier assigned to each client account for ease in referring to that party’s activity
Account Providerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountProvidera party that provides and services the account
Account Specific Service Agreementfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountSpecificServiceAgreementa service-agreement that is account-specific, applicable in cases where a client holds multiple accounts with differing terms and conditions
Accounting Transactionfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountingTransactionevent or condition recognized by an entry in the records of an account
Accounting Transaction Eventfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountingTransactionEventevent or condition recognized by an entry in the books of an account
Accrualfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Accrualthe process of accumulating interest or other income that has been earned but not paid
Agency Agreementfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:AgencyAgreementan agreement that designates a party as a registered agent to represent and act on behalf of another party in some, typically legal, financial, or medical capacity
Agent For Service Of Processfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:AgentForServiceOfProcessa registered agent (person or organization) designated by a business entity, such as a corporation, to receive legal correspondence on behalf of the business entity in the jurisdiction in which the agent’s address is located
Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Amortizationthe process of reduction of debt or other costs through periodic charges to assets or liabilities, such as through principal payments on mortgages
Amortization Schedulefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:AmortizationSchedulea schedule of periodic payments (repayment installments) that specify changes in the balance of the debt over time
applies Tofibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToa relation indicating something that is pertinent or relevant to the concept
Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:Banka depository institution, usually a corporation, that accepts deposits, makes loans, pays checks, and performs related services, for individual members of the public, businesses or other organizations
Bank Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BankAccountan account held or provided by, as a service, a bank
Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BankAccountIdentifieran identifier that identifies a bank account
Bank For International Settlementsfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankForInternationalSettlementsan international financial organization that serves central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability, helping to foster international cooperation in those areas and acting as a bank for central banks
Bank Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankHoldingCompanyany company that owns and/or has direct or indirect control of one or more banks; BHCs may also own nonbanking subsidiaries such as broker-dealers and asset managers
Bank Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BankIdentifieran identifier that uniquely identifies the financial institution and, when appropriate, the branch of that financial institution servicing an account
Banking Productfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankingProducta product provided to consumers and businesses by a bank or similar depository institution such as a checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit, debit or pre-paid card, or credit card
Banking Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankingServicea financial service offered by a bank or similar depository institution, such as a cash management service, foreign exchange service, lending or credit service, investment service, insurance service, merchant service, payroll service, etc.
Basic Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BasicBankAccountIdentifieran identifier that uniquely identifies an individual account at a specific financial institution in a particular country and which includes a bank identifier of the financial institution servicing that account
Basketfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Basketa collection of goods, services, or other things (e.g., financial contracts) that can be purchased and sold in some marketplace
Basket Constituentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:BasketConstituenta component of a basket
Borrowerfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Borrowera party to a debt instrument that is obligated to repay the amount borrowed (principal) with interest and other fees according to the terms of the instrument
Borrowing Capacityfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:BorrowingCapacityan amount of money that an individual or organization can borrow
Brokerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Brokerany party that acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller, usually charging a commission
Broker Dealerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:BrokerDealerany party in the business of buying and selling securities, operating as both a broker and a dealer, depending on the transaction
Brokerage Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BrokerageAccountan account offered by a broker that allows the investor to deposit funds and place investment orders
Brokerage Firmfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BrokerageFirma firm in the business of buying and selling securities, operating as both a broker and a dealer, depending on the transaction
Business Identifier Codefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessIdentifierCodean international identifier for financial and non-financial institutions used to facilitate automated processing of information for financial services
Business Identifier Code Schemefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessIdentifierCodeSchemea scheme that specifies the elements of a unique business identifier code (BIC) scheme to identify financial and non-financial institutions used to facilitate automated processing of information for financial services
Business Party Prefixfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessPartyPrefixa four-character (4 alphanumeric) code associated with the individual institution or business
Business Party Suffixfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessPartySuffixa two-character (2 alphanumeric) code associated with the individual institution or business
Catalogfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Cataloga list of goods and/or services available for sale with their description and possibly prices, published as a printed or  electronic document (e-catalog)
Central Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralBanka financial institution that is the monetary authority and major regulatory bank for a country (or group of countries)
Central Counterparty Clearing Housefibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralCounterpartyClearingHousea clearing house that helps facilitate trading in derivatives and equities markets
Central Securities Depositoryfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralSecuritiesDepositorya functional entity that provides a central point for depositing financial instruments (‘securities’), for example bonds and shares
Certificate Of Depositfibo-fbc-pas-caa:CertificateOfDeposita cash instrument associated with a time deposit account that cannot be withdrawn for a certain “term” or period of time.
characterizesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:characterizesa feature or quality that distinguishes something from something else
classifiesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:classifiesarranges in classes; assigns to a category
Clearing Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingBanka commercial bank that facilitates payment and settlement of financial transactions, such as check clearing or facilitating trades between the sellers and buyers of securities or other financial instruments or contracts
Clearing Corporationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingCorporationa clearing house that is organized as a corporation
Clearing Housefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingHousea financial service provider that is exchange affiliated and provides clearing services, including the validation, delivery, and settlement of financial transactions, for financial intermediaries
Clearing Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingServicea set of activities provided on behalf of an institutional market participant by a clearing services provider following a trade that finalizes the transfer of security ownership
Collateralfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Collateralan asset offered as security, pledged as an inducement to another party, to lend money, extend credit, or provision securities
Commercial Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommercialBanka bank that provides services, such as accepting deposits, giving business loans and auto loans, mortgage lending, and basic investment products like savings accounts and certificates of deposit
Commercial Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommercialFinanceCompanya finance company that makes loans to manufacturers and wholesalers, secured by accounts receivable, inventories, and equipment
Commodity Trading Advisorfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommodityTradingAdvisoran individual or organization that directly or indirectly advises others as to the value or advisability of buying or selling futures contracts or options
comprisesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:comprisesincludes, especially within a particular scope, is made up of
Conditions Precedentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ConditionsPrecedentConditions precedent on some obligation. These are conditions which would alter the Obligation as it is otherwise stated.
confersfibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersgrants or bestows by virtue of some authority
Consumer Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ConsumerFinanceCompanya finance company that lends to individuals under the small loans laws of the jurisdiction in which they operate
Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:Contracta voluntary, deliberate agreement between two or more competent parties to which those parties agree to be legally bound, and to which the parties must have provided valuable consideration
Contract Counterpartyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractCounterpartyin the event that a contract identifies either party to that contract as being the principal, this is the other party to that contract
Contract Documentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractDocumenta written document, whether physical or electronic, which sets out the formal terms and conditions of some written contract
Contract Originatorfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractOriginatorthe party that originates the contract and acts as the principal in that contract regardless of the owner or counterparty
Contract Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractPartya party to the contract, that is a contractually capable person or organization which is a signatory to the contract, and which grants or concedes certain rights and obligations as defined in the contract
Contract Principalfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractPrincipalthe party identified as being the principal or first party to a contract, in the event that the contract distinguishes any party as the principal
Contract Terms Setfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractTermsSetterms and conditions that define the commitment made by the contracting parties, such as rights and obligations when a contract is awarded or entered into
Contract Third Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractThirdPartysomeone who may be indirectly involved but is not a principal party to an arrangement, contract, deal, lawsuit, or transaction
Contractual Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualCommitmentterms and conditions that define the commitment made by the contracting parties, such as rights and obligations when a contract is awarded or entered into
Contractual Definitionfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualDefinitiona contractual element that defines something in a contract or other legal instrument
Contractual Elementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualElementgeneral and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that form an integral part of an agreement or contract
Conversion Termsfibo-sec-sec-iss:ConversionTermscontract terms specifying when and how a security may be converted to another security (usually of the same issuer)
Credit Agreementfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:CreditAgreementa contractual agreement in which a debtor receives something of value and agrees to repay the creditor at some date in the future, in some form (e.g., cash, securities, etc.), generally with interest
Credit Unionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CreditUniona not-for-profit depository institution that makes personal loans and offers other consumer banking services, organized for the purpose of promoting thrift among its members and creating a source of credit for provident or productive purposes
Creditorfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Creditora party to whom an obligation, such as an amount of money, or good, or performance of some service exists
Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:Currencymedium of exchange value, defined by reference to the geographical location of the monetary authorities responsible for it
Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:Datea calendar day on some calendar
Day Count Conventionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DayCountConventiona business recurrence interval convention that is used to calculate the number of days in an interest payment, which applies to the amount of accrued interest or the present value for debt instruments
Day Of Monthfibo-fnd-dt-bd:DayOfMontha business recurrence interval that indicates a specific, recurring day of the month
Dealerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Dealerany party that purchases goods or services for resale and acts on their own behalf in a transaction
Debtfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Debtan obligation to pay something, such as an amount of money, good, service, or instrument
Debt Offeringfibo-sec-dbt-dbti:DebtOfferingan offering of one or more debt instruments for sale
Debt Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DebtTermscontract terms that specify the formal rights and obligations of borrower and lender under a contract in which funds are lent from the one party to the other
Debtorfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Debtora party that owes a debt or other obligation to another party
definesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:definesdetermines or identifies the essential qualities or meaning of, discovers and sets forth the meaning of, fixes or marks the limits of, demarcates
Demand Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:DemandDepositAccounta noninterest-bearing deposit account in which deposits are payable immediately on demand, or that are issued with an original maturity or required notice period of less than seven days, or that represent funds for which the depository institution does not reserve the right to require at least seven days’ written notice of an intended withdrawal
Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:DepositAccountan account that provides a record of money placed with a depository institution for safekeeping and management
Depository Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:DepositoryInstitutionany financial institution engaged in the business of receiving demand deposits from the public or other institutions
Derivative Transaction Termsfibo-der-drc-bsc:DerivativeTransactionTermsthe contract terms for a derivative transaction, covering payment or delivery by either party to the other
Durationfibo-fnd-dt-fd:Durationan interval of time of some specific length
Electronic Funds Transfer Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ElectronicFundsTransferServicea service involving any transfer of funds other than a transaction involving a paper instrument, that is initiated through an electronic terminal, telephone, or computer and that orders or authorizes a financial institution to debit or credit an account
Equity Apportionment Terms Setfibo-be-ptr-ptr:EquityApportionmentTermsSetcontract terms defining the apportionment of equity for some formal business organization.
Equity Conversion Termsfibo-sec-eq-sha:EquityConversionTermsconversion terms specifying the details regarding conversion of shares into other securities
Exposurefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Exposurethe extent to which an individual or organization is unprotected and open to damage, danger, risk of suffering a loss, or uncertainty
Extension Provisionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:ExtensionProvisioncontract terms that specify the conditions under which a contract can be extended
Face Amount Certificate Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FaceAmountCertificateCompanyan investment company which is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of issuing face-amount certificates of the installment type, or which has been engaged in such business and has any such certificate outstanding
Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinanceCompanya financial intermediary in the business of making loans to individuals or businesses that obtains its financing from banks, institutions, and other money market sources rather than from deposits
Financial Exposurefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialExposurethe extent to which an individual or organization is open to risk of suffering a loss in a transaction, or with respect to some investment or set of investments, e.g., some holding; the amount one stands to lose in that transaction or investment
Financial Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinancialInstitutiona financial service provider identified as either a government agency or privately owned entity that collects funds from the public and from other institutions, and invests those funds in financial assets, such as loans, securities, bank deposits, and income-generating property
Financial Intermediation Servicefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialIntermediationServiceany financial service in which a third party (the intermediary) matches lenders and investors with entrepreneurs and other borrowers in need of capital
Financial Productfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialProducta product provided to consumers and businesses by financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, consumer finance companies, and investment companies all of which comprise the financial services industry
Financial Product Catalogfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialProductCataloga catalog of financial products and/or services available for sale with their description and other product details
Financial Servicefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialServicea service provided to consumers and businesses by financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, consumer finance companies, and investment companies all of which comprise the financial services industry
Financial Service Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:FinancialServiceAccountan account provided by a financial service provider associated with a specific financial product or service
Financial Service Providerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialServiceProvidera functional entity either licensed to provide financial services to consumers and/or businesses or established by law to provide financial services, such as a central bank
Fixed Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FixedInterestRatean interest rate that does not fluctuate over the lifetime of a loan or other debt instrument
Floating Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FloatingInterestRatea variable interest rate that is based on a specific index or benchmark rate
Full Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FullAmortizationamortization in which the very last payment (which, if the schedule was calculated correctly, should be equal to all others) pays off all remaining principal and interest on the loan
Futures Commission Merchantfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FuturesCommissionMerchantan individual or organization that which does both of the following: (1) solicits or accepts orders to buy or sell futures contracts, options on futures, retail off-exchange forex contracts, or swaps and (2) accepts money or other assets from customers to support such orders
General Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:GeneralPartnera partner in a partnership, who holds some part of the general partner equity and typically is jointly and severally liable with the other partners for the liabilities incurred by that partnership
governsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:governsprevails or has decisive influence over; exercises authority
governs Payment Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:governsPaymentOflinks contractual terms embedded in a contract, such as interest or repayment terms to the element those terms apply to
has Accrual Basisfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasAccrualBasisidentifies the convention that defines how interest accrues on something, that is the number of days in a month and days in a year that are counted when performing interest accrual calculations
has Available Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasAvailableAmountindicates an amount of money available for an individual or organization to borrow
has Borrowerfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasBorrowerrelates a contract, such as a debt instrument or credit agreement, to one or more parties that are incurring the debt
has Compounding Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasCompoundingFrequencythe frequency at which interest is compounded
has Constituentfibo-fnd-arr-arr:hasConstituentan essential part, component, or element of some collection or set
has Contract Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasContractPartyhas a party which is a signatory to the contract and to which is granted certain rights and obligations as defined in the contract and which concedes certain rights to and imposes certain obligations upon the other party as defined in the contract
has Contractual Elementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasContractualElementindicates an element, such as contractual definitions, terms describing commitments and the like, that forms part of a contract
has Counterpartyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasCounterpartyidentifies a counterparty to a contract
has Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateidentifies a specific date
has Date Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDatePeriodidentifies a specific period of time, including a start date, end date and or duration
has Debt Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasDebtAmountindicates the monetary amount of the debt
has Denominationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasDenominationthe face value of currency units, coins, or securities
has Effective Datefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasEffectiveDatethe date a contract, relationship, or policy comes into force
has Execution Datefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasExecutionDatethe date on which a contract has been fully performed by all parties
has Extendable Periodfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasExtendablePeriodindicates the date period during which an extension is allowable
has Extension Provisionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasExtensionProvisionidentifies a contract provision allowing extension of repayment or maturity dates
has Governing Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasGoverningJurisdictionthe jurisdiction governing the contract, as agreed by all parties
has Identityfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityprovides a means for identifying something that fills a particular role
has Initial Interest Accrual Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialInterestAccrualDatethe date from which interest begins to accrue
has Initial Interest Payment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialInterestPaymentDatethe date on which the first interest payment is due
has Initial Principal Payment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialPrincipalPaymentDatethe date on which the first payment against the principal is due
has Interest Payment Dayfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestPaymentDaythe day of the month on which interest payments must be made on the debt
has Interest Payment Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestPaymentFrequencythe frequency at which interest payments must be made on the debt
has Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestRaterelates something, such as an agreement, or debt instrument, to the rate (typically annual) of interest that is to be paid by the debtor to the creditor on the debt
has Lenderfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasLenderrelates a contract, such as a debt instrument or credit agreement, to one or more parties that are financing the debt
has Lifecyclefibo-fnd-arr-lif:hasLifecyclerelates something, such as a product, trade, or related process, to a lifecycle that characterizes it
has Non Binding Termsfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasNonBindingTermsrefers to terms that are included in the contract but are not considered binding
has Notional Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasNotionalAmounthas a notional value expressed as some monetary amount, that is a number and a currency in which that number is denominated
has Offeringfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingrelates something to a voluntary but conditional promise submitted by a buyer or seller (offeror) to another (offeree) for acceptance, and which becomes legally enforceable if accepted by the offeree
has Offering Pricefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingPriceindicates the price associated with an offering, which may be an explicit or calculated price
has Partfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasPartindicates any portion of a thing, regardless of whether the portion itself is attached to the remainder or detached; cognitively salient or arbitrarily demarcated; self-connected or disconnected; homogeneous or gerrymandered; material or immaterial; extended or unextended; spatial or temporal
has Party In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasPartyInRoleidentifies a party acting in a specific role as related to the particular agreement, contract, policy, regulation, or other business relationship
has Principalfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasPrincipalidentifies the main or principal party to a contract
has Principal Payment Dayfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalPaymentDaythe day of the month on which payments on the principal must be made
has Principal Payment Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalPaymentFrequencythe frequency at which payments on the principal must be made
has Principal Repayment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalRepaymentDaterelates an instrument to the date by which the principal must be repaid in full
has Settlement Datefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasSettlementDatea predicate indicating the date by which an executed order or transaction must be settled
has Stagefibo-fnd-arr-lif:hasStagerelates something, such as a product or trade lifecycle or related process, to a phase or stage in that lifecycle
has Termfibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasTermindicates a fixed or limited period for which something, e.g., an investment, lasts or is intended to last
has Termsfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasTermsidentifies the written terms which define and describe the commitments, rights and obligations of the parties to the contract and set out commonly agreed definitions, calculations and the like, and which form part of the contract
has Third Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasThirdPartyidentifies a party which is not signatory to the party but has some role in the overall context defined by the contract.
Holdingfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Holdingreal or personal property (assets), including but not limited to financial assets, to which one holds title and of which one has possession
Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:HoldingCompanya business (corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership) that has been established to own stock in another company, typically to own enough voting shares to have some level of control over that company’s policies and management
Insurance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InsuranceCompanya non-depository institution whose primary and predominant business activity is the writing of insurance or the reinsuring of risks underwritten by insurance companies, and that provides compensation based on the happening of one or more contingencies
Insurance Policyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:InsurancePolicya contract document that (1) puts an indemnity cover into effect, (2) serves as a legal evidence of the insurance agreement, (3) sets out the exact terms on which the indemnity cover has been provided, and (4) states associated information such as the (a) specific risks and perils covered, (b) duration of coverage, (c) amount of premium, (d) mode of premium payment, and (e) deductibles, if any
Insurance Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:InsuranceServicea financial service in which the insurer promises to provide compensation for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic payment
Interestfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Interestthe cost of using credit, or another’s money, expressed as a rate per period of time, payable by a debtor to a creditor in consideration of the credit extended to the debtor
Interest Payment Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:InterestPaymentTermscontract terms for payment of interest on a debt
Interest Ratefibo-fnd-acc-cur:InterestRatean amount charged, expressed as a percentage of principal, by a lender to a borrower for the use of assets
International Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InternationalBankAccountIdentifieran identifier for a bank account that is an expanded version of the basic bank account number (BBAN), intended for use internationally
Investment Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InvestmentAccountan account that provides a record of deposits of funds and/or securities held at a financial institution
Investment Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentBanka financial service provider that performs a variety of services. Investment banks specialize in large and complex financial transactions such as underwriting, acting as an intermediary between a securities issuer and the investing public, facilitating mergers and other corporate reorganizations, and acting as a broker and/or financial adviser for institutional clients.
Investment Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentCompanyAny issuer which: (a) is or holds itself out as being engaged primarily, or proposes to engage primarily, in the business of investing, reinvesting, or trading in securities; (b) is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of issuing face-amount certificates of the installment type, or has been engaged in such business and has any such certificate outstanding; or (c) is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of investing, reinvesting, owning, holding, or trading in securities, and owns or proposes to acquire investment securities having a value exceeding 40 per centum of the value of such issuer's total assets (exclusive of Government securities and cash items) on an unconsolidated basis
Investment Or Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InvestmentOrDepositAccountan account associated with a product or service that requires the account holder to provide funds for management by the account provider
Investment Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentServicea financial service designed to assist investors in using capital to create more money, either through income-producing vehicles or through more risk-oriented ventures to result in capital gains, including but not limited to providing investment advice, asset and portfolio management, brokerage services, and so forth
involvesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:involves(of a situation or event) includes (something) as a necessary part or result
is Based Onfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isBasedOnrelates something to something else on which it rests, or that supports it in some way
is Regulated Byfibo-fbc-fct-rga:isRegulatedByindicates a regulatory agency that has regulatory authority for something
issuesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:issuesis made available by
Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-law-jur:Jurisdictionthe limits or territory within which authority may be exercised; the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law
Legal Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:LegalAgentany party that has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another party
Lenderfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Lendera party that extends credit or money to a borrower with the expectation of being repaid, usually with interest
Letter Of Creditfibo-fbc-dae-gty:LetterOfCredita letter from a bank or other creditworthy institution guaranteeing that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount
Liability Apportionment Terms Setfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LiabilityApportionmentTermsSetterms defining the apportionment of liabilities accrued by some formal business organization.
Licensed Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:LicensedAgentany individual who is licensed to perform a legally binding function, and who has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another party
Limited Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LimitedPartnera partner whose liabilities are limited to the extent of their equity holding or guarantees
Loan Or Credit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:LoanOrCreditAccountan account associated with a service in which the account holder receives funds from the account provider under certain terms and conditions for repayment
Managed Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:ManagedInterestRatea variable interest rate charged by a financial institution for borrowing that is not prescribed as a margin over base rate but is set from time to time by the institution
Management Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ManagementCompanyAny investment company that sells and manages a portfolio of securities other than a face-amount certificate company or unit investment fund.
mandatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:mandatesrelates something to a commitment, contract, law, obligation, requirement, regulation, or similar concept that requires it
Merchant Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:MerchantServicea financial service provided by a financial institution to a merchant or other business, including but not limited to managing financial transactions via a secure channel
Monetary Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:MonetaryAmountthe measure which is an amount of money specified in monetary units
Monetary Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-fse:MonetaryAuthoritya regulatory agency that controls the monetary policy, regulation and supply of money in some country or group of countries
Monetary Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:MonetaryPricea price that that is expressed as a monetary amount
Mutual Contractual Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:MutualContractualAgreementa contract between two or more specific named parties; the rights and obligations pertaining to either party cannot be transferred to another party without prior written permission or a change to the contract itself
Negative Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:NegativeAmortizationamortization in which the payments made do not cover the interest due
Non Binding Termsfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:NonBindingTermscontractual commitments that do not have binding legal standing on the issuer or holder
Non Binding Terms Setfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:NonBindingTermsSetterms that do not have binding legal standing on the issuer or holder
Non Depository Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:NonDepositoryInstitutionany financial institution that acts as the middleman between two parties in a financial transaction, and that does not provide traditional depository services, such as brokerage firms, insurance companies, investment companies, etc.
Non Transaction Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:NonTransactionDepositAccountany deposit account that is not explicitly considered a transaction account
Offereefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Offereea party that receives an offer from something from someone (i.e., an offerer) based on the terms of the offering
Offeringfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Offeringan expression of interest in providing something to someone that is contigent upon acceptance, forbearance, or some other consideration, as desired by the offeree(s)
Offerorfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Offerora party that proposes to make something available to someone (i.e., an offeree) based on the terms of the offering
OTC Transaction Partyfibo-der-drc-bsc:OTCTransactionPartya party to an over-the-counter agreement
Partial Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:PartialAmortizationamortization in which the very last payment the last payment due may be a large balloon payment of all remaining principal and interest
Payment Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:PaymentServicea financial service that involves acceptance of electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit card, bank-based payments such as direct debit, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online banking
Payroll Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:PayrollServicea financial service, typically provided to small businesses that are not large enough to have an internal finance organization, that involves managing payment of wages to employees
Policyholderfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Policyholdera counterparty to and typically owner of an insurance policy; an insured party
Positionfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Positionan investor’s stake, i.e., a holding, in a particular asset (such as an individual security)
precedesfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:precedesrelates a product, organization, stage in a lifecycle, an event, or occurrence, such as a trade, to one that occurs before it
Principalfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Principalwith respect to a debt: the value of an obligation, such as a bond or loan, raised and that must be repaid at maturity; for investments: the original amount of money invested, separate from any associated interest, dividends or capital gains
Principal Repayment Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:PrincipalRepaymentTermscontract terms that specify requirements for repayment of the principal
Principal Underwriterfibo-fbc-fct-fse:PrincipalUnderwriterPrincipal underwriter of or for any investment company other than a closed-end company, or of any security issued by such a company, means any underwriter who as principal purchases from such company, or pursuant to contract has the right (whether absolute or conditional) from time to time to purchase from such company, any such security for distribution, or who as agent for such company sells or has the right to sell any such security to a dealer or to the public or both, but does not include a dealer who purchases from such company through a principal underwriter acting as agent for such company. Principal underwriter of or for a closed-end company or any issuer which is not an investment company, or of any security issued by such a company or issuer, means any underwriter who, in connection with a primary distribution of securities, (a) is in privity of contract with the issuer or an affiliated person of the issuer; (b) acting alone or in concert with one or more other persons, initiates or directs the formation of an underwriting syndicate; or (c) is allowed a rate of gross commission, spread, or other profit greater than the rate allowed another underwriter participating in the distribution.
Product Lifecyclefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecyclea lifecycle specific to a product or product family
Product Lifecycle Eventfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleEventa kind of event that occurs during one or more stages of a product lifecycle
Product Lifecycle Event Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleEventOccurrencean occurrence of an event that occurs during a specific stage of a specific product lifecycle
Product Lifecycle Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleOccurrencea realization of a product lifecycle
Product Lifecycle Stagefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleStagea phase in a product lifecycle
Product Lifecycle Stage Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleStageOccurrencean instance of a phase in an occurrence of a given product lifecycle
Promissory Notefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:PromissoryNotea promissory note is a written, signed, unconditional, and unsecured promise by one party (the maker or promisor) to another (the payee or promisee) that commits the maker to pay a specified sum on demand, or on a fixed or a determinable date
providesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:providesmakes something available
qualifiesfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:qualifieslimits, constrains or refines
Ratefibo-fnd-qt-qtu:Ratea quantity measured with respect to some other quantity
realizesfibo-fbc-pas-caa:realizesmakes concrete
Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:RecurrenceIntervala time interval that is consistent between elements of a regular schedule
Redemption Provisionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:RedemptionProvisiona contract provision enabling the issuer (writer) to regain possession through repayment of some stipulated price
Reference Interest Ratefibo-ind-ir-ir:ReferenceInterestRatea market rate that is a rate of interest paid by or agreed among some bank or set of banks
Registered Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:RegisteredAgenta legal agent designated by another party (person or organization), to represent and acts on their behalf under a formal agency agreement
Regulated Commodityfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:RegulatedCommoditya commodity under the jurisdiction of the regulatory agency, such as the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTF), which includes any commodity traded in an organized contracts market
regulates Supply Offibo-fbc-fct-fse:regulatesSupplyOfrelates a regulatory agency to something it controls or supervises the availability of in some market by means of rules and regulations
relates Tofibo-fbc-pas-fpas:relatesTohas a logical or causal connection with
Relationship Managerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:RelationshipManagera responsible party who manages the client’s account (or portfolio of accounts) and oversees their relationship with the service provider
Relationship Qualifierfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipQualifiera classifier that qualifies something about the relationship between consolidated entities during the reporting period, such as the accounting framework used
Sales Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SalesFinanceCompanya finance company that purchases retail and wholesale paper from automobile and other consumer and commercial goods dealers
Savings Associationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SavingsAssociationA savings association is defined as: (a) any Federal savings association, where a Federal savings association means any Federal savings association or Federal savings bank which is chartered under section 1464 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act; (b) any State savings association, where a State savings association means any building and loan association, savings and loan association, or homestead association; or any cooperative bank (other than a cooperative bank which is a State bank as defined in subsection (a)(2)) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, which is organized and operating according to the laws of the State (as defined in subsection (a)(3)) in which it is chartered or organized; and (c) any corporation (other than a bank) that the Board of Directors and the Comptroller of the Currency jointly determine to be operating in substantially the same manner as a savings association.
Self Regulating Organizationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SelfRegulatingOrganizationa non-governmental organization that has the power to create and exercise some degree of regulatory authority over an industry or profession in some country or group of countries
Service Providerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ServiceProvidera party that provides and typically provisions professional services, such as consulting, financial, legal, real estate, education, communications, storage, or processing services, to other parties, typically defined in a service agreement
Settlement Termsfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:SettlementTermscontract terms that define the commitment to and mechanism for settling one or more sides of a transaction
Swap Partyfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapPartya party to a swap and therefore a legal party to the contract that embodies that transaction
Swap Termsfibo-der-drc-swp:SwapTermsthe legal contractual terms of a swap transaction
Third Party Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ThirdPartyAgentany service provider that is licensed to perform a legally binding function and has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another party
Time Certificate Of Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeCertificateOfDepositAccounta time deposit account that allows deposits evidenced by a negotiable or nonnegotiable instrument, or a deposit in book entry form evidenced by a receipt or similar acknowledgement issued by the bank, that provides, on its face, that the amount of such deposit is payable to the bearer, to any specified person, or to the order of a specified person, as follows: (1) on a certain date not less than seven days after the date of deposit, (2) at the expiration of a specified period not less than seven days after the date of the deposit, or (3) upon written notice to the bank which is to be given not less than seven days before the date of withdrawal.
Time Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeDepositAccounta deposit account that the depositor does not have a right, and is not permitted, to make withdrawals from within six days after the date of deposit unless the deposit is subject to an early withdrawal penalty of at least seven days’ simple interest on amounts withdrawn within the first six days after deposit
Time Deposit Open Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeDepositOpenAccounta time deposit account that allows deposits (other than time certificates of deposit) for which there is in force a written contract with the depositor that neither the whole nor any part of such deposit may be withdrawn prior to (1) the date of maturity which shall be not less than seven days after the date of the deposit, or (2) the expiration of a specified period of written notice of not less than seven days.
Tradefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Tradean agreement between parties participating in a voluntary action of buying and selling goods and services
Trade Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeIdentifieran identifier for a trade
Trade Lifecyclefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecyclea lifecycle that defines the evolution of a trade, from initiation through settlement
Trade Lifecycle Eventfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleEventa kind of event that occurs during one or more stages of the lifecycle of a trade
Trade Lifecycle Event Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleEventOccurrencean occurrence of an event that occurs during a specific stage of a specific trade lifecycle
Trade Lifecycle Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleOccurrencea realization of a trade lifecycle
Trade Lifecycle Stagefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleStagea phase in the lifecycle of a trade
Trade Lifecycle Stage Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleStageOccurrencean instance of a phase in an occurrence of a given trade lifecycle
Traderfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:Traderan individual or organization or representative thereof that engages in the transfer of financial assets in any financial market on behalf of a client or the financial services provider
Transaction Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionDepositAccounta deposit or account from which the depositor or account holder is permitted to make transfers or withdrawals by negotiable or transferable instruments, payment orders of withdrawal, telephone transfers, or other similar devices for the purpose of making payments or transfers to third persons or others or from which the depositor may make third party payments at an automated teller machine (ATM), a remote service unit (RSU), or another electronic device, including by debit card
Transferable Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TransferableContracta contract in which the rights and obligations of one party (the holder) may be transferred to another party, which thereby takes on the same rights and obligations with respect to the other party to the contract
Transferable Contract Holderfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TransferableContractHoldera party that holds a transferable contract and enjoys the benefits defined in that contract while they hold it
Underwriterfibo-fbc-fct-fse:Underwritera financial service provider that evaluates and assumes another party’s risk for a fee, such as a commission, premium, spread or interest
Underwriting Arrangementfibo-fbc-fct-fse:UnderwritingArrangementa contractual agreement between parties that commits the underwriter to assuming risk
Unilateral Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:UnilateralContracta contract in which only one party makes an express promise, or undertakes a performance without first securing a reciprocal agreement from the other party
Unique Trade Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:UniqueTradeIdentifiera globally unique identifier for a trade, unique to the transaction known to and used by all relevant parties, as required by various regulatory agencies around the world
Unique Transaction Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:UniqueTransactionIdentifiera globally unique identifier for a reportable transaction, whose primary purpose is to uniquely identify individual OTC derivatives transactions in reports to trade repositories
Unit Investment Trustfibo-fbc-fct-fse:UnitInvestmentTrustan investment company which (a) is organized under a trust indenture, contract of custodianship or agency, or similar instrument, (b) does not have a board of directors, and (c) issues only redeemable securities, each of which represents an undivided interest in a unit of specified securities; but does not include a voting trust
Variable Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:VariableInterestRatean interest rate that is allowed to vary over the maturity of a loan or other debt instrument
Verbal Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:VerbalContracta contract that exists as a result of some verbal exchange
Wealth Management Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:WealthManagementServicea high-level financial service that combines financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, retirement planning and legal or estate planning for one set fee
Written Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:WrittenContracta formal contract that is written and signed by the parties thereto