Entity Definitions – list report

The list report shows all 1,810 Banking Data Model Entities with their name, code, definition, and stereotype. The Banking Data Model is a scope of the Financial Industry Business Data Model, comprising of the Core packages, Foundation, Business Entities, Finance Business & Commerce, plus Loans.

  • The Name is a conversion from ontology Camel Code to the Logical Data Model naming convention.
  • The Code is the source ontology class or object property prefix and local name transformed from the Financial Industry Business Ontology, FIBO.
  • All FIBO classes and property have the skos:definition annotation property, the source for the entity Comment.
  • Data model base entities derive from ontology classes and Associative Entities from object properties. The stereotype indicates the FIBO origin of the entity.

The report reflects the latest, January 2021 Informative data model version derived from Financial Industry Business Ontology, FIBO Development 2020/Q4. You can download the PDF version here.

Board Agreementfibo-be-corp-corp:BoardAgreementA formal, legally binding agreement between members of the Board of Directors of the organization
has Date Of Incorporationfibo-be-corp-corp:hasDateOfIncorporationThe formal date of incorporation as stated in filing documentsAssociative Entity
has Date Of Registrationfibo-be-corp-corp:hasDateOfRegistrationA date on which the corporation has registered in some jurisdiction for regulatory and / or for tax purposesAssociative Entity
has Issued Capitalfibo-be-corp-corp:hasIssuedCapitalThe total of a corporation’s shares that are held by shareholders. A corporation can, at any time, issue new shares up to the full amount of authorized share capital.Associative Entity
has Nominal Capitalfibo-be-corp-corp:hasNominalCapitalNominal capital is an alternate term for authorized share capital. The maximum value of securities that a company can legally issue. This number is specified in the memorandum of association (or articles of incorporation in the US) when a company is incorporated, but can be changed later with shareholders approval.  Authorized share capital may be divided into (1) Issued capital – par value of the shares actually issued, (2) Paid up capital – money received from the shareholders in exchange for shares, and (3) Uncalled capital – money remaining unpaid by the shareholders for the shares they have bought.Associative Entity
Joint Stock Companyfibo-be-corp-corp:JointStockCompany1. In the UK, the original (17th century) name for a corporation in which the liability of the owners is limited to the nominal value of the stock (shares) held by them. 2. In the US, a corporation with unlimited liability for the shareholders. Investors in a US joint stock company receive stock (shares) which can be transferred, and can elect a board of directors, but are jointly-and-severally liable for companys debts and obligations. A US joint stock company cannot hold title to a real property.
Privately Held Companyfibo-be-corp-corp:PrivatelyHeldCompanyA firm whose issued shares are all held by a family or a small group of investors and, therefore, cannot be bought by the public.
Publicly Held Companyfibo-be-corp-corp:PubliclyHeldCompanyA company whose shares are traded and held publicly
Registration Identifierfibo-be-corp-corp:RegistrationIdentifierAn identifier that is officially allocated to an organization at the time of registration, typically in a jurisdiction in which said organization is organized or registered and used in that jurisdiction to identify the organization
Registration Identifier Schemefibo-be-corp-corp:RegistrationIdentifierSchemeThe scheme that defines the registration identifier per the issuing registration authority
Religious Corporationfibo-be-corp-corp:ReligiousCorporationA not for profit organization whose objective is specific to some fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of people, and that is incorporated under the law
Associationfibo-be-fct-fct:AssociationNot-for-profit organization acting on behalf of its members, typically a trade or business association, industry sector-specific group, or professional association
Cooperative Societyfibo-be-fct-fct:CooperativeSocietyOrganization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services
Family Officefibo-be-fct-fct:FamilyOfficeOrganization that assumes the day-to-day administration and management of a family’s affairs
Functional Business Entityfibo-be-fct-fct:FunctionalBusinessEntityFunctional entity defined in terms of the nature of the commercial activity it conducts
Functional Entityfibo-be-fct-fct:FunctionalEntityParty defined in terms of a function it performs
Merchantfibo-be-fct-fct:MerchantParty engaged in the purchase and sales of goods produced by others for profit
Merchant Category Codefibo-be-fct-fct:MerchantCategoryCodeCode used internationally to classify a merchant
Merchant Category Code Schemefibo-be-fct-fct:MerchantCategoryCodeSchemeScheme defining a set of codes for classifying merchant services
Merchant Identifierfibo-be-fct-fct:MerchantIdentifierUnique identifier for a merchant that is used, for example, for transaction interchange purposes
is Published Byfibo-be-fct-pub:isPublishedByIdentifies the independent party (i.e., the individual or organization) that disseminates the materialAssociative Entity
Publicationfibo-be-fct-pub:PublicationAnything made public by print (such as a newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, letter, telegram, via computer modem or program, or in a poster, brochure or pamphlet), orally, or by broadcast (radio, television)
Publisherfibo-be-fct-pub:PublisherA party responsible for the printing or distribution of digital or printed information
publishesfibo-be-fct-pub:publishesPrepares and issues material for public consumptionAssociative Entity
Publishing Housefibo-be-fct-pub:PublishingHouseSome organization whose principal role is to publish information
Branch Of Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:BranchOfGovernmentA division of the government of a state, with separate and independent powers and areas of responsibility so that the powers of one branch are not in conflict with the powers associated with the other branches
Devolved Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:DevolvedGovernmentGovernment and the politicians that that run a subnational territory with powers that may be temporary and reversible, ultimately residing with the central government
Executive Branchfibo-be-ge-ge:ExecutiveBranchThe branch of government that has its authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the state
Federal Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:FederalGovernmentA union of states under a central government distinct from the individual governments of the separate states
Federated Sovereigntyfibo-be-ge-ge:FederatedSovereigntyA political entity characterized by a union of partially self-governing states or regions under a central (federal) government
Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentThe system by which a state or community is controlled
Government Agencyfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentAgencyA permanent or semi-permanent organization, often an appointed commission, in the machinery of government that is responsible for the oversight and administration of specific functions
Government Appointeefibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentAppointeeAn individual appointed by government decree to lead, or participate in some capacity in a government body
Government Bodyfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentBodyA formal organization that is an agency, instrumentality, or other body of supranational, national, federal, state, or local government, including certain multijurisdictional agencies and departments that carry out the business of government
Government Departmentfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentDepartmentA specialized organization responsible for a sector of government public administration
Government Ministerfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentMinisterGovernment official that is an executive, who is either appointed or elected to a high office in the government
Government Officialfibo-be-ge-ge:GovernmentOfficialA person elected or appointed to administer some aspect of a government
has Full Sovereignty Overfibo-be-ge-ge:hasFullSovereigntyOverRelates a polity to a geopolitical entity where the polity has absolute, supreme and ultimate dominion and authority of a political state subject to no higher power, expressed within its territory in full self-government and in complete freedom from any outside influenceAssociative Entity
has Jurisdictionfibo-be-ge-ge:hasJurisdictionRelates a polity or government entity to one or more jurisdictions, over which it has some level of legal authorityAssociative Entity
has Partial Sovereignty Overfibo-be-ge-ge:hasPartialSovereigntyOverRelates a polity to a geopolitical entity where the polity exercises partial dominion and authority of a political stateAssociative Entity
has Shared Sovereignty Overfibo-be-ge-ge:hasSharedSovereigntyOverRelates a polity to a geopolitical entity where the polity exercises shared dominion and authority of a political stateAssociative Entity
has Sovereignty Overfibo-be-ge-ge:hasSovereigntyOverRelates a polity to a geopolitical entity where the polity exercises dominion and authority of a political stateAssociative Entity
Instrumentalityfibo-be-ge-ge:InstrumentalityAn organization that serves a public purpose and is closely tied to a government, but is not a government agency
is Instrument Offibo-be-ge-ge:isInstrumentOfRelates an instrumentality of some government to the government that it supportsAssociative Entity
is Represented Byfibo-be-ge-ge:isRepresentedByRelates a system of governance to its chosen representativesAssociative Entity
Judiciaryfibo-be-ge-ge:JudiciaryA branch of government that comprises the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the supranational, national, federal, or regional government, depending on its jurisdiction
Legislaturefibo-be-ge-ge:LegislatureThe law-making body of a political unit, usually a national government, that has power to enact, amend, and repeal public policy
Municipal Entityfibo-be-ge-ge:MunicipalEntityA polity that typically represents a city, township, or other administrative subdivision having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction
Municipal Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:MunicipalGovernmentThe government of a municipality
National Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:NationalGovernmentA government and the politicians that that run a country as a whole (as opposed to local government)
Polityfibo-be-ge-ge:PolityA legal person that is a supranational entity, crown, state, or subordinate civil authority, such as a province, prefecture, county, municipality, city, or district representing the people of that entity
Regional Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:RegionalGovernmentAn administrative body for a small geographic area, such as a county, smaller town, or other similar community
Regional Sovereigntyfibo-be-ge-ge:RegionalSovereigntyThe legal person that corresponds to an administrative division, administrative unit, administrative entity or country subdivision (or, sometimes, geopolitical division or subnational entity), that has the capacity to incur debt, issue contracts, and enter into relations with other similar entities
Sovereign Statefibo-be-ge-ge:SovereignStateA nonphysical juridical entity that is represented by one centralized government that has sovereignty over a geographic area
Supranational Entityfibo-be-ge-ge:SupranationalEntityA governmental or non-governmental entity that is established by international law or treaty or incorporated at an international level
Tribal Areafibo-be-ge-ge:TribalAreaA designation for an area of land managed by a group of indigenous people (tribe) rather than by the sovereign state or regional governmental entity in which the tribal area is geographically located
Tribal Entityfibo-be-ge-ge:TribalEntityA legal entity that represents fundamental unit of sovereign tribal (indigenous) government
Tribal Governmentfibo-be-ge-ge:TribalGovernmentA government representing a group of indigenous people that has legal authority to govern those people, including authority to legislate the existance of tribal entities
Benefit Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:BenefitCorporationA not for profit corporation set up under specific state legislation to provide some stated societal benefit, and with some corresponding relaxation of the obligation to maximize shareholder return
Common Interest Development Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:CommonInterestDevelopmentCorporationA not for profit corporation set up under specific state legislation as a business entity for homeowners’ associations
Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:CorporationA formal organization treated as an entity – an artificial person or legal entity distinct from its owners – created by or under the authority of the laws of a state or nation
For Profit Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:ForProfitCorporationA corporation whose objective is to make money, in other words, to ensure realization of a financial benefit such that the amount of revenue gained from a business activity exceeds the expenses, costs and taxes needed to sustain that activity
Incorporation Guaranteefibo-be-le-cb:IncorporationGuaranteeA guarantee which is part of the means by which some incorporated entity is incorporated by guarantee.
Instrument Of Incorporationfibo-be-le-cb:InstrumentOfIncorporationSome legal instrument by which some legal entity which is not a natural person is made to exist.
is Constituted Byfibo-be-le-cb:isConstitutedByThe instrument by which an entity is incorporatedAssociative Entity
is Incorporated Infibo-be-le-cb:isIncorporatedInThe legal jurisdiction under which the legal entity is incorporatedAssociative Entity
Not For Profit Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:NotForProfitCorporationA corporation approved by its jurisdictional oversight and taxing authorities as operating for educational, charitable, social, religious, civic or humanitarian purposes
Stock Corporationfibo-be-le-cb:StockCorporationA corporation that has shareholders (stockholders), each of whom receives a portion of the ownership of the corporation through shares of stock
Branchfibo-be-le-fbo:BranchPart of a larger organization that might not be co-located with it
Divisionfibo-be-le-fbo:DivisionPart of an organization, such as a line of business, that may have separate accounting and reporting requirements
has Equityfibo-be-le-fbo:hasEquityIndicates owners’ equity associated with the entityAssociative Entity
has Headquarters Addressfibo-be-le-fbo:hasHeadquartersAddressIndicates the main address at which communications may be delivered for the organizationAssociative Entity
has Operating Addressfibo-be-le-fbo:hasOperatingAddressIndicates an address at which an organization carries out operationsAssociative Entity
has Registered Addressfibo-be-le-fbo:hasRegisteredAddressIdentifies an address that is officially recorded with some government authority and at which legal papers may be servedAssociative Entity
has Sub Unitfibo-be-le-fbo:hasSubUnitRelates a formally constituted organization to a sub-unit of that organizationAssociative Entity
Joint Venturefibo-be-le-fbo:JointVentureLegal entity that is formed between parties that pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task but otherwise retain their distinct identities
Non Governmental Organizationfibo-be-le-fbo:NonGovernmentalOrganizationNot-for-profit organization that functions independently of government
Not For Profit Organizationfibo-be-le-fbo:NotForProfitOrganizationOrganization that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose rather than distributing its surplus income to the organization’s owners (directors, investors, and equivalents) as profit / dividends
Organizational Sub Unitfibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationalSubUnitAny department, service, and other entity within a larger organization that only has full recognition within the context of that organization, but requires identification for some purpose
Organization Covering Agreementfibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationCoveringAgreementContract between the principals in a formal organization that specifies the relationship between the principals, and between the principals and the entity
Organization Identification Schemefibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationIdentificationSchemeIdentification scheme dedicated to the unique identification of organizations
Organization Identifierfibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationIdentifierIdentifier assigned to an organization within an organization identification scheme, and unique within that scheme
Organization Part Identifierfibo-be-le-fbo:OrganizationPartIdentifierIdentifier allocated to a particular organizational sub-unit
Value Added Tax Identification Numberfibo-be-le-fbo:ValueAddedTaxIdentificationNumberTax identifier that identifies a taxable person (business) or non-taxable legal entity for a consumption tax that is assessed incrementally, levied on the price of a product or service at each stage of production, distribution, and sale to the end consumer
Accounting Frameworkfibo-be-le-lei:AccountingFrameworkA qualifier that indicates the accounting framework, i.e., the set of policies, methods, rules, and processes, applied for accounting consolidation purposes with respect to this relationship
Contractually Capable Entityfibo-be-le-lei:ContractuallyCapableEntityA unique entity that is legally or financially responsible for the performance of financial transactions, or has the legal right in its jurisdiction to enter independently into legal contracts, regardless of whether it is incorporated or constituted in some other way (e.g. trust, partnership, contractual). This excludes natural persons, but includes governmental organizations and supranationals.
Entity Legal Formfibo-be-le-lei:EntityLegalFormA classifier for a legal entity that indicates the nature of that entity as defined from a legal or regulatory perspective, in the jurisdiction in which it was established
Entity Legal Form Identifierfibo-be-le-lei:EntityLegalFormIdentifierA code that uniquely identifies an entity legal form as defined in ISO 20275
Entity Legal Form Schemefibo-be-le-lei:EntityLegalFormSchemeA scheme that specifies the elements of an unambiguous identifier for the entity legal forms that are sanctioned in a given jurisdiction as defined in ISO 20725
has Legal Addressfibo-be-le-lei:hasLegalAddressIndicates the legal address for the entity, in the jurisdiction in which the entity is established, used for registration purposes with respect to obtaining an LEIAssociative Entity
has Legal Formfibo-be-le-lei:hasLegalFormIndicates the nature of the entity as defined from a legal or regulatory perspective in a given jurisdictionAssociative Entity
is Consolidated Byfibo-be-le-lei:isConsolidatedByIndicates the entity considered the ‘end node’ or consolidating entity (parent) from an ISO 17442 perspectiveAssociative Entity
is Consolidation Offibo-be-le-lei:isConsolidationOfIndicates the entity considered the ‘start node’ or consolidated entity from an ISO 17442 perspectiveAssociative Entity
is Directly Consolidated Byfibo-be-le-lei:isDirectlyConsolidatedByIndicates that the entity considered the ‘end node’ or consolidating entity (parent) fully consolidates the accounting of the ‘start node’ (child) per the accounting rules specified, and is the closest consolidating entity to that child in any applicable ownership hierarchyAssociative Entity
is International Branch Offibo-be-le-lei:isInternationalBranchOfIndicates that the entity considered the ‘start node’ or consolidated entity (child) is an international branch of the ‘end node’ (parent) in the jurisdiction of the childAssociative Entity
is Ultimately Consolidated Byfibo-be-le-lei:isUltimatelyConsolidatedByIndicates that the entity considered the ‘end node’ or consolidating entity (parent) fully consolidates the accounting of the ‘start node’ (child) per the accounting rules specified, and is the most distant consolidating entity to that child in any applicable ownership hierarchyAssociative Entity
Legal Entity Identifierfibo-be-le-lei:LegalEntityIdentifierAn organization identifier that uniquely identifies a legal person as defined in ISO 17442
Legal Entity Identifier Schemefibo-be-le-lei:LegalEntityIdentifierSchemeA scheme that specifies the elements of an unambiguous legal entity identifier (LEI) scheme to identify the legal entities relevant to any financial transaction
LEI Registered Entityfibo-be-le-lei:LEIRegisteredEntityA legal person that has registered for and is identified by a legal entity identifierEquivalent Entity
Relationship Period Qualifierfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipPeriodQualifierA classifier that qualifies something about the reporting period specified, such as that the date period reflects an accounting or document filing period
Relationship Qualifierfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipQualifierA classifier that qualifies something about the relationship between consolidated entities during the reporting period, such as the accounting framework used
Relationship Recordfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipRecordA record describing relationships between legal entities
Relationship Statusfibo-be-le-lei:RelationshipStatusA classifier that specifies the status of the relationship between consolidated entities during the reporting period (active or inactive)Equivalent Entity
Business Entityfibo-be-le-lp:BusinessEntityAn entity that is formed and administered as per commercial law in order to engage in business activities
Business Licensefibo-be-le-lp:BusinessLicenseA license that allows the holder to conduct business or carry out a specific profession within some jurisdiction for some period of time
Chartered Legal Personfibo-be-le-lp:CharteredLegalPersonA legal person created by a royal charter or decree
is Organized Infibo-be-le-lp:isOrganizedInIndicates the juridiction whose laws a legal entity is organized underAssociative Entity
is Recognized Infibo-be-le-lp:isRecognizedInIndicates the jurisdiction in which a legal person is considered competent to enter into a contract, conduct business, or participate in other activities, or in which an agreement may be acknowledged and possibly enforceableAssociative Entity
Legal Entityfibo-be-le-lp:LegalEntityA legal person that is a partnership, corporation, or other organization having the capacity to negotiate contracts, assume financial obligations, and pay off debts, organized under the laws of some jurisdiction
Legally Competent Natural Personfibo-be-le-lp:LegallyCompetentNaturalPersonA person who is considered competent, under the circumstances, to enter into a contract, conduct business, or participate in other activities that generally require the mental ability to understand problems and make decisions on his or her own behalf
Legal Personfibo-be-le-lp:LegalPersonAutonomous agent that is recognized as having rights and obligations under the law, including but not limited to the right to sue and be sued, enter into contracts, own property, and incur financial and other obligations
Not For Profit Objectivefibo-be-le-lp:NotForProfitObjectiveAn objective that reflects the charitable, educational, religious, humanitarian, public services, or other not for profit goals of an organization
Power Of Attorneyfibo-be-le-lp:PowerOfAttorneyLegal authorization given by one party (the principal) to another (the agent or attorney-in-fact) to perform certain acts on the principal’s behalf
Profit Objectivefibo-be-le-lp:ProfitObjectiveAn objective that reflects pursuit of a financial benefit that may be realized when the amount of revenue gained from a business activity exceeds the expenses, costs and taxes needed to sustain that activity
Public Purposefibo-be-le-lp:PublicPurposeAn objective that reflects values generally thought to be shared by and that is intended to benefit the populace as a whole
Religious Objectivefibo-be-le-lp:ReligiousObjectiveA not for profit objective that reflects the religious goals of an organization
Statutory Bodyfibo-be-le-lp:StatutoryBodyA body set up by a government to consider evidence and make judgements in some field of activity
Affiliatefibo-be-oac-cctl:AffiliateParty that is related to a legal entity, directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, and controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with that entity, typically determined by the degree of ownershipEquivalent Entity
Affiliationfibo-be-oac-cctl:AffiliationSituation in which a controlled party is affiliated with a controlling party for some period of time
Controlled Affiliatefibo-be-oac-cctl:ControlledAffiliateControlled party in an affiliation situation
Controlled Affiliate only has Identityfibo-be-oac-cctl:ControlledAffiliate_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Controlled AffiliateAssociative Entity
Controlling Affiliatefibo-be-oac-cctl:ControllingAffiliateControlling party in an affiliation situation
Domestic Ultimate Parentfibo-be-oac-cctl:DomesticUltimateParentParty that is recognized as the ultimate parent of a given organization within the country or jurisdiction of incorporation or organization
Global Ultimate Parentfibo-be-oac-cctl:GlobalUltimateParentParty that is recognized as the ultimate parent of a given organization world-wide
has Affiliatefibo-be-oac-cctl:hasAffiliateHas a party which directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with the companyAssociative Entity
has Controlling Affiliatefibo-be-oac-cctl:hasControllingAffiliateIs directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controlled byAssociative Entity
has Domestic Ultimate Parentfibo-be-oac-cctl:hasDomesticUltimateParentRelates an organization to another recognized as its ultimate parent, within its country or jurisdiction of incorporation, if it has oneAssociative Entity
has Global Ultimate Parentfibo-be-oac-cctl:hasGlobalUltimateParentRelates an organization to another recognized as its ultimate parent, if it has oneAssociative Entity
has Subsidiaryfibo-be-oac-cctl:hasSubsidiaryRelates a legal entity to another organization that it owns at least 50 percent ofAssociative Entity
is Affiliate Offibo-be-oac-cctl:isAffiliateOfRelates a party which directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control by another party to that partyAssociative Entity
is Parent Company Offibo-be-oac-cctl:isParentCompanyOfIndicates a controlled affiliate that it owns at least 50 percent ofAssociative Entity
is Wholly Owned Byfibo-be-oac-cctl:isWhollyOwnedByRelates a legal entity to a party that has 100 percent ownership and control over itAssociative Entity
Joint Venture Partnerfibo-be-oac-cctl:JointVenturePartnerParty that shares capital, technology, human resources, risks, and benefits of an entity under shared control
Significant Shareholderfibo-be-oac-cctl:SignificantShareholderParty that owns a significant voting stake in an organization that is less than 50 percent but greater than some threshold
Subsidiaryfibo-be-oac-cctl:SubsidiaryLegal entity that is entirely or majority owned and controlled by another legal entity
Total Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cctl:TotalControllingInterestPartyVoting shareholder that owns 100 percent of the voting shares in some legal entity
Voting Shareholderfibo-be-oac-cctl:VotingShareholderShareholder whose shares confer the right to vote in corporate elections, including the right to elect directors at annual or special meetings, and to express their views to corporate management and directors on significant issues that may affect the value of those shares
Beneficial Ownerfibo-be-oac-cown:BeneficialOwnerParty that enjoys the benefits of ownership (such as receipt of income) of something even though its ownership (title) may be in the name of another party (called a nominee or registered owner)
Beneficial Ownershipfibo-be-oac-cown:BeneficialOwnershipControl situation linking something at least one beneficial owner
has Beneficial Ownerfibo-be-oac-cown:hasBeneficialOwnerIndicates the party that retains rights in the asset they control in a beneficial ownership situationAssociative Entity
Shareholderfibo-be-oac-cown:ShareholderParty that owns shares in and has rights and responsibilities with respect to some asset, provided in exchange for investment
Shareholder only holds (rel)fibo-be-oac-cown:Shareholder_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:holdsA subtype of associative entity ‘holds (rel)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, ShareholderAssociative Entity
Shareholdingfibo-be-oac-cown:ShareholdingFinancial asset that takes the form of shares considered as a unit
advises (be)fibo-be-oac-cpty:advisesProvides counsel or guidance toAssociative Entity
Contractual Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:ContractualControlControl established through the terms of some contract
Controlled Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:ControlledPartyParty that is controlled in some way and to some degree by some other party
Controlling Alliancefibo-be-oac-cpty:ControllingAllianceGroup that has formed some alliance to jointly exercise control over some entity
Court Appointed Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:CourtAppointedControlControl conferred by the actions of some court, for example in the context of receivership
De Facto Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:DeFactoControllingInterestPartyParty that exercises some control over an entity other than via explicit, legal means
De Jure Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:DeJureControllingInterestPartyParty that has the legal authority to exercise control
Entity Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:EntityControllingPartyParty that has the authority to control some legal entity
Entity Controlling Party only controlsfibo-be-oac-cpty:EntityControllingParty_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:controlsA subtype of associative entity ‘controls’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Entity Controlling PartyAssociative Entity
has Controlling Organization Memberfibo-be-oac-cpty:hasControllingOrganizationMemberRelates a controlled party to a controlling member of the organizationAssociative Entity
has Majority Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:hasMajorityControllingPartyIndicates a party that owns a controlling stake (over 50 percent) in the entityAssociative Entity
Influence Based De Facto Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:InfluenceBasedDeFactoControlInformal control that involves influence over some party
Influence Based De Facto Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:InfluenceBasedDeFactoControllingPartyParty that holds influence-based control over some other party
Investment Based De Facto Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:InvestmentBasedDeFactoControlControl that arises through some investment in some entity, other than via the holding of constitutional equity (shares etc.) in that entity
Investment Based De Facto Control only has Party In Controlfibo-be-oac-cpty:InvestmentBasedDeFactoControl_only_fibo-fnd-oac-ctl:hasPartyInControlA subtype of associative entity ‘has Party In Control’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Investment Based De Facto ControlAssociative Entity
Investment Based De Facto Controlling Interest Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:InvestmentBasedDeFactoControllingInterestPartyParty that holds investment-based control over some other party
is Based On Investment Equityfibo-be-oac-cpty:isBasedOnInvestmentEquityIndicates investment-based de facto control, which is is based on the holding of some investment equity by some partyAssociative Entity
Joint Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:JointControllingPartyParty that collectively has the authority to control the affairs of some business organization
Joint Controlling Party only has Identityfibo-be-oac-cpty:JointControllingParty_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Joint Controlling PartyAssociative Entity
Majority Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:MajorityControllingPartyControlling party that possesses, either directly or indirectly, the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a legal person, whether through the ownership of a majority of voting securities, by contract, or otherwise
Receiverfibo-be-oac-cpty:ReceiverParty appointed by some court for the purposes of winding up the affairs of some entity which is no longer solvent
Sole Controlling Partyfibo-be-oac-cpty:SoleControllingPartyParty that has sole control over and directs the affairs of some legal entity
Total Ownerfibo-be-oac-cpty:TotalOwnerParty that has 100 percent ownership some legal entity
Articles Of Incorporationfibo-be-oac-exec:ArticlesOfIncorporationContract that establishes a new corporation or, when amended, adjusts the legal basis for the corporation, and outlines basic information about the corporation, including the type of business, and a description of the business’ operational characteristics
Auditorfibo-be-oac-exec:AuditorParty qualified and authorized to review and verify the accuracy of financial records and ensure that companies comply with tax laws
Authorizationfibo-be-oac-exec:AuthorizationSituation in which a party authorizes someone to act on their behalf under certain conditions for some period of time
Authorized Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:AuthorizedPartyParty that has been given the responsibility to act on behalf of another party under some set of guidelines
authorizesfibo-be-oac-exec:authorizesEndorses, enables, empowers, or gives permission toAssociative Entity
authorizes Throughfibo-be-oac-exec:authorizesThroughIndicates the situation that faciliates designation of an authorized party by the authorizing party for some purposeAssociative Entity
Authorizing Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:AuthorizingPartyParty that delegates some role, authority, or control to another party
Board Capacityfibo-be-oac-exec:BoardCapacityAuthority to act in a fiduciary capacity with respect to the organization, including but not limited to determining and executing corporate policy
Board Composition Controlfibo-be-oac-exec:BoardCompositionControlSituation in which a voting shareholder, entity owner, or some other party in the case of a not-for-profit organization, appoints and/or nominates someone to the board of directors of an organization for some period of time
Board Memberfibo-be-oac-exec:BoardMemberParty that has fiduciary responsibility with respect to the organization, including but not limited to determining and executing corporate policy
Board Membershipfibo-be-oac-exec:BoardMembershipSituation relating an individual member of the board of directors to the organization
Board Of Directorsfibo-be-oac-exec:BoardOfDirectorsGroup of people comprising the governing body of an organization that has the authority to set organizational strategy and policies as well as to select and, to some degree manage, leadership
Bylawsfibo-be-oac-exec:BylawsWritten rules for conduct of a corporation, association, partnership or any organization
Chief Executive Officerfibo-be-oac-exec:ChiefExecutiveOfficerTop corporate officer responsible for an organization’s overall operations and performance
Chief Financial Officerfibo-be-oac-exec:ChiefFinancialOfficerSenior-most corporate officer responsible for financial control and planning for an organization or project
Company Lawfibo-be-oac-exec:CompanyLawLegislation under which the formation, registration or incorporation, governance, and dissolution of a firm is administered and controlled
Company Secretaryfibo-be-oac-exec:CompanySecretaryCorporate officer appointed by the directors of an organization, responsible for ensuring compliance with legal obligations related to corporate governance
Corporate Officerfibo-be-oac-exec:CorporateOfficerHigh-level management executive of a corporation or other organization, hired by the board of directors or the business owner(s), charged with certain operational responsibilities
delegates Control Tofibo-be-oac-exec:delegatesControlToIndicates a party to which this legal person has delegated some authority or controlAssociative Entity
designates Signatoryfibo-be-oac-exec:designatesSignatoryAuthorizes to sign agreements, access accounts and/or perform other similar tasksAssociative Entity
electsfibo-be-oac-exec:electsChooses someone, or a group of individuals, to hold office or some other position by votingAssociative Entity
Executivefibo-be-oac-exec:ExecutivePerson appointed and given the responsibility to manage the affairs of an organization and the authority to make decisions within specified role-specific boundaries
Executive Board Memberfibo-be-oac-exec:ExecutiveBoardMemberMember of a board of directors that is also a corporate officer of the organization
has Authorized Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:hasAuthorizedPartyIndicates the party that is endorsed, enabled, empowered, or otherwise permitted to do something in the situationAssociative Entity
has Corporate Officerfibo-be-oac-exec:hasCorporateOfficerIndicates an officer of the organizationAssociative Entity
has Delegated Control Offibo-be-oac-exec:hasDelegatedControlOfIndicates something or some party that is controlled via delegationAssociative Entity
has Directorfibo-be-oac-exec:hasDirectorIndicates a member of the board of directors of the organizationAssociative Entity
has Principal Managing Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:hasPrincipalManagingPartyIndicates a controlling party that is responsible for the management of daily business operationsAssociative Entity
has Responsibilityfibo-be-oac-exec:hasResponsibilityIdentifies a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsibleAssociative Entity
has Responsible Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:hasResponsiblePartySome party that has some defined responsibility with respect to the formal organizationAssociative Entity
has Vested In Itfibo-be-oac-exec:hasVestedInItIndicates the delegated legal authority that is vested in the controlling partyAssociative Entity
Legally Delegated Authorityfibo-be-oac-exec:LegallyDelegatedAuthorityParty empowered with some level of legal control and corresponding responsibility
Legally Delegated Authority only has Identityfibo-be-oac-exec:LegallyDelegatedAuthority_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Legally Delegated AuthorityAssociative Entity
nominatesfibo-be-oac-exec:nominatesAppoints or proposes for appointment to an office or placeAssociative Entity
Non Executive Board Memberfibo-be-oac-exec:NonExecutiveBoardMemberMember of the board of directors of an organization that has no executive responsibilities towards the running of that organization
Principal Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:PrincipalPartyControlling party that is responsible for the management of daily business operations of an organization
Responsible Partyfibo-be-oac-exec:ResponsiblePartyPerson acting in a role that has some formal responsibility, such as a fiduciary responsibility, a signatory, an examiner or registrar, etc.
Responsible Party only has Identityfibo-be-oac-exec:ResponsibleParty_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Responsible PartyAssociative Entity
Signatoryfibo-be-oac-exec:SignatoryResponsible party authorized to sign agreements on behalf of themselves, another person, or an organization
Constitutional Ownerfibo-be-oac-opty:ConstitutionalOwnerA party that holds an equity stake in some entity, in the form of shareholders’ equity
Controlling Equityfibo-be-oac-opty:ControllingEquityShareholders’s equity that formally confers control in the entity, either by law or as explicitly stated in a corresponding equity instrument
Controlling Equity only confersfibo-be-oac-opty:ControllingEquity_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersA subtype of associative entity ‘confers’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Controlling EquityAssociative Entity
Direct Consolidationfibo-be-oac-opty:DirectConsolidationDirect ownership recorded as accounting consolidation, by some party of some other formal organization
Entity Ownerfibo-be-oac-opty:EntityOwnerA party that has some ownership interest in some entity
Entity Ownershipfibo-be-oac-opty:EntityOwnershipOwnership by some party of an interest in some non-governmental formal organization
Foreign Branch Ownershipfibo-be-oac-opty:ForeignBranchOwnershipOwnership by some party of some formal organization or organizational sub-unit that is a foreign affiliate and legally part of the owning entity
guaranteesfibo-be-oac-opty:guaranteesProvides a formal assurance or promise, esp. that certain conditions shall be fulfilled relating to a product, service, or transactionAssociative Entity
has Direct Ownershipfibo-be-oac-opty:hasDirectOwnershipRelates a formal organization to the situation in which it is owned directly by another entityAssociative Entity
has Direct Owning Entityfibo-be-oac-opty:hasDirectOwningEntityRelates a formal organization to a direct legal person / ownerAssociative Entity
has Investment Entityfibo-be-oac-opty:hasInvestmentEntityRelates a legal person to a directly owned formal organization or subsidiary, depending on the percent ownership interestAssociative Entity
has Investment Ownershipfibo-be-oac-opty:hasInvestmentOwnershipRelates a legal person to the context in which it owns a formal organizationAssociative Entity
Investment Equityfibo-be-oac-opty:InvestmentEquityEquity that represents an ownership interest in some entity, but may or may not take the form of shareholders’s equity
Investment Equity only confersfibo-be-oac-opty:InvestmentEquity_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersA subtype of associative entity ‘confers’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Investment EquityAssociative Entity
Investor (be)fibo-be-oac-opty:InvestorA party that owns some stake in some organization by way of investment
Investor (be) only holds (rel)fibo-be-oac-opty:Investor_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:holdsA subtype of associative entity ‘holds (rel)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Investor (be)Associative Entity
Investor Contractfibo-be-oac-opty:InvestorContractContract setting out the terms under which some investor invests in the entity and setting out the rights which are conferred on that investor.
Ultimate Consolidationfibo-be-oac-opty:UltimateConsolidationHighest-level (top, end) ancestral ownership, evidenced by accounting consolidation, by some party of some other legal entity
has Managing Memberfibo-be-plc-plc:hasManagingMemberIndicates a managing member in a controlling role of a limited liability company that has responsibility for the day-to-day business operationsAssociative Entity
Limited Liability Companyfibo-be-plc-plc:LimitedLiabilityCompanyPrivate limited company that combines the pass through taxation of a sole proprietorship or partnership with the limited liability of a corporation
Limited Liability Company Memberfibo-be-plc-plc:LimitedLiabilityCompanyMemberOwner of an interest in a limited liability company
Limited Liability Company Taxed As A Corporationfibo-be-plc-plc:LimitedLiabilityCompanyTaxedAsACorporationLimited liability company that has elected to have corporate tax status
Manager Managed Limited Liability Companyfibo-be-plc-plc:ManagerManagedLimitedLiabilityCompanyLimited liability company in which the members appoint one or more managers to handle the daily operations and administrative responsibilities of the organization
Managing Memberfibo-be-plc-plc:ManagingMemberOwner of an interest in a limited liability company who also runs the day-to-day business operations
Private Company With Limited Liabilityfibo-be-plc-plc:PrivateCompanyWithLimitedLiabilityHybrid business entity having characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership or sole proprietorship (depending on how many owners there are)
Private Limited Companyfibo-be-plc-plc:PrivateLimitedCompanyPrivate limited company whose shareholders’ liability is limited to the capital they originally invested
General Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:GeneralPartnerPartner and part-owner that is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the partnership and that may be jointly and severally liable for the obligations of the partnership
General Partnershipfibo-be-ptr-ptr:GeneralPartnershipPartnership that has at least two general partners that agree to share in all assets, profits, and financial and legal liabilities of the business
has General Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:hasGeneralPartnerIndicates an actor that has some measure of control over the partnershipAssociative Entity
has Limited Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:hasLimitedPartnerIndicates an actor that may have some measure of influence over the partnershipAssociative Entity
Limited Liability Limited Partnershipfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LimitedLiabilityLimitedPartnershipLimited partnership that consists of one or more general partners who are liable for the obligations of the entity as well as one or more protected limited liability partners
Limited Liability Partnershipfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LimitedLiabilityPartnershipPartnership that has general partners but provides its individual partners some level of protection against personal liability for certain partnership liabilities
Limited Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LimitedPartnerPartner whose liabilities are limited to the extent of their investment or guarantees and that has no involvement in the day to day operations of the partnership
Limited Partnershipfibo-be-ptr-ptr:LimitedPartnershipPartnership that has at least one general partner and at least one limited partner
Partnerfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnerCo-owner, member, and agent of a partnership whose participation level, including proportional liabilities and share in the profit / loss of the business is specified in a partnership agreement
Partnershipfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipAssociation of two or more legal persons to carry on as co-owners a business for profit
Partnership Agreementfibo-be-ptr-ptr:PartnershipAgreementContract between partners in a partnership that establishes the terms and conditions of the relationship between the partners
Sole Proprietorfibo-be-sps-sps:SoleProprietorParty that owns a business, has the rights to all profits from that business and is considered a single entity (unincorporated) together with that business for tax and liability purposes
Sole Proprietorshipfibo-be-sps-sps:SoleProprietorshipUnincorporated business owned by a single person
has Beneficiary (be)fibo-be-tr-tr:hasBeneficiaryLinks a trust to a named beneficiaryAssociative Entity
has Trustee (be)fibo-be-tr-tr:hasTrusteeLinks a trust to a named trusteeAssociative Entity
Irrevocable Trustfibo-be-tr-tr:IrrevocableTrustTrust that cannot be modified, amended or terminated except under certain legal circumstances and typically not without the permission of the grantor’s named beneficiary or beneficiaries
Living Trustfibo-be-tr-tr:LivingTrustTrust created during an individual’s lifetime where a designated person, the trustee, is given responsibility for managing that individual’s assets for the benefit of the eventual beneficiary
Revocable Trustfibo-be-tr-tr:RevocableTrustTrust in which legal ownership of the trust property is transferred to the trustee, but the trustor retains full power to revoke, modify or amend the trust
Testamentary Trustfibo-be-tr-tr:TestamentaryTrustTrust established in accordance with the instructions contained in a last will and testament
Trustfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustFiduciary relationship and legal entity in which one party, known as a trustor, gives another party, the trustee, the right to hold title to and manage assets for the benefit of a third party, the beneficiary
Trust Agreementfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustAgreementFormal agreement that establishes a trust, whereby the trustor(s) gives the trustee(s) the responsibility to hold and manage assets for the beneficiary(ies)
Trust Beneficiaryfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustBeneficiaryParty for whose interest (benefit) an annuity, assignment (such as a letter of credit), contract, insurance policy, judgment, promise, trust, will, etc., is made
Trustee (be)fibo-be-tr-tr:TrusteeParty that holds, manages, invests assets for the benefit of another
Trust Fund Managerfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustFundManagerParty empowered to act on behalf of the trustee to manage the assets of the trust
Trustorfibo-be-tr-tr:TrustorParty that establishes a trust and places property under the protection and management of one or more trustees for the benefit of at least one beneficiary
Trustor only has Identityfibo-be-tr-tr:Trustor_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, TrustorAssociative Entity
Bankruptcyfibo-fbc-dae-cre:BankruptcyCredit event involving a change in state or condition in which a party becomes insolvent
Credit Eventfibo-fbc-dae-cre:CreditEventEvent signifying a sudden change in credit standing, such as bankruptcy or a violation of a bond indenture or loan agreement, that raises doubts about the party’s ability to meet current or future obligations
Default Eventfibo-fbc-dae-cre:DefaultEventCredit event representing a failure to meet a contractual obligation, such as failure to repay a debt including interest or principal on a loan or security
Distressed Ratings Downgradefibo-fbc-dae-cre:DistressedRatingsDowngradeCredit event triggered when the credit rating of an obligation is downgraded to a distressed debt level
Downgradefibo-fbc-dae-cre:DowngradeCredit event triggered when the credit rating of a party or obligation is lowered
Entity Specific Credit Eventfibo-fbc-dae-cre:EntitySpecificCreditEventCredit event that applies to a given legal person
Failure To Payfibo-fbc-dae-cre:FailureToPayDefault event that is triggered following any applicable grace period in which a payment obligation is missed
Failure To Pay Interestfibo-fbc-dae-cre:FailureToPayInterestDefault event that where either an expected interest payment is missed altogether or the amount paid is less than the required amount
Failure To Pay Principalfibo-fbc-dae-cre:FailureToPayPrincipalDefault event that where either an expected principal payment is missed altogether or the amount paid is less than the required amount
Filing For Bankruptcyfibo-fbc-dae-cre:FilingForBankruptcyCredit event that involves a request to a court to be recognized as bankrupt
Hard Credit Eventfibo-fbc-dae-cre:HardCreditEventDefault event that is not repairable
has Default Threshold Amountfibo-fbc-dae-cre:hasDefaultThresholdAmountSpecifies an amount of money that triggers a failure to pay, repudiation/moratorium or restructuring eventAssociative Entity
has Grace Periodfibo-fbc-dae-cre:hasGracePeriodWindow following any payment due date during which a party must fulfill its obligations before a failure to pay credit event occursAssociative Entity
Installment Defaultfibo-fbc-dae-cre:InstallmentDefaultDefault event involving non-payment of several installment payments as scheduled in the terms of the agreement, or non-payment of a call by the beneficial owner
Maturity Extension (fbc)fibo-fbc-dae-cre:MaturityExtensionCredit event involving extension of payments beyond the original maturity date of the obligation
Moratoriumfibo-fbc-dae-cre:MoratoriumEntity-specific credit event involving a temporary suspension of payments until related issues are resolved
Obligation Acceleration (fbc)fibo-fbc-dae-cre:ObligationAccelerationCredit event triggered when one or more reference obligations become immediately due and payable as a result of a default or covenant breach on the reference entity’s other debt instruments, subject to a materiality threshold
Obligation Default (fbc)fibo-fbc-dae-cre:ObligationDefaultCredit event triggered as a result of an obligation-specific default
Obligation Restructuringfibo-fbc-dae-cre:ObligationRestructuringCredit event that materially impacts an obligation, such as an interest rate reduction, principal reduction, deferral of interest or principal, change in priority ranking, or change in currency or composition of payment
Obligation Specific Credit Eventfibo-fbc-dae-cre:ObligationSpecificCreditEventCredit event that relates to an individual credit agreement or debt instrument (reference obligation)
Repudiationfibo-fbc-dae-cre:RepudiationCredit event involving the refusal to honor the terms of a contract
Soft Credit Eventfibo-fbc-dae-cre:SoftCreditEventDefault event that is repairable
Write Downfibo-fbc-dae-cre:WriteDownObligation-specific credit event whereby the book value of the obligation, such as the outstanding principal amount, is reduced
Committed Credit Facilityfibo-fbc-dae-crf:CommittedCreditFacilityA credit facility which has been formally agreed between a potential lender and a potential borrower.
Committed Credit Facility Tranchefibo-fbc-dae-crf:CommittedCreditFacilityTrancheA tranche of a credit facility which has been formally agreed between a potential lender and a potential borrower.
Credit Agreement Termsfibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditAgreementTermsTerms relating to an agreement to extend some committed credit facility on the part of a potential lender to a potential borrower.
Credit Extensionfibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditExtensionA service whereby credit is extended from the service provider to some party i.e. a borrower.
Credit Facilityfibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditFacilityAn option to borrow money. Defines the parameters in which you are able to draw down some amount as a loan, debt finance, or some other financial commitment.
Credit Facility Agreementfibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditFacilityAgreementA formal contract in which a potential lender agrees to lend to a potential borrower under terms stated in this contract.
Credit Facility Guaranty Tranchefibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditFacilityGuarantyTranche
Credit Facility Loan Tranchefibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditFacilityLoanTrancheA tranche of a credit facility the purpose of which is a kind of Loan.
Credit Facility Securities Tranchefibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditFacilitySecuritiesTranche
Credit Facility Tranchefibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditFacilityTrancheAn individual tranche of the Credit Facility. This is the maximal amount of credit that can be extended to the potential borrower for the stated purpose.
Credit Facility Type Selectionfibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditFacilityTypeSelectionTypes of purpose for which a credit facility tranche may be set up or may exist.
Credit Providerfibo-fbc-dae-crf:CreditProvider
has Tranche (fbc)fibo-fbc-dae-crf:hasTrancheAssociative Entity
has Tranche Purposefibo-fbc-dae-crf:hasTranchePurposeThe purpose for which the Tranche may exist. Notes 10 Feb: Question: What about a website that offers facilities for multiple purposes? Sometimes facility and purpose are not kept distinct. Differences: Retail lending – as modeled here commercial lending – see notes Purpose – Specific lenders e.g. Sallie Mae: Is it a loan or a credit facility? Is it structured similar to Construction / project loan? May look like multiple loans but these are fungible so it looks like one loan? Semantically: Facility v Loan? Student loan: usually for no more than one year. Would have multiple loans, so e.g. 2 or 3 semesters. School sets up number of disbursements so that tan equal amount goes at the start of a given semestrer. Next year you apply again for the loan AND before that you reassess the credit worthiness, so this means you are applying for a new Credit Facility Tranche as defined here. Always treated as a separate loan. School also has to certify that loan. See status – schol status, grace period status. Defer, small fixed, etc. versus full P&I which applies when they have left school May be 10 years or so. Would be separate loans, but pulled into one bull group, with one payment. May be a min payment amount to be applied abgainst each loan, say min $50 per payment, based upon the Program. Is the Program a facility?? Or should we regard it as a kind of pool of loans, with a single repayment schedule. Account? Consolidation. The individual doesn’t have to see loads of statements.Associative Entity
issued Asfibo-fbc-dae-crf:issuedAsAssociative Entity
Loan Precedent Conditionsfibo-fbc-dae-crf:LoanPrecedentConditionsConditions which must be met before a loan may be approved.
sets Out Commitment Tofibo-fbc-dae-crf:setsOutCommitmentToAssociative Entity
Uncommitted Credit Facilityfibo-fbc-dae-crf:UncommittedCreditFacility
Uncommitted Credit Facility Tranchefibo-fbc-dae-crf:UncommittedCreditFacilityTranche
concerns Partyfibo-fbc-dae-crt:concernsPartyIndicates the party for which something is being or has been requestedAssociative Entity
Credit Inquiryfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditInquiryRequest from a lender to a credit repository to obtain information regarding a prospective borrower’s creditworthiness
Credit Inquiry Typefibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditInquiryTypeClassifier indicating whether a credit inquiry is a result of a borrower’s direct authorization or by some indirect means
Credit Messagefibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditMessageNotice on a credit report to alert a reviewer of special or exceptional information
Credit Message Typefibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditMessageTypeClassifier that categorizes credit messages
Credit Ratingfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditRatingAssessment of creditworthiness of a borrower generally or with respect to a particular debt or financial obligation
Credit Rating Agencyfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditRatingAgencyRating agency that publishes reports assessing the creditworthiness of a borrower or legal entity, either generally or with respect to a specific obligation
Credit Rating Modelfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditRatingModelAlgorithm for computing a credit rating
Credit Rating Model Typefibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditRatingModelTypeA type corresonding to a family of credit scoring algorithms sharing common characteristics
Credit Rating Scalefibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditRatingScaleRating scale for assigning a credit rating to individual, entity, or instrument, including defining a set of codes or numeric scores and indicating how an assessment that is assigned a score based on that scale means
Credit Reportfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditReportReport describing the creditworthiness and related credit attributes of a borrower
Credit Report Categoryfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditReportCategoryClassifier for credit reports, often available from multiple vendors
Credit Report Productfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditReportProductBranded credit report offered in the marketplace
Credit Trade Linefibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditTradeLineInformation derived from the transaction history of a credit account
Credit Watch Directionfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditWatchDirection
Credit Watch Downgradefibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditWatchDowngrade
Credit Watch Outlookfibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditWatchOutlook
Credit Watch Upgradefibo-fbc-dae-crt:CreditWatchUpgrade
has Coverage Periodfibo-fbc-dae-crt:hasCoveragePeriodRelates something (e.g. a credit report or insurance policy) to the specific time period that it coversAssociative Entity
has Watch Directionfibo-fbc-dae-crt:hasWatchDirectionIndicates direction in which an investment credit rating is expected to move in cases where that rating is on watchAssociative Entity
has Watch Outlookfibo-fbc-dae-crt:hasWatchOutlookIndicates the expected outlook for the rated entityAssociative Entity
Instrument Credit Ratingfibo-fbc-dae-crt:InstrumentCreditRatingInvestment credit rating that provides an opinion of creditworthiness of an instrument, typically with some relationship to the creditworthiness of the issuer(s)
Investment Credit Ratingfibo-fbc-dae-crt:InvestmentCreditRatingCredit rating that provides an opinion of creditworthiness of an investment, including but not limited to an instrument or organization
On Watch Outlookfibo-fbc-dae-crt:OnWatchOutlook
Organization Credit Ratingfibo-fbc-dae-crt:OrganizationCreditRatingCredit rating that provides an opinion of creditworthiness of an organization
Short Term Credit Ratingfibo-fbc-dae-crt:ShortTermCreditRatingCredit rating that provides an opinion of the probability of an individual or organization going into default within a year
Stable Outlookfibo-fbc-dae-crt:StableOutlook
Accrualfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:AccrualThe process of accumulating interest or other income that has been earned but not paid
Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:AmortizationThe process of reduction of debt or other costs through periodic charges to assets or liabilities, such as through principal payments on mortgages
Amortization Schedulefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:AmortizationScheduleA schedule of periodic payments (repayment installments) that specify changes in the balance of the debt over time
Borrowerfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:BorrowerA party to a debt instrument that is obligated to repay the amount borrowed (principal) with interest and other fees according to the terms of the instrument
Borrowing Capacityfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:BorrowingCapacityAn amount of money that an individual or organization can borrow
Borrowing Capacity only has Available Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:BorrowingCapacity_only_fibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasAvailableAmountA subtype of associative entity ‘has Available Amount’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Borrowing CapacityAssociative Entity
Borrowing Capacity only has Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:BorrowingCapacity_only_fibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateA subtype of associative entity ‘has Date’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Borrowing CapacityAssociative Entity
Borrowing Capacity only applies To (fnd)fibo-fbc-dae-dbt:BorrowingCapacity_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToA subtype of associative entity ‘applies To (fnd)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Borrowing CapacityAssociative Entity
Collateralfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:CollateralAsset offered as security, pledged as an inducement to another party, to lend money, extend credit, or provision securities
Collateral Agreementfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:CollateralAgreementWritten contract that specifies terms, over and above those specified in a promissory note, loan, or other debt instrument, under which the collateral must be made available to the lender
Credit Agreementfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:CreditAgreementA contractual agreement in which a debtor receives something of value and agrees to repay the creditor at some date in the future, in some form (e.g., cash, securities, etc.), generally with interest
Creditorfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:CreditorA party to whom an obligation, such as an amount of money, or good, or performance of some service exists
Creditor only has Identityfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Creditor_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, CreditorAssociative Entity
Day Count Conventionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DayCountConventionA business recurrence interval convention that is used to calculate the number of days in an interest payment, which applies to the amount of accrued interest or the present value for debt instruments
Debtfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DebtAn obligation to pay something, such as an amount of money, good, service, or instrument
Debtorfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DebtorA party that owes a debt or other obligation to another party
Debtor only has Identityfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Debtor_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, DebtorAssociative Entity
Debt Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:DebtTermsContract terms that specify the formal rights and obligations of borrower and lender under a contract in which funds are lent from the one party to the other
Extension Provisionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:ExtensionProvisionContract terms that specify the conditions under which a contract can be extended
Fixed Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FixedInterestRateAn interest rate that does not fluctuate over the lifetime of a loan or other debt instrument
Floating Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FloatingInterestRateA variable interest rate that is based on a specific index or benchmark rate
Full Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:FullAmortizationAmortization in which the very last payment (which, if the schedule was calculated correctly, should be equal to all others) pays off all remaining principal and interest on the loan
governs Payment Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:governsPaymentOfLinks contractual terms embedded in a contract, such as interest or repayment terms to the element those terms apply toAssociative Entity
has Accrual Basisfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasAccrualBasisIdentifies the convention that defines how interest accrues on something, that is the number of days in a month and days in a year that are counted when performing interest accrual calculationsAssociative Entity
has Available Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasAvailableAmountIndicates an amount of money available for an individual or organization to borrowAssociative Entity
has Borrowerfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasBorrowerRelates a contract, such as a debt instrument or credit agreement, to one or more parties that are incurring the debtAssociative Entity
has Compounding Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasCompoundingFrequencyThe frequency at which interest is compoundedAssociative Entity
has Debt Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasDebtAmountIndicates the monetary amount of the debtAssociative Entity
has Denominationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasDenominationThe face value of currency units, coins, or securitiesAssociative Entity
has Extendable Periodfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasExtendablePeriodIndicates the date period during which an extension is allowableAssociative Entity
has Extension Provisionfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasExtensionProvisionIdentifies a contract provision allowing extension of repayment or maturity datesAssociative Entity
has Final Interest Payment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasFinalInterestPaymentDateThe date on which the last interest payment is dueAssociative Entity
has Initial Interest Accrual Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialInterestAccrualDateThe date from which interest begins to accrueAssociative Entity
has Initial Interest Payment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialInterestPaymentDateThe date on which the first interest payment is dueAssociative Entity
has Initial Principal Payment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInitialPrincipalPaymentDateThe date on which the first payment against the principal is dueAssociative Entity
has Interest Payment Dayfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestPaymentDayThe day of the month on which interest payments must be made on the debtAssociative Entity
has Interest Payment Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestPaymentFrequencyThe frequency at which interest payments must be made on the debtAssociative Entity
has Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestRateRelates something, such as an agreement, or debt instrument, to the rate (typically annual) of interest that is to be paid by the debtor to the creditor on the debtAssociative Entity
has Lenderfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasLenderRelates a contract, such as a debt instrument or credit agreement, to one or more parties that are financing the debtAssociative Entity
has Outstanding Amountfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasOutstandingAmountIndicates an amount of money representing the principal, interest, or other amount owed at a specific point in timeAssociative Entity
has Principal (fbc)fibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalIndicates the face value of an obligation, such as a bond or loan, that must be repaid at maturity, i.e., the base amount raised by a mortgage or other debt instrumentAssociative Entity
has Principal Payment Dayfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalPaymentDayThe day of the month on which payments on the principal must be madeAssociative Entity
has Principal Payment Frequencyfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalPaymentFrequencyThe frequency at which payments on the principal must be madeAssociative Entity
has Principal Repayment Datefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasPrincipalRepaymentDateRelates an instrument to the date by which the principal must be repaid in fullAssociative Entity
Interestfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:InterestThe cost of using credit, or another’s money, expressed as a rate per period of time, payable by a debtor to a creditor in consideration of the credit extended to the debtor
Interest only has Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Interest_only_fibo-fbc-dae-dbt:hasInterestRateA subtype of associative entity ‘has Interest Rate’ to restrict child entities for the parent, InterestAssociative Entity
Interest only has Date Periodfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:Interest_only_fibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDatePeriodA subtype of associative entity ‘has Date Period’ to restrict child entities for the parent, InterestAssociative Entity
Interest Payment Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:InterestPaymentTermsContract terms for payment of interest on a debt
is Amortization Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isAmortizationOfLinks the process of reduction of debt or other costs through periodic charges to the relevant asset or liabilityAssociative Entity
is Based Onfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isBasedOnRelates something to something else on which it rests, or that supports it in some wayAssociative Entity
is Collateralization Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isCollateralizationOfRelates some collateral to a credit agreement or debt instrument for which the property has been pledged as security for the debtAssociative Entity
is Collateralized Byfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isCollateralizedByRelates a credit agreement or debt instrument to property pledged as security for the debtAssociative Entity
is Interest Onfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isInterestOnLinks a monetary amount that is the cost of using credit to the debt that it applies toAssociative Entity
is Owedfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isOwedLinks a creditor to a debt that is owed to themAssociative Entity
is Owed Tofibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isOwedToLinks a debt to the party to which it is owedAssociative Entity
is Principal Offibo-fbc-dae-dbt:isPrincipalOfLinks the value of a debt, excluding any interest or other costs of using credit to the debt that it applies toAssociative Entity
Lenderfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:LenderA party that extends credit or money to a borrower with the expectation of being repaid, usually with interest
Managed Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:ManagedInterestRateA variable interest rate charged by a financial institution for borrowing that is not prescribed as a margin over base rate but is set from time to time by the institution
Negative Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:NegativeAmortizationAmortization in which the payments made do not cover the interest due
owesfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:owesLinks a party to a debt that they oweAssociative Entity
Partial Amortizationfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:PartialAmortizationAmortization in which the very last payment the last payment due may be a large balloon payment of all remaining principal and interest
Principalfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:PrincipalWith respect to a debt: the value of an obligation, such as a bond or loan, raised and that must be repaid at maturity; for investments: the original amount of money invested, separate from any associated interest, dividends or capital gains
Principal Repayment Termsfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:PrincipalRepaymentTermsContract terms that specify requirements for repayment of the principal
Rate Reset Time Of Dayfibo-fbc-dae-dbt:RateResetTimeOfDayTime of day that an interest rate is reset, as indicated by some interest rate authority or market data provider
Variable Interest Ratefibo-fbc-dae-dbt:VariableInterestRateAn interest rate that is allowed to vary over the maturity of a loan or other debt instrument
Collateralized Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:CollateralizedGuarantyGuaranty that takes the form of some asset that is pledged by a borrower to a lender (usually in return for a loan)
Government Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:GovernmentGuarantyGuaranty provided by a government entity, such as for a government-backed security
Guarantorfibo-fbc-dae-gty:GuarantorParty that guarantees, endorses, or provides indemnity for some obligation on behalf of some other party
Guarantor only has Identityfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Guarantor_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, GuarantorAssociative Entity
Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:GuarantyCommitment whereby something is formally assured if a party with primary liability fails to perform
Guaranty only has Guaranteed Amountfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Guaranty_only_fibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasGuaranteedAmountA subtype of associative entity ‘has Guaranteed Amount’ to restrict child entities for the parent, GuarantyAssociative Entity
Guaranty only has Priority Levelfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Guaranty_only_fibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasPriorityLevelA subtype of associative entity ‘has Priority Level’ to restrict child entities for the parent, GuarantyAssociative Entity
Guaranty only is Guaranteed Byfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Guaranty_only_fibo-fbc-dae-gty:isGuaranteedByA subtype of associative entity ‘is Guaranteed By’ to restrict child entities for the parent, GuarantyAssociative Entity
Guaranty only has Expiration Datefibo-fbc-dae-gty:Guaranty_only_fibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasExpirationDateA subtype of associative entity ‘has Expiration Date’ to restrict child entities for the parent, GuarantyAssociative Entity
Guaranty only holds Duringfibo-fbc-dae-gty:Guaranty_only_fibo-fnd-dt-bd:holdsDuringA subtype of associative entity ‘holds During’ to restrict child entities for the parent, GuarantyAssociative Entity
has Guaranteed Amountfibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasGuaranteedAmountRelates the guaranty to the monetary amount guaranteedAssociative Entity
has Guarantorfibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasGuarantorRelates the guarantor to the contract for which they are providing a guarantyAssociative Entity
has Guarantor Partyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasGuarantorPartyIndicates a party that guarantees, endorses, or provides indemnity for some obligation on its behalfAssociative Entity
has Priority Levelfibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasPriorityLevelRelates a guaranty to some relative ranking that the guaranty has in the context of the contract, for example for a credit enhancement priorityAssociative Entity
Insurance Backed Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:InsuranceBackedGuarantyGuaranty that is realized as an insurance policy
Insurance Policyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:InsurancePolicyContract document that (1) puts an indemnity cover into effect, (2) serves as a legal evidence of the insurance agreement, (3) sets out the exact terms on which the indemnity cover has been provided, and (4) states associated information such as the (a) specific risks and perils covered, (b) duration of coverage, (c) amount of premium, (d) mode of premium payment, and (e) deductibles, if any
Insurerfibo-fbc-dae-gty:InsurerFinancial service provider that issues an insurance policy
is Guaranteed Byfibo-fbc-dae-gty:isGuaranteedByRelates guaranty to the contract guarantor, i.e., to the legal person providing the guarantyAssociative Entity
Joint Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:JointGuarantyGuaranty provided by at least two parties, jointly and severally
Letter Of Creditfibo-fbc-dae-gty:LetterOfCreditLetter from a bank or other creditworthy institution guaranteeing that a buyer’s payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount
Letter Of Credit Guarantyfibo-fbc-dae-gty:LetterOfCreditGuarantyGuaranty that takes the form of a letter of credit, i.e., a document issued by a bank guaranteeing the payment up to a stated amount for a specified period
Negative Pledgefibo-fbc-dae-gty:NegativePledgeGuaranty whereby the issuer will not pledge any assets if doing so would result in less security for lender(s) or investor(s)
Policyholderfibo-fbc-dae-gty:PolicyholderCounterparty to and typically owner of an insurance policy
Priority Levelfibo-fbc-dae-gty:PriorityLevelRelative ranking that a guaranty has in the context of a contract, for example for a credit enhancement priority
Business Center Codefibo-fbc-fct-bc:BusinessCenterCodeCode used to denote a metropolitan area where business is conducted
Business Center Code Schemefibo-fbc-fct-bc:BusinessCenterCodeSchemeCoding scheme used to define a set of codes for municipalities or business centers
Business Day Adjustment Codefibo-fbc-fct-bc:BusinessDayAdjustmentCodeCode used to denote a convention for specifying what happens when a date falls on a day that is weekend or holiday in some municipality or business center
Business Register Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-breg:BusinessRegisterIdentifierIdentifier that uniquely identifies a business register, such as a register identified by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) registration authorities list
Business Registration Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-breg:BusinessRegistrationAuthorityRegistration authority that is responsible for maintaining a registry of business entities
Business Registryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:BusinessRegistryRegistry for registering and maintaining information about business entities
Business Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:BusinessRegistryEntryEntry in a business registry
Entity Expiration Reasonfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityExpirationReasonCode for the reason that a legal entity ceased to exist and/or operate
Entity Legal Form Registryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityLegalFormRegistryRegistry for registering and maintaining information about the legal forms that are valid for business entities for a particular jurisdiction following the ISO 20275 standard
Entity Legal Form Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityLegalFormRegistryEntryEntry in an entity legal form registry that conforms to ISO 20275
Entity Statusfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityStatusLifecycle stage indicating the operational and/or legal status of an entity
Entity Validation Levelfibo-fbc-fct-breg:EntityValidationLevelCode for the level of validation performed by the GLEIF or LOU with respect to the reference data provided by the registrant
has Entity Expiration Reasonfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasEntityExpirationReasonIndicates the reason that an entity ceased to exist (i.e., disolved, merged with another entity, etc.)Associative Entity
has Entity Statusfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasEntityStatusIndicates the status of the entity (i.e., active, inactive)Associative Entity
has Registration Statusfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasRegistrationStatusIndicates the status of a specific registration, such as for an identifier or licenseAssociative Entity
has Validation Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasValidationAuthorityIdentifies the business registration authority for the legal entity, used by the Local Operating Unit (LOU) as the basis for validation, as defined in the GLEIF Registration Authorities ListAssociative Entity
has Validation Levelfibo-fbc-fct-breg:hasValidationLevelAn indicator of the level of validation performed by the registrar with respect to the legal entityAssociative Entity
Legal Entity Identifier Registryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:LegalEntityIdentifierRegistryRegistry for registering and maintaining information about business entities for a particular jurisdiction
Legal Entity Identifier Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-breg:LegalEntityIdentifierRegistryEntryEntry in a legal entity identifier registry that conforms to ISO 17442 and the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) Common Data Format (CDF)
Local Operating Unitfibo-fbc-fct-breg:LocalOperatingUnitRegistration authority that issues legal entity identifiers and is authorized by the Global LEI Foundation to do so
Local Operating Unit Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-breg:LocalOperatingUnitIdentifierIdentifier that uniquely identifies a local operating unit (LOU), issued by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)
North American Industry Classification System Codefibo-fbc-fct-breg:NorthAmericanIndustryClassificationSystemCodeThe North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code representing an industry
North American Industry Classification System Schemefibo-fbc-fct-breg:NorthAmericanIndustryClassificationSystemSchemeThe scheme defining the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes
Registration Authority Codefibo-fbc-fct-breg:RegistrationAuthorityCodeIdentifier that uniquely identifies a business registry, and is associated with a registration authority and jurisdiction, issued by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)
Registration Statusfibo-fbc-fct-breg:RegistrationStatusLifecycle stage indicating the status of a given registration of something, such as a business or legal entity, as specified by the registration authority
Standard Industrial Classification Codefibo-fbc-fct-breg:StandardIndustrialClassificationCodeThe SIC code representing an industry
Standard Industrial Classification Schemefibo-fbc-fct-breg:StandardIndustrialClassificationSchemeThe scheme defining the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code List
Canadian Credit Unionfibo-fbc-fct-cafse:CanadianCreditUnionA not-for-profit financial institution, typically formed by the employees of a company, labor union, or religious group, operated as a cooperative association organized for the purpose of promoting thrift among its members and creating a source of credit for provident or productive purposes
CRD Credit Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:CRDCreditInstitutionAn undertaking whose business is to receive deposits or other repayable funds from the public and to grant credits for its own account as defined by the European Banking Authority (EBA)
Credit Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:CreditInstitutionAn undertaking the business of which is to take deposits or other repayable funds from the public and to grant credits for its own account, and to which authorisation has been granted to operate within the European Union and European Economic Area countries (EEA)
Credit Institution Or Investment Firmfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:CreditInstitutionOrInvestmentFirmA European financial institution that is a credit institution or an investment firm as defined by the European Banking Authority (EBA)
European Economic Area Branchfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:EuropeanEconomicAreaBranchA branch of a credit institution authorised in another European Economic Area (EEA) country that has the right to passport its activities
Investment Firmfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:InvestmentFirmAny legal person whose regular occupation or business is the provision of one or more investment services to third parties and/or the performance of one or more investment activities on a professional basis
Local Firmfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:LocalFirmA firm dealing for its own account on markets in financial futures or options or other derivatives and on cash markets for the sole purpose of hedging positions on derivatives markets, or dealing for the accounts of other members of those markets and being guaranteed by clearing members of the same markets, where responsibility for ensuring the performance of contracts entered into by such a firm is assumed by clearing members of the same markets
Non European Economic Area Branchfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:NonEuropeanEconomicAreaBranchA branch of a credit institution whose Head Office is in a third country
Payment Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-eufse:PaymentInstitutionA legal person that has been granted authorisation in accordance with Article 10 to provide and execute payment services throughout the European community
Credit Institution Register Entryfibo-fbc-fct-eurga:CreditInstitutionRegisterEntryAn entry in the Credit Institution Register, a repository of credit institutions collected by the European Banking Authority (EBA) as provided by the various national banking authorities for those institutions that qualify
Credit Institution Register Entry only applies To (fnd)fibo-fbc-fct-eurga:CreditInstitutionRegisterEntry_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToA subtype of associative entity ‘applies To (fnd)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Credit Institution Register EntryAssociative Entity
Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankA depository institution, usually a corporation, that accepts deposits, makes loans, pays checks, and performs related services, for individual members of the public, businesses or other organizations
Bank For International Settlementsfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankForInternationalSettlementsAn international financial organization that serves central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability, helping to foster international cooperation in those areas and acting as a bank for central banks
Bank Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankHoldingCompanyAny company that owns and/or has direct or indirect control of one or more banks; BHCs may also own nonbanking subsidiaries such as broker-dealers and asset managers
Banking Productfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankingProductA product provided to consumers and businesses by a bank or similar depository institution such as a checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit, debit or pre-paid card, or credit card
Banking Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BankingServiceA financial service offered by a bank or similar depository institution, such as a cash management service, foreign exchange service, lending or credit service, investment service, insurance service, merchant service, payroll service, etc.
Brokerage Firmfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BrokerageFirmA firm in the business of buying and selling securities, operating as both a broker and a dealer, depending on the transaction
Business Identifier Codefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessIdentifierCodeAn international identifier for financial and non-financial institutions used to facilitate automated processing of information for financial services
Business Identifier Code Schemefibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessIdentifierCodeSchemeA scheme that specifies the elements of a unique business identifier code (BIC) scheme to identify financial and non-financial institutions used to facilitate automated processing of information for financial services
Business Party Prefixfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessPartyPrefixA four-character (4 alphanumeric) code associated with the organization
Business Party Suffixfibo-fbc-fct-fse:BusinessPartySuffixA two-character (2 alphanumeric) code associated with the organization
Central Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralBankA financial institution that is the monetary authority and major regulatory bank for a country (or group of countries)
Central Bank only has Identityfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralBank_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Central BankAssociative Entity
Central Counterparty Clearing Housefibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralCounterpartyClearingHouseA clearing house that helps facilitate trading in derivatives and equities markets
Central Securities Depositoryfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CentralSecuritiesDepositoryA functional entity that provides a central point for depositing financial instruments (‘securities’), for example bonds and shares
Clearing Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingBankA commercial bank that facilitates payment and settlement of financial transactions, such as check clearing or facilitating trades between the sellers and buyers of securities or other financial instruments or contracts
Clearing Corporationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingCorporationA clearing house that is organized as a corporation
Clearing Housefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingHouseA financial service provider that is exchange affiliated and provides clearing services, including the validation, delivery, and settlement of financial transactions, for financial intermediaries
Clearing Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ClearingServiceA set of activities provided on behalf of an institutional market participant by a clearing services provider following a trade that finalizes the transfer of security ownership
Commercial Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommercialBankA bank that provides services, such as accepting deposits, giving business loans and auto loans, mortgage lending, and basic investment products like savings accounts and certificates of deposit
Commercial Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommercialFinanceCompanyA finance company that makes loans to manufacturers and wholesalers, secured by accounts receivable, inventories, and equipment
Commodity Trading Advisorfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CommodityTradingAdvisorAn individual or organization that directly or indirectly advises others as to the value or advisability of buying or selling futures contracts or options
Consumer Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ConsumerFinanceCompanyA finance company that lends to individuals under the small loans laws of the jurisdiction in which they operate
Credit Unionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:CreditUnionNot-for-profit depository institution that makes personal loans and offers other consumer banking services, organized for the purpose of promoting thrift among its members and creating a source of credit for provident or productive purposes
Depository Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:DepositoryInstitutionAny financial institution engaged in the business of receiving demand deposits from the public or other institutions
Development Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:DevelopmentBankNational or regional financial institution designed to provide medium- and long-term capital for productive investment, often accompanied by technical assistance, in poor countries
Electronic Funds Transfer Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:ElectronicFundsTransferServiceA service involving any transfer of funds other than a transaction involving a paper instrument, that is initiated through an electronic terminal, telephone, or computer and that orders or authorizes a financial institution to debit or credit an account
Face Amount Certificate Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FaceAmountCertificateCompanyAn investment company which is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of issuing face-amount certificates of the installment type, or which has been engaged in such business and has any such certificate outstanding
Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinanceCompanyFinancial intermediary in the business of making loans that obtains its financing from banks, institutions, and other money market sources rather than from deposits
Financial Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinancialInstitutionA financial service provider identified as either a government agency or privately owned entity that collects funds from the public and from other institutions, and invests those funds in financial assets, such as loans, securities, bank deposits, and income-generating property
Financial Service Provider Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinancialServiceProviderIdentifierAn identifier that is officially allocated to a financial service provider based on a function that they provide, typically in a jurisdiction over which a regulatory agency has some jurisdiction
Financial Service Provider Identifier Schemefibo-fbc-fct-fse:FinancialServiceProviderIdentifierSchemeThe scheme that defines the financial service provider identifier per the issuing registration authority or regulatory agency
Futures Commission Merchantfibo-fbc-fct-fse:FuturesCommissionMerchantAn individual or organization that which does both of the following: (1) solicits or accepts orders to buy or sell futures contracts, options on futures, retail off-exchange forex contracts, or swaps and (2) accepts money or other assets from customers to support such orders
has Date Establishedfibo-fbc-fct-fse:hasDateEstablishedThe date that the financial service provider was establishedAssociative Entity
has Date Insuredfibo-fbc-fct-fse:hasDateInsuredThe date that the financial service provider was first insured for the purposes of protecting client accountsAssociative Entity
has Portfolio Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:hasPortfolioCompanyIndicates a party in which a venture capital firm, a buyout firm, or a holding company has investedAssociative Entity
Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:HoldingCompanyBusiness entity established to own stock in another company, typically to own enough voting shares to have some level of control over that company’s policies and management
Insurance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InsuranceCompanyNon-depository institution whose primary and predominant business activity is the writing of insurance or the reinsuring of risks underwritten by insurance companies, and that provides compensation based on the happening of at least one contingency
Insurance Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:InsuranceServiceA financial service in which the insurer promises to provide compensation for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic payment
Investment Bankfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentBankA financial service provider that performs a variety of services. Investment banks specialize in large and complex financial transactions such as underwriting, acting as an intermediary between a securities issuer and the investing public, facilitating mergers and other corporate reorganizations, and acting as a broker and/or financial adviser for institutional clients.
Investment Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentCompanyAny issuer which: (a) is or holds itself out as being engaged primarily, or proposes to engage primarily, in the business of investing, reinvesting, or trading in securities; (b) is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of issuing face-amount certificates of the installment type, or has been engaged in such business and has any such certificate outstanding; or (c) is engaged or proposes to engage in the business of investing, reinvesting, owning, holding, or trading in securities, and owns or proposes to acquire investment securities having a value exceeding 40 per centum of the value of such issuer's total assets (exclusive of Government securities and cash items) on an unconsolidated basis
Investment Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:InvestmentServiceA financial service designed to assist investors in using capital to create more money, either through income-producing vehicles or through more risk-oriented ventures to result in capital gains, including but not limited to providing investment advice, asset and portfolio management, brokerage services, and so forth
Management Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:ManagementCompanyInvestment company that sells and manages a portfolio of securities other than a face-amount certificate company or unit investment fund
Merchant Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:MerchantServiceA financial service provided by a financial institution to a merchant or other business, including but not limited to managing financial transactions via a secure channel
Monetary Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-fse:MonetaryAuthorityA regulatory agency that controls the monetary policy, regulation and supply of money in some country or group of countries
Money Services Businessfibo-fbc-fct-fse:MoneyServicesBusinessAny person doing business, whether or not on a regular basis or as an organized business concern, in one of the following capacities: (1) currency dealer or exchanger, (2) check casher, (3) issuer of traveler’s checks, money orders, or stored value, (4) seller or redeemer of traveler’s checks, money orders, or stored value, (5) money transmitter, or (6) postal service
Mortgage Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:MortgageCompanyFinancial service provider that originates and/or funds mortgages for residential or commercial property
Non Depository Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-fse:NonDepositoryInstitutionAny financial institution that acts as the middleman between two parties in a financial transaction, and that does not provide traditional depository services, such as brokerage firms, insurance companies, investment companies, etc.
Payment Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:PaymentServiceA financial service that involves acceptance of electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit card, bank-based payments such as direct debit, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online banking
Payroll Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:PayrollServiceA financial service, typically provided to small businesses that are not large enough to have an internal finance organization, that involves managing payment of wages to employees
Principal Underwriterfibo-fbc-fct-fse:PrincipalUnderwriterUnderwriter who as principal purchases from an investment company, or pursuant to contract has the right (whether absolute or conditional) from time to time to purchase from such company, any such security for distribution, or who as agent for such company sells or has the right to sell any such security to a dealer or to the public or both, but does not include a dealer who purchases from such company through a principal underwriter acting as agent for such company
Registered Investment Advisorfibo-fbc-fct-fse:RegisteredInvestmentAdvisorRegistered agent and financial service provider that advises high net worth individuals on investments and manages their portfolios
regulates Supply Offibo-fbc-fct-fse:regulatesSupplyOfRelates a regulatory agency to something it controls or supervises the availability of in some market by means of rules and regulationsAssociative Entity
Sales Finance Companyfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SalesFinanceCompanyA finance company that purchases retail and wholesale paper from automobile and other consumer and commercial goods dealers
Savings Associationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SavingsAssociationDepository institution that is (a) any federal savings bank or association chartered under section 1464 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act; (b) any state chartered building and loan association, savings and loan association, or homestead association; or (c) any cooperative bank (other than a cooperative bank which is a state bank as defined in subsection (a)(2)) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, which is organized and operating according to the laws of the State (as defined in subsection (a)(3)) in which it is chartered or organized; and (c) any corporation (other than a bank) that the board of directors and the comptroller of the currency jointly determine to be operating in substantially the same manner as such a depository institution
Self Regulating Organizationfibo-fbc-fct-fse:SelfRegulatingOrganizationA non-governmental organization that has the power to create and exercise some degree of regulatory authority over an industry or profession in some country or group of countries
Underwriterfibo-fbc-fct-fse:UnderwriterA financial service provider that evaluates and assumes another party’s risk for a fee, such as a commission, premium, spread or interest
Underwriting Arrangementfibo-fbc-fct-fse:UnderwritingArrangementA contractual agreement between parties that commits the underwriter to assuming risk
Unit Investment Trustfibo-fbc-fct-fse:UnitInvestmentTrustAn investment company which (a) is organized under a trust indenture, contract of custodianship or agency, or similar instrument, (b) does not have a board of directors, and (c) issues only redeemable securities, each of which represents an undivided interest in a unit of specified securities; but does not include a voting trust
Wealth Management Servicefibo-fbc-fct-fse:WealthManagementServiceA high-level financial service that combines financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, retirement planning and legal or estate planning for one set fee
Business Identifier Code Data Recordfibo-fbc-fct-ireg:BusinessIdentifierCodeDataRecordAn entry in a registry that conforms to ISO 9362:2014 for the mananagement of BIC codes and related registration information
Market Identifier Code Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-ireg:MarketIdentifierCodeRegistryEntryAn entry in a market identifier code registry that conforms to ISO 10383
Exchangefibo-fbc-fct-mkt:ExchangeAny organization, association, or group of persons, whether incorporated or unincorporated, which constitutes, maintains, or provides a facility for bringing together purchasers and sellers of financial instruments, commodities, or other products, services, or goods, and includes the market place and facilities maintained by such exchange
has Market Identifier Code Statusfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:hasMarketIdentifierCodeStatusIndicates the status of a specific market identifier code (MIC)Associative Entity
Market Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MarketIdentifierAn identifier and code that specifies a universal method of identifying exchanges, trading platforms and regulated or non-regulated markets as sources of prices and related information in order to facilitate automated processing, i.e., stock exchanges, regulated markets, e.g., Electronic Trading Platforms (ECN), and unregulated markets, e.g., Automated Trading Systems (ATS)
Market Identifier Code Statusfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MarketIdentifierCodeStatusA lifecycle stage indicating the status of the MIC code, as specified by the registration authority
Market Segment Level Marketfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MarketSegmentLevelMarketAn exchange/market/trade reporting facility that specializes in one or more specific instruments or that is regulated uniquely from the operating-level market that manages it
Market Segment Level Market Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MarketSegmentLevelMarketIdentifierA market identifier that identifies a section of an exchange/market/trade reporting facility that specializes in one or more specific instruments or that is regulated differently
Multilateral Trading Facilityfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:MultilateralTradingFacilityA trading system that facilitates the exchange of financial instruments between multiple parties
operates In Countryfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:operatesInCountryIndicates the country in which the exchange is registered and operatesAssociative Entity
operates In Municipalityfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:operatesInMunicipalityIndicates the municipality or business center in which the exchange is registered and operatesAssociative Entity
Operating Level Marketfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:OperatingLevelMarketAn exchange/market/trade/reporting facility that operates in a specific market/country
Operating Level Market Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:OperatingLevelMarketIdentifierA market identifier that identifies an entity operating an exchange/market/trade/reporting facility that operates in a specific market/country
Organized Trading Facilityfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:OrganizedTradingFacilityA multi-lateral system which is not an RM or an MTF and in which multiple third-party buying and selling interests in bonds, structured finance products, emission allowances or derivatives are able to interact in the system in a way that results in a contract in accordance with the provisions of Title II of MiFID II
Registered Multilateral Trading Facilityfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:RegisteredMultilateralTradingFacilityA multilateral system operated by an investment firm or market operator, which brings together multiple third-party buying and selling interests in financial instruments in the system, in accordance with non-discretionary rules, in a way that results in a contract in accordance with the provisions of Title II of the MiFID II
Regulated Marketfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:RegulatedMarketA medium for the exchange of goods or services over which a government body exerts a level of control. This control may require market participants to comply with environmental standards, product-safety specifications, information disclosure requirements and so on.
Systematic Internaliserfibo-fbc-fct-mkt:SystematicInternaliserAn investment firm that, on an organised, frequent, systematic and substantial basis, deals on its own account by executing client orders outside a regulated market, MTF or OTF without operating a multilateral system
has Registration Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-ra:hasRegistrationAuthorityIndicates the registration authority for somethingAssociative Entity
has Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-ra:hasRegistryEntryLinks a registry to entries that it containsAssociative Entity
is Registered Infibo-fbc-fct-ra:isRegisteredInIndicates the registry that something is registered inAssociative Entity
registersfibo-fbc-fct-ra:registersRecords something in a registry or archiveAssociative Entity
Registrarfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrarParty that has the capacity to act as a representative of a registration authority to provide registration services, including official record keeping
Registration Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrationAuthorityService provider that is responsible for maintaining a registry and provides registration services
Registration Capacityfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrationCapacityThe capacity of some natural person to formally register information in a registry on behalf of some registration authority
Registration Schemefibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrationSchemeScheme for organizing information and allocating identifiers to items in a registry
Registration Servicefibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistrationServiceService provided to individuals and/or organizations to register items in a registry
Registryfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistryAuthoritative record or collection of records relating to something
Registry only has Constituentfibo-fbc-fct-ra:Registry_only_fibo-fnd-arr-arr:hasConstituentA subtype of associative entity ‘has Constituent’ to restrict child entities for the parent, RegistryAssociative Entity
Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistryEntryIndependently identified entry for something recorded in a registry
Registry Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-ra:RegistryIdentifierAn identifier associated with an entry in a registry, i.e., one that provides an index to the registry for the identified item
specifies (fbc)fibo-fbc-fct-ra:specifiesStates a fact about somethingAssociative Entity
Examinerfibo-fbc-fct-rga:ExaminerA party empowered as an official representative by a regulatory agency to investigate and review specified documents for accuracy and truthfulness
Government Issued Licensefibo-fbc-fct-rga:GovernmentIssuedLicenseGrant of permission needed to legally perform some task, provide some service, exercise a certain privilege, or pursue some business or occupation
is Regulated Byfibo-fbc-fct-rga:isRegulatedByIndicates a regulatory agency that has regulatory authority for somethingAssociative Entity
regulates (fbc)fibo-fbc-fct-rga:regulatesHas regulatory authority over or directs according to rule or law, typically an industry, organization, or productAssociative Entity
Regulation Identification Schemefibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulationIdentificationSchemeA scheme for organizing information and allocating identifiers to regulations
Regulation Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulationIdentifierAn identifier associated with a regulation
Regulatory Agencyfibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulatoryAgencyA public authority or government agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over something in a regulatory or supervisory capacity
Regulatory Capacityfibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulatoryCapacityThe capacity of some natural person to regulate some industry, organization, or product by virtue of some certification program on behalf of some regulatory agency
Regulatory Reportfibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulatoryReportA report required to support operational transparency that demonstrates compliance with some specification, law, policy, restriction, or other rule specified by a regulatory agency
Regulatory Servicefibo-fbc-fct-rga:RegulatoryServiceA service provided by a regulatory agency, which may include, but not be limited to, examination, monitoring, supervision, testing, or other capabilities required to ensure the integrity, fairness, safety, or other capacity of a given industry, organization, or product
Tax Authorityfibo-fbc-fct-rga:TaxAuthorityRegulatory agency that has jurisdiction over the assessment, determination, collection, imposition and other aspects of any tax
Agreement Corporationfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:AgreementCorporationA corporation chartered by a state to engage in international banking, so named because the corporation enters into an ‘agreement’ with the Fed’s Board of Governors that it will limit its activities to those permitted
Cooperative Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:CooperativeBankA state-chartered savings association located in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont
Edge Corporationfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:EdgeCorporationA corporation chartered by the Federal Reserve to engage in international banking and financial operations
Farm Credit System Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:FarmCreditSystemInstitutionAny federally-chartered financial institution that is supervised, examined, and regulated by the Farm Credit Administration and operates in accordance with the Farm Credit Act of 1971, as amended, 12 U.S.C. 2001 et seq. All Farm Credit System institutions are federally-chartered instrumentalities of the United States.
Financial Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:FinancialHoldingCompanyA financial entity engaged in a broad range of banking-related activities, created by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999
Industrial Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:IndustrialBankA limited service financial institution that raises funds by selling certificates called ‘investment shares’ and by accepting deposits
Mutual Savings Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:MutualSavingsBankA financial institution that accepts deposits primarily from individuals and places a large portion of its funds into mortgage loans
National Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:NationalBankA commercial bank whose charter is approved by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) rather than by a state banking department
Non Depository Trust Companyfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:NonDepositoryTrustCompanyA trust company that accepts and executes trusts, but does not issue currency; non-depository trust companies can either be Federal Reserve Members or Federal Reserve Non-members
Savings And Loan Associationfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:SavingsAndLoanAssociationA financial institution that accepts deposits primarily from individuals and channels its funds primarily into residential mortgage loans
Savings And Loan Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:SavingsAndLoanHoldingCompanyA company that directly or indirectly controls a savings association or another savings and loan holding company, and explicitly excludes any company that is also a bank holding company
Savings Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:SavingsBankA banking institution organized to encourage thrift by paying interest dividends on savings; savings banks can have state and federal affiliations, for example, State Savings Banks and Federal Savings Banks
State Chartered Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:StateCharteredBankA commercial bank whose charter is approved by a state banking department
Thrift Institutionfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:ThriftInstitutionAn organization that primarily accepts savings account deposits and invests most of the proceeds in mortgages; savings banks and savings and loan associations and credit unions are examples of thrift institutions
US Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:USBankA bank that is licensed to conduct business in the United States
US Bank Holding Companyfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:USBankHoldingCompanyA bank holding company that is licensed to conduct business in the United States and is regulated and supervised by the Federal Reserve in accordance with the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956
US Credit Unionfibo-fbc-fct-usfse:USCreditUnionA cooperative association organized for the purpose of promoting thrift among its members and creating a source of credit for provident or productive purposes
ABAIIN Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:ABAIINRegistryEntryAn entry in the ABA IIN registry, a repository of financial institution characteristics collected by the ABA for those institutions to which they issue IINs
ABAIIN Registry Entry only applies To (fnd)fibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:ABAIINRegistryEntry_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToA subtype of associative entity ‘applies To (fnd)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, ABAIIN Registry EntryAssociative Entity
ABARTN Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:ABARTNRegistryEntryAn entry in the ABA RTN registry, a repository of financial institution characteristics collected by the ABA Registrar on behalf of the ABA
ABARTN Registry Entry only applies To (fnd)fibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:ABARTNRegistryEntry_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToA subtype of associative entity ‘applies To (fnd)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, ABARTN Registry EntryAssociative Entity
Employer Identification Numberfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:EmployerIdentificationNumberUnique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification
Employer Identification Numbering Schemefibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:EmployerIdentificationNumberingSchemeTaxpayer identification numbering scheme used in the United States to identify business entities
FDIC Certificate Numberfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FDICCertificateNumberIdentifier issued to a depository institution by the FDIC on approval of that institution’s application for insurance
FDIC Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FDICRegistryEntryAn entry in the FDIC institution directory, a repository of financial institution characteristics collected by the FDIC related to the institutions they insure
FDIC Registry Entry only applies To (fnd)fibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FDICRegistryEntry_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToA subtype of associative entity ‘applies To (fnd)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, FDIC Registry EntryAssociative Entity
Federal Government Entityfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FederalGovernmentEntityFormal organization that is an independent agency, instrumentality or other permanent or semi-permanent organization in the machinery of government in the United States, authorized by the executive branch or by Congress, that operates at the national (federal) level
Federal Reserve Districtfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FederalReserveDistrictA region of the US identifying the jurisdiction of a Federal Reserve Bank, numbered and named for the city in which that reserve bank is located
Federal Reserve District Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FederalReserveDistrictBankFederal Reserve district and member bank, with jurisdiction over a specific region of the US, named for the city in which the reserve bank is located
Federal Reserve District Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FederalReserveDistrictIdentifierIdentifier associated with a Federal Reserve district
FRS Member Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FRSMemberBankFinancial institution that is a member of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)
FRS Non Member Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FRSNonMemberBankFinancial institution that is not a member of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)
FRS State Member Bankfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:FRSStateMemberBankState-chartered bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System (FRS)
has Primary Federal Regulatorfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:hasPrimaryFederalRegulatorIdentifies the primary federal regulator for an institutionAssociative Entity
has Secondary Federal Regulatorfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:hasSecondaryFederalRegulatorIdentifies an additional federal regulator, over and above the primary federal regulator, for an institutionAssociative Entity
Issuer Identification Numberfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:IssuerIdentificationNumberA numbering system that allows a credit, debit, or other card to be identified as having been issued by a particular financial institution
NIC Registry Entryfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:NICRegistryEntryAn entry in the the National Information Center (NIC) repository, a repository of financial data and institution characteristics collected by the Federal Reserve System
NIC Registry Entry only applies To (fnd)fibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:NICRegistryEntry_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToA subtype of associative entity ‘applies To (fnd)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, NIC Registry EntryAssociative Entity
Primary Federal Regulatorfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:PrimaryFederalRegulatorThe primary federal regulator for an institution as defined by the National Information Center (NIC) registryEquivalent Entity
Research Statistics Supervision Discount Identifierfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:ResearchStatisticsSupervisionDiscountIdentifierA unique identifier assigned by the Federal Reserve to financial institutions
Routing Transit Numberfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:RoutingTransitNumberA unique nine digit identifier, used in the United States, to identify a banking or other financial institution to clear funds or process checks; the routing transit number, as it appears on a check, specifically denotes the banking institution that holds the account in which funds from the check are to be drawn.
State Government Entityfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:StateGovernmentEntityFormal organization that is an independent agency, instrumentality or other permanent or semi-permanent organization in the machinery of government of any one of the states or territories of the United States
Taxpayer Identification Numberfibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:TaxpayerIdentificationNumberIdentification number used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the administration of tax laws in the United States
Taxpayer Identification Numbering Schemefibo-fbc-fct-usjrga:TaxpayerIdentificationNumberingSchemeTax identification scheme used in the United States
Cash Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CashInstrumentA financial instrument whose value is determined by the market and that is readily transferable (highly liquid)
Commodity Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CommodityInstrumentA financial instrument representing an ownership interest in a raw material or primary agricultural product
Currency Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:CurrencyInstrumentA financial instrument used for the purposes of currency trading
Debt Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:DebtInstrumentA financial instrument enables the issuing party to raise funds by accepting the obligation to repay a lender by a particular time in accordance with the terms of a contract
Debt Instrument only confersfibo-fbc-fi-fi:DebtInstrument_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersA subtype of associative entity ‘confers’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Debt InstrumentAssociative Entity
Derivative Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:DerivativeInstrumentA financial instrument that confers on its holders certain rights or obligations, whose value is derived from one or more underlying assets
Entitlementfibo-fbc-fi-fi:EntitlementA financial instrument that provides the holder the privilege to subscribe to or to receive specific assets on terms specified
Equity Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:EquityInstrumentA financial instrument representing an ownership interest in an entity or pool of assets
Exempt Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:ExemptSecuritySecurity that is exempt from certain regulatory rules
Financial Instrumentfibo-fbc-fi-fi:FinancialInstrumentA written contract that gives rise to both a financial asset of one entity and a financial liability or equity instrument of another entity
Financial Instrument Identifierfibo-fbc-fi-fi:FinancialInstrumentIdentifierAn identifier for a financial instrument
Futurefibo-fbc-fi-fi:FutureA contract that obligates the buyer to receive and the seller to deliver, in the future, the assets specified at an agreed price
has Duration To Maturityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasDurationToMaturityIndicates the lifespan of an instrument or offering, from the date of issuance to the scheduled maturity dateAssociative Entity
has Maturity Datefibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasMaturityDateIndicates the date on which the principal amount of an instrument is due to be repaid to the investor and interest or coupon payments stop, and/or the date on which the instrument may be redeemedAssociative Entity
has Principal Executive Office Addressfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasPrincipalExecutiveOfficeAddressRelates an organization, specifically the issuer of a financial instrument, to its principal executive address, as required for issuance of that instrumentAssociative Entity
has Redemption Provisionfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasRedemptionProvisionIndicates the specific terms related to redemption as specified in the instrument or a related contract documentAssociative Entity
has Termfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasTermIndicates a fixed or limited period for which something, e.g., an investment, lasts or is intended to lastAssociative Entity
has Time To Maturityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasTimeToMaturityIndicates the interval between the present date and the scheduled maturity date of an instrument or offeringAssociative Entity
has Value Expressed Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:hasValueExpressedInRelates an instrument to the currency its value is typically expressed inAssociative Entity
holds Shares Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:holdsSharesInSpecifies the issuer in which a shareholder holds an equity positionAssociative Entity
is Denominated Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:isDenominatedInIndicates the currency in which the financial instrument was issuedAssociative Entity
is Legally Recorded Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:isLegallyRecordedInJurisdiction (country, county, state, province, city) in which the financial instrument is legally recorded for regulatory and/or tax purposesAssociative Entity
Issuerfibo-fbc-fi-fi:IssuerParty that issues (or proposes to issue in a formal filing) a financial instrument
may Be Traded Infibo-fbc-fi-fi:mayBeTradedInOptionally identifies one or more markets in which the security may be tradedAssociative Entity
Negotiable Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:NegotiableSecurityA security that can be transferred or delivered to another party
Non Negotiable Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:NonNegotiableSecurityA security that is not transferable to another party
Optionfibo-fbc-fi-fi:OptionA contract that grants to the holder either the privilege to purchase or the privilege to sell the assets specified at a predetermined price or formula at or within a time in the future
Packaged Financial Productfibo-fbc-fi-fi:PackagedFinancialProductA financial product that acts as a container, or wrapper, for one or more financial instruments, including other financial products
Redemption Provisionfibo-fbc-fi-fi:RedemptionProvisionContract provision enabling the issuer (writer) to regain possession through repayment of some stipulated price
Securities Transactionfibo-fbc-fi-fi:SecuritiesTransactionA trade that represents the execution of an order to buy or sell a security
Securities Transaction Identifierfibo-fbc-fi-fi:SecuritiesTransactionIdentifierAn identifier for a securities transaction
Securityfibo-fbc-fi-fi:SecurityA financial instrument that can be bought or sold
Standardized Termsfibo-fbc-fi-fi:StandardizedTermsA set of standardized terms, published by some body, and capable of being incorporated into a contract by agreement
Adjusted Closing Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:AdjustedClosingPriceAmended closing price to reflect a security’s value after accounting for any corporate actions, such as stock splits, dividends, and rights offerings
Best Bidfibo-fbc-fi-ip:BestBidHighest bid price a prospective buyer is willing to pay at a particular time for a given security
Best Offerfibo-fbc-fi-ip:BestOfferLowest price acceptable to a prospective seller for a given security at a particular point in time
Bid Ask Spreadfibo-fbc-fi-ip:BidAskSpreadDifference between an offer (ask) price and a bid price
Bid Price (fbc)fibo-fbc-fi-ip:BidPricePrice a prospective buyer is willing to pay
Closing Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:ClosingPriceCash value of the last transacted price before the market closes
Closing Price Determination Methodfibo-fbc-fi-ip:ClosingPriceDeterminationMethodStrategy for calculating or otherwise determining an official closing price
Collection Of Security Pricesfibo-fbc-fi-ip:CollectionOfSecurityPricesCollection consisting of a series of prices, each of which has a specific date and time associated with it, for some security
Composite Marketfibo-fbc-fi-ip:CompositeMarketGroup of exchanges and trading venues referenced for pricing purposes
has Closing Price Determination Methodfibo-fbc-fi-ip:hasClosingPriceDeterminationMethodIndicates a strategy by which the official closing price is determinedAssociative Entity
has Pricing Sourcefibo-fbc-fi-ip:hasPricingSourceIndicates the origin of a given price for a financial instrumentAssociative Entity
has Rate Of Returnfibo-fbc-fi-ip:hasRateOfReturnIndicates the retrospective rate of return for a given financial instrument over some period of timeAssociative Entity
has Trading Date Timefibo-fbc-fi-ip:hasTradingDateTimeIndicates the specific date and time associated with a given priceAssociative Entity
High Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:HighPriceHighest price for a given security over the period specified
Internal Rate Of Returnfibo-fbc-fi-ip:InternalRateOfReturnDiscount rate that results in a net present value (NPV) of zero for a series of future cash flows
Intra Day Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:IntraDayPricePrice for a given security at some point between the opening and official closing price on an exchange
Low Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:LowPriceLowest value for a given security over the period specified
Market Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:MarketPriceLast reported price at which a security was sold
Mid Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:MidPriceArithmetic mean between bid and offer prices
Offer Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:OfferPricePrice suggested by a prospective seller at a particular time for a given security
Official Closing Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:OfficialClosingPricePrice of the final trade of a security at the end of a trading day on a given exchange
Opening Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:OpeningPricePrice at which something first trades at the start of a trading day
Price Analyticfibo-fbc-fi-ip:PriceAnalyticStatistical measure involving security prices
Price Spreadfibo-fbc-fi-ip:PriceSpreadDifference between two prices
Pricing Modelfibo-fbc-fi-ip:PricingModelFormula used to determine a value for an instrument at a given point in time
Rate Of Returnfibo-fbc-fi-ip:RateOfReturnNet gain or loss on an investment over a specified time period, expressed as a percentage of the investment’s initial cost or value as of a specific point in time
Security Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:SecurityPriceMonetary price for a financial instrument at some point in time
Trading Dayfibo-fbc-fi-ip:TradingDayTime span that a particular trading venue is open
Trading Sessionfibo-fbc-fi-ip:TradingSessionWindow of time within a trading day in which orders may be placed and filled
Volume Weighted Average Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:VolumeWeightedAveragePriceAverage price at which a given security has traded throughout a trading day, determined by multiplying each trade by its volume, adding the results, then dividing by the volume traded for the day
Volume Weighted Open Pricefibo-fbc-fi-ip:VolumeWeightedOpenPricePrice determined by multiplying each trade by its volume, adding the results, then dividing by the volume over a certain period during the trading day (rather than over the course of the entire day)
Yieldfibo-fbc-fi-ip:YieldReturn on the investor’s capital investment
Yield Spreadfibo-fbc-fi-ip:YieldSpreadThe spread between the yields of two items
has Preferred Settlement Currencyfibo-fbc-fi-stl:hasPreferredSettlementCurrencyIndicates the preferred currency for settlement purposesAssociative Entity
Security Delivery Methodfibo-fbc-fi-stl:SecurityDeliveryMethodThe method specified for transferring a commodity, currency, security, cash or another instrument as defined in the settlement terms of the contract
Settlement (fbc)fibo-fbc-fi-stl:SettlementThe act of finalizing a transaction, concluding negotiations, finalizing accounting, exchanging consideration, and/or legally recording documents, as applicable, as a result of that transaction
Settlement Conventionfibo-fbc-fi-stl:SettlementConventionA convention employed to determine the closing date (from the stated settlement date) in the process of settling a transaction on which securities or interests in securities are delivered, usually against (in simultaneous exchange for) payment of some consideration
Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountContainer for records associated with a business arrangement for regular transactions and services
Account As An Assetfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountAsAnAssetFinancial asset in the form of an account
Account Holderfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountHolderParty that owns an account
Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountIdentifierIdentifier that denotes an account
Accounting Transactionfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountingTransactionEvent recognized by an entry in the records of an account
Account Ownershipfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountOwnershipHolding of an account
Account Providerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountProviderParty that provides and services an account
Account Specific Service Agreementfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountSpecificServiceAgreementService-agreement that is account-specific, applicable in cases where a client might hold multiple accounts with differing terms and conditions
Account Statementfibo-fbc-pas-caa:AccountStatementPeriodic summary of account activity for a given period of time
applies To Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:appliesToAccountIndicates the account to which the transaction record or individual transaction appliesAssociative Entity
Balancefibo-fbc-pas-caa:BalanceAmount of money available or owed
Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BankAccountIdentifierIdentifier that identifies a demand deposit account provided by a bank
Bank Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BankIdentifierIdentifier that uniquely identifies the financial institution and, when appropriate, the branch of that financial institution servicing an account
Basic Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BasicBankAccountIdentifierIdentifier that uniquely identifies an individual account at a specific financial institution in a particular country and which includes a bank identifier of the financial institution servicing that account
Brokerage Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:BrokerageAccountAccount offered by a broker that allows the investor to deposit funds and place investment orders
Certificate Of Depositfibo-fbc-pas-caa:CertificateOfDepositCash instrument associated with a time deposit account that cannot be withdrawn for a certain period of time (term)
Close Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:CloseDateDate on which something was closed
Customer Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:CustomerAccountAccount that represents an identified, named collection of balances and cumulative totals used to summarize customer transaction-related activity over a designated period of time
Customer Account Holderfibo-fbc-pas-caa:CustomerAccountHolderParty that owns a customer account
Demand Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:DemandDepositAccountNon-interest-bearing deposit account in which deposits are payable immediately on demand, or that are issued with an original maturity or required notice period of less than seven days, or that represent funds for which the depository institution does not reserve the right to require at least seven days’ written notice of an intended withdrawal
Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:DepositAccountAccount that provides a record of money placed with a depository institution for safekeeping and management
Feefibo-fbc-pas-caa:FeeCharge for services performed
General Ledgerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:GeneralLedgerAccounting record summarizing changes in position as transactions are posted during an accounting period
has Balancefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasBalanceRelates an account to the net amount of money available in that accountAssociative Entity
has Close Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasCloseDateRelates something to the date that it was closedAssociative Entity
has Ending Balancefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasEndingBalanceRelates an account statement to the amount of money available in that account at the end of the statement periodAssociative Entity
has Open Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasOpenDateRelates something to the date that it was createdAssociative Entity
has Payment Due Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasPaymentDueDateIndicates the date by which payment of some amount must be made to the creditorAssociative Entity
has Posting Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasPostingDateIndicates the date that the transaction was posted to the accountAssociative Entity
has Primary Account Holderfibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasPrimaryAccountHolderRelates an account to a client or customer that is considered the primary owner of the accountAssociative Entity
has Secondary Account Holderfibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasSecondaryAccountHolderRelates an account to a client or customer that is considered a secondary, co-owner of the accountAssociative Entity
has Starting Balancefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasStartingBalanceRelates an account statement to the amount of money available in that account at the beginning of the statement periodAssociative Entity
has Transaction Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:hasTransactionDateIndicates the date on which the transaction actually occurredAssociative Entity
Individual Transactionfibo-fbc-pas-caa:IndividualTransactionEvent that has a monetary impact and is documented in the records associated with an account
Individual Transaction only is Registered Infibo-fbc-pas-caa:IndividualTransaction_only_fibo-fbc-fct-ra:isRegisteredInA subtype of associative entity ‘is Registered In’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Individual TransactionAssociative Entity
International Bank Account Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InternationalBankAccountIdentifierIdentifier for a bank account that is an expanded version of the basic bank account number (BBAN), intended for use internationally
Investment Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InvestmentAccountAccount that provides a record of deposits of funds and/or securities held at a financial institution
Investment Or Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:InvestmentOrDepositAccountAccount associated with a product or service that requires the account holder to provide funds for management by the account provider
involves Merchantfibo-fbc-pas-caa:involvesMerchantIndicates the merchant (seller) involved in the transactionAssociative Entity
is Linked To Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:isLinkedToAccountConnects a given customer account to another customer accountAssociative Entity
Ledger Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:LedgerAccountAccount recorded in a general ledger
Loan Or Credit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:LoanOrCreditAccountAccount associated with a service in which the account holder receives funds from the account provider under certain terms and conditions for repayment
Non Transaction Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:NonTransactionDepositAccountAny deposit account that is not explicitly considered a transaction account
Open Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:OpenDateDate on which something was created
Payment Due Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:PaymentDueDateDate by which payment of the current outstanding balance, part thereof, or a minimum amount due must be made to the creditor
Posting Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:PostingDateDate that determines in which posting period a document or journal entry is added to an account record
realizesfibo-fbc-pas-caa:realizesMakes concreteAssociative Entity
records Transactionfibo-fbc-pas-caa:recordsTransactionLinks an account statement to the individual transactions it documentsAssociative Entity
Relationship Managerfibo-fbc-pas-caa:RelationshipManagerResponsible party who manages a client’s account and oversees their relationship with the service provider
Time Certificate Of Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeCertificateOfDepositAccountTime deposit account that allows deposits evidenced by a negotiable or nonnegotiable instrument, or a deposit in book entry form evidenced by a receipt or similar acknowledgement issued by the bank, that provides, on its face, that the amount of such deposit is payable to the bearer, to any specified person, or to the order of a specified person, as follows: (1) on a certain date not less than seven days after the date of deposit, (2) at the expiration of a specified period not less than seven days after the date of the deposit, or (3) upon written notice to the bank which is to be given not less than seven days before the date of withdrawal.
Time Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeDepositAccountDeposit account that the depositor does not have a right, and is not permitted, to make withdrawals from within six days after the date of deposit unless the deposit is subject to an early withdrawal penalty of at least seven days’ simple interest on amounts withdrawn within the first six days after deposit
Time Deposit Open Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TimeDepositOpenAccountTime deposit account that allows deposits (other than time certificates of deposit) for which there is in force a written contract with the depositor that neither the whole nor any part of such deposit may be withdrawn prior to (1) the date of maturity, which shall be not less than seven days after the date of the deposit, or (2) the expiration of a specified period of written notice of not less than seven days
Transaction Categoryfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionCategoryHigh-level classifier for an individual transaction
Transaction Datefibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionDateDate on which a specific transaction was initiated
Transaction Deposit Accountfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionDepositAccountDeposit account from which the depositor / account holder is permitted to make transfers or withdrawals by negotiable / transferable instruments, payment orders of withdrawal, telephone transfers, and so forth, and that may be accessible via an electronic device such as an automated teller machine (ATM), remote service unit (RSU), mobile device, and by debit card
Transaction Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionIdentifierIdentifier for an individual transaction associated with an account
Transaction Recordfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionRecordRecord of transactions associated with an account
Transaction Record Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionRecordIdentifierUnique identifier for record of transactions
Transaction Subcategoryfibo-fbc-pas-caa:TransactionSubcategorySecond-level classifier for a transaction, e.g., direct deposit, check, cash advance, withdrawl, payment, purchase, and so forth
Card Accountfibo-fbc-pas-crd:CardAccountAccount associated with a payment card
Card Expiration Datefibo-fbc-pas-crd:CardExpirationDateDate on which a given payment card expires
Cardholderfibo-fbc-pas-crd:CardholderAccount holder to whom a payment card is issued or other individual authorized to use the payment card
Card Productfibo-fbc-pas-crd:CardProductFinancial product involving the issuance of credit and debit cards
Card Verification Code Or Valuefibo-fbc-pas-crd:CardVerificationCodeOrValueCode that specifies either (1) magnetic-stripe data, or (2) printed security features that are used to protect data integrity and limit alteration, counterfeiting and fraud generally
Credit Card (fbc)fibo-fbc-pas-crd:CreditCardCard issued by a financial service provider that enables the cardholder to borrow funds
Credit Card Accountfibo-fbc-pas-crd:CreditCardAccountCard account that is represented by a one or more credit cards
Credit Card Networkfibo-fbc-pas-crd:CreditCardNetworkClassifier for the network that authorizes, processes, and sets the terms of credit card transactions, as well as transfers payments between shoppers, merchants, and their banks
Credit Card Productfibo-fbc-pas-crd:CreditCardProductCard product allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit
Debit Cardfibo-fbc-pas-crd:DebitCardPayment card issued by a financial service provider that enables the cardholder to access funds in a demand deposit account
Debit Card Accountfibo-fbc-pas-crd:DebitCardAccountCard account that is represented by a one or more debit cards
Debit Card Productfibo-fbc-pas-crd:DebitCardProductCard product card typically provided by a depository institution allowing the holder to transfer money electronically to another account when making a purchase
has Card Verification Codefibo-fbc-pas-crd:hasCardVerificationCodeLinks a credit card to either: (1) magnetic-stripe data, or (2) printed security features that are used to protect data integrity and limit alteration, counterfeiting and fraud generallyAssociative Entity
has Credit Card Networkfibo-fbc-pas-crd:hasCreditCardNetworkIndicates the underlying network for credit card productAssociative Entity
has Primary Account Numberfibo-fbc-pas-crd:hasPrimaryAccountNumberSpecifies the account number displayed on the face of the cardAssociative Entity
Magnetic Stripe Verification Code Or Valuefibo-fbc-pas-crd:MagneticStripeVerificationCodeOrValueCard verification code on a card’s magnetic stripe that uses secure cryptographic processes to protect data integrity on the stripe, and reveals any alteration or counterfeiting
Payment Cardfibo-fbc-pas-crd:PaymentCardDebt instrument in the form of a rectangular piece of plastic or metal issued by a financial services that enables the cardholder to withdraw or borrow funds
Primary Card Account Numberfibo-fbc-pas-crd:PrimaryCardAccountNumberComposite identifier of 14 or 16 digits embossed on a bank or payment card and encoded in the card’s magnetic strip
Three Digit Verification Code Or Valuefibo-fbc-pas-crd:ThreeDigitVerificationCodeOrValueCard verification code that is the rightmost three-digit value printed in the signature panel area on the back of the card
uses Currencyfibo-fbc-pas-crd:usesCurrencyIndicates the currency defined for the credit card productAssociative Entity
Agency Agreementfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:AgencyAgreementAn agreement that designates a party as a registered agent to represent and act on behalf of another party in some, typically legal, financial, or medical capacity
Agent For Service Of Processfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:AgentForServiceOfProcessA registered agent (person or organization) designated by a business entity, such as a corporation, to receive legal correspondence on behalf of the business entity in the jurisdiction in which the agent’s address is located
Basketfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:BasketCollection of goods, services, or other things (e.g., financial contracts) that can be purchased and sold in some marketplace
Basket Constituentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:BasketConstituentComponent of a basketEquivalent Entity
Brokerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:BrokerAny party that acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller, usually charging a commission
Broker Dealer (fbc)fibo-fbc-pas-fpas:BrokerDealerAny party in the business of buying and selling securities, operating as both a broker and a dealer, depending on the transaction
Catalogfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:CatalogA list of goods and/or services available for sale with their description and possibly prices, published as a printed or  electronic document (e-catalog)
Dealerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:DealerAny party that purchases goods or services for resale and acts on their own behalf in a transaction
Exposurefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ExposureThe extent to which an individual or organization is unprotected and open to damage, danger, risk of suffering a loss, or uncertainty
facilitatesfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:facilitatesProvides the context in which an event, a task, a conversation or something else can occurAssociative Entity
Financial Exposurefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialExposureThe extent to which an individual or organization is open to risk of suffering a loss in a transaction, or with respect to some investment or set of investments, e.g., some holding; the amount one stands to lose in that transaction or investment
Financial Intermediation Servicefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialIntermediationServiceAny financial service in which a third party (the intermediary) matches lenders and investors with entrepreneurs and other borrowers in need of capital
Financial Productfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialProductA product provided to consumers and businesses by financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, consumer finance companies, and investment companies all of which comprise the financial services industry
Financial Product Catalogfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialProductCatalogA catalog of financial products and/or services available for sale with their description and other product details
Financial Servicefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialServiceA service provided to consumers and businesses by financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, consumer finance companies, and investment companies all of which comprise the financial services industry
Financial Service Providerfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialServiceProviderA functional entity either licensed to provide financial services to consumers and/or businesses or established by law to provide financial services, such as a central bank
Financial Service Provider only manages (fnd)fibo-fbc-pas-fpas:FinancialServiceProvider_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:managesA subtype of associative entity ‘manages (fnd)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Financial Service ProviderAssociative Entity
has Generating Entityfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasGeneratingEntitySpecifies a legal entity that generates somethingAssociative Entity
has Generating Entity Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasGeneratingEntityIdentifierSpecifies an identifier for the entity that generated somethingAssociative Entity
has Legal Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasLegalAgentIdentifies a party as one that has the legal, medical or financial capacity to act on behalf of someone else under specific circumstancesAssociative Entity
has Offeringfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingRelates something to a voluntary but conditional promise submitted by a buyer or seller (offeror) to another (offeree) for acceptance, and which becomes legally enforceable if accepted by the offereeAssociative Entity
has Offering Amountfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingAmountIndicates the notional monetary amount (face value), determined based on reference data, market rates or some other agreed method associated with some offeringAssociative Entity
has Offering Pricefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasOfferingPriceIndicates the price associated with an offering, which may be an explicit or calculated priceAssociative Entity
has Settlement Datefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasSettlementDateIndicates the date by which an executed order or transaction must be settledAssociative Entity
has Trade Datefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasTradeDateIndicates the date on which a security or commodity future trade actually takes placeAssociative Entity
Holdingfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:HoldingReal or personal property (assets), including but not limited to financial assets, to which one holds title and of which one has possession
Legal Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:LegalAgentAny party that has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another party
Licensed Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:LicensedAgentAny individual who is licensed to perform a legally binding function, and who has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another party
Offereefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:OffereeA party that receives an offer from something from someone (i.e., an offerer) based on the terms of the offering
Offeringfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:OfferingAn expression of interest in providing something to someone that is contigent upon acceptance, forbearance, or some other consideration, as desired by the offeree(s)
Offerorfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:OfferorA party that proposes to make something available to someone (i.e., an offeree) based on the terms of the offering
Positionfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:PositionAn investor’s stake, i.e., a holding, in a particular asset (such as an individual security)
precedesfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:precedesRelates a product, organization, stage in a lifecycle, an event, or occurrence, such as a trade, to one that occurs before itAssociative Entity
Product Lifecyclefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleA lifecycle specific to a product or product family
Product Lifecycle Eventfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleEventA kind of event that occurs during one or more stages of a product lifecycle
Product Lifecycle Event Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleEventOccurrenceAn occurrence of an event that occurs during a specific stage of a specific product lifecycle
Product Lifecycle Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleOccurrenceA realization of a product lifecycle
Product Lifecycle Stagefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleStageA phase in a product lifecycle
Product Lifecycle Stage Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ProductLifecycleStageOccurrenceAn instance of a phase in an occurrence of a given product lifecycle
Registered Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:RegisteredAgentA legal agent designated by another party (person or organization), to represent and acts on their behalf under a formal agency agreement
Regulated Commodityfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:RegulatedCommodityA commodity under the jurisdiction of the regulatory agency, such as the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTF), which includes any commodity traded in an organized contracts market
Regulated Commodity only is Regulated Byfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:RegulatedCommodity_only_fibo-fbc-fct-rga:isRegulatedByA subtype of associative entity ‘is Regulated By’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Regulated CommodityAssociative Entity
relates Tofibo-fbc-pas-fpas:relatesToHas a logical or causal connection withAssociative Entity
Settlement Termsfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:SettlementTermsContract terms that define the commitment to and mechanism for settling one or more sides of a transaction
Settlement Terms only has Settlement Datefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:SettlementTerms_only_fibo-fbc-pas-fpas:hasSettlementDateA subtype of associative entity ‘has Settlement Date’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Settlement TermsAssociative Entity
Third Party Agentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:ThirdPartyAgentAny service provider that is licensed to perform a legally binding function and has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another party
Tradefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeAn agreement between parties participating in a voluntary action of buying and selling goods and services
Trade Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeIdentifierAn identifier for a trade
Trade Lifecyclefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleA lifecycle that defines the evolution of a trade, from initiation through settlement
Trade Lifecycle Eventfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleEventA kind of event that occurs during one or more stages of the lifecycle of a trade
Trade Lifecycle Event Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleEventOccurrenceAn occurrence of an event that occurs during a specific stage of a specific trade lifecycle
Trade Lifecycle Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleOccurrenceA realization of a trade lifecycle
Trade Lifecycle Stagefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleStageA phase in the lifecycle of a trade
Trade Lifecycle Stage Occurrencefibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TradeLifecycleStageOccurrenceAn instance of a phase in an occurrence of a given trade lifecycle
Traderfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:TraderAn individual or organization or representative thereof that engages in the transfer of financial assets in any financial market on behalf of a client or the financial services provider
Unique Transaction Identifierfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:UniqueTransactionIdentifierA globally unique identifier for a reportable transaction, whose primary purpose is to uniquely identify individual OTC derivatives transactions in reports to trade repositories
Weighted Basketfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:WeightedBasketBasket whose constituents have some relative importance with respect to one another
Weighted Basket Constituentfibo-fbc-pas-fpas:WeightedBasketConstituentComponent of a basket whose relative importance with respect to other basket constituents is known
Automated Systemfibo-fnd-aap-agt:AutomatedSystemA system that reduces or eliminates the need for human involvement in order to complete a task.
Autonomous Agentfibo-fnd-aap-agt:AutonomousAgentAn agent is an autonomous individual that can adapt to and interact with its environment.
Adultfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:AdultA person who has attained the age of majority as defined by given jurisdiction
Birth Certificatefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:BirthCertificateAn original document certifying the circumstances of the birth, or a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birth
Birth Certificate Identification Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:BirthCertificateIdentificationSchemeSystem for allocating identifiers to birth certificates
Birth Certificate Identifierfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:BirthCertificateIdentifierIdentifier associated with a vital record documenting the birth of a child
Date Of Birthfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DateOfBirthExplicit date, i.e., the day, month and year, on which an individual was born
Date Of Deathfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DateOfDeathExplicit date, i.e., the day, month and year, on which an individual died
Death Certificatefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DeathCertificateOriginal document certifying the circumstances of the death (such as how and when it occurred), or a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that death
Death Certificate Identification Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DeathCertificateIdentificationSchemeSystem for allocating identifiers to death certificates
Death Certificate Identifierfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DeathCertificateIdentifierIdentifier associated with a vital record documenting the death of an individual
Drivers Licensefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DriversLicenseAn official document which states that a person may operate a motorized vehicle, such as a motorcycle, car, truck or a bus, on a public roadway or provides official identifying information for a non-driver
Drivers License Identification Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DriversLicenseIdentificationSchemeSystem for allocating identifiers to driver’s, operating, or non-driver identification documents
Drivers License Identifierfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:DriversLicenseIdentifierIdentifier associated with a drivers’ or operating license for operating a motor vehicle or non-driver identification card
Emancipated Minorfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:EmancipatedMinorA minor who is allowed to conduct a business or any other occupation on his or her own behalf or for their own account outside the control of a parent or guardian
has Citizenshipfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:hasCitizenshipLinks a person to their country of citizenshipAssociative Entity
has Date Of Birthfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:hasDateOfBirthIdentifies the date on which an individual was bornAssociative Entity
has Date Of Deathfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:hasDateOfDeathIdentifies the date on which an individual diedAssociative Entity
has Place Of Birthfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:hasPlaceOfBirthIdentifies the location where an individual was bornAssociative Entity
Identity Documentfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:IdentityDocumentAny legal document which may be used to verify aspects of a person’s identity
Incapacitated Adultfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:IncapacitatedAdultAn adult who is legally identified as not having legal capacity, typically as a result of some inherent physical or mental incapacity or as a result of having contracted some illness which temporarily deprives them of such capacity
Legally Capable Adultfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:LegallyCapableAdultA person who has attained the age of majority as defined by given jurisdiction and is allowed to conduct a business or any other occupation on his or her own behalf or for their own account
Minorfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:MinorA person under a certain age, usually the age of majority in a given jurisdiction, which legally demarcates childhood from adulthood
National Identification Numberfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:NationalIdentificationNumberA number or text which appears on an identity document issued by a country or jurisdiction
National Identification Number Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:NationalIdentificationNumberSchemeSystem for allocating identifiers to national identification numbers
Passportfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:PassportA document, issued by a national government, which certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel
Passport Numberfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:PassportNumberIdentifier associated with a passport
Passport Number Identification Schemefibo-fnd-aap-ppl:PassportNumberIdentificationSchemeSystem for allocating identifiers to passports
Personfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:PersonIndividual human being, with consciousness of self
Place Of Birthfibo-fnd-aap-ppl:PlaceOfBirthPhysical location, including country, region, and municipality where an individual was born
Capital Surplusfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:CapitalSurplusCapital contributed in excess of the par value (stated value) of the ownership interest issued
Financial Assetfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:FinancialAssetNon-physical, tangible asset whose value is derived from a contractual claim, such as bank deposits, bonds, stocks, rights, certificates, and bank balances
Financial Asset only has Acquisition Pricefibo-fnd-acc-aeq:FinancialAsset_only_fibo-sec-sec-ast:hasAcquisitionPriceA subtype of associative entity ‘has Acquisition Price’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Financial AssetAssociative Entity
Incomefibo-fnd-acc-aeq:IncomeRevenue received during a period of time
Owners Equityfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:OwnersEquityOwners’ share in a business plus operating profit
Paid In Capitalfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:PaidInCapitalAssets received from investors in exchange for an ownership interest
Physical Assetfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:PhysicalAssetTangible asset that has a material form, such as property, equipment, and inventory
represents An Interest Infibo-fnd-acc-aeq:representsAnInterestInIndicates the entity, fund, or structured product in which an owner holds an interestAssociative Entity
Retained Earningsfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:RetainedEarningsNet profits kept to accumulate in a business after dividends are paid
Shareholders Equityfibo-fnd-acc-aeq:ShareholdersEquityEquity that is manifested in the form of shares in an entity, fund or structured product
Amount Of Moneyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:AmountOfMoneyA sum of money
Amount Of Money only has Base Money Unitfibo-fnd-acc-cur:AmountOfMoney_only_fibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasBaseMoneyUnitA subtype of associative entity ‘has Base Money Unit’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Amount Of MoneyAssociative Entity
Calculated Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:CalculatedPriceA monetary price determined by a formula
Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:CurrencyMedium of exchange value, defined by reference to the geographical location of the monetary authorities responsible for it
Currency Basketfibo-fnd-acc-cur:CurrencyBasketA selected group of currencies, in which the weighted average is used as a measure of the value or the amount of an obligation
Currency Identifierfibo-fnd-acc-cur:CurrencyIdentifierSequence of characters representing some currency
Exchange Ratefibo-fnd-acc-cur:ExchangeRateA rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another
Exchange Rate only has Quantity Kindfibo-fnd-acc-cur:ExchangeRate_only_fibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasQuantityKindA subtype of associative entity ‘has Quantity Kind’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Exchange RateAssociative Entity
Fundsfibo-fnd-acc-cur:FundsAn artificial currency used as calculation basis for another currency (or currencies) and/or for accounting purposes
Funds Identifierfibo-fnd-acc-cur:FundsIdentifierThe trigraph representing the funds
has Base Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasBaseCurrencyA predicate indicating the base currency in an exchange rate; one unit of this currency represents R units of the dealt currency, where R is the exchange rate valueAssociative Entity
has Base Money Unitfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasBaseMoneyUnitThe currency in which the money amount is denominatedAssociative Entity
has Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasCurrencyA medium of exchange value in which something, such as a monetary amount is definedAssociative Entity
has Dealt Currencyfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasDealtCurrencyA predicate indicating the dealt currency in an exchange rate; R units of this currency represent one unit of the base currencyAssociative Entity
has Monetary Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasMonetaryAmountRelates something to a monetary amount (e.g. credit limit, notional amount)Associative Entity
has Notional Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasNotionalAmountHas an abstract, unchangeable value used for certain applicable calculations, expressed as some monetary amountAssociative Entity
has Price (fnd)fibo-fnd-acc-cur:hasPriceIndicates the value of something expressed as an amount of money or goodsAssociative Entity
Interest Ratefibo-fnd-acc-cur:InterestRateAn amount charged, expressed as a percentage of principal, by a lender to a borrower for the use of assets
Interest Rate only has Quantity Kindfibo-fnd-acc-cur:InterestRate_only_fibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasQuantityKindA subtype of associative entity ‘has Quantity Kind’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Interest RateAssociative Entity
is Tender Infibo-fnd-acc-cur:isTenderInA jurisdiction in which the currency is exchangeable for goods and servicesAssociative Entity
Monetary Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:MonetaryAmountThe measure which is an amount of money specified in monetary units
Monetary Measurefibo-fnd-acc-cur:MonetaryMeasureSome measure of some sum of money
Monetary Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:MonetaryPriceA price that that is expressed as a monetary amount
Percentage Monetary Amountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:PercentageMonetaryAmountA measure of some amount of money expressed as a percentage of some other amount, some notional amount or some concrete money amount
Pricefibo-fnd-acc-cur:PriceAn amount of money, goods, or services requested, expected, required, or given in exchange for something else
Price only has Quantity Kindfibo-fnd-acc-cur:Price_only_fibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasQuantityKindA subtype of associative entity ‘has Quantity Kind’ to restrict child entities for the parent, PriceAssociative Entity
Unit Of Accountfibo-fnd-acc-cur:UnitOfAccountA nominal monetary unit of measure used to represent the real value (or cost) of any economic item; i.e. goods, services, assets, liabilities, income, expenses
Unit Of Account Identifierfibo-fnd-acc-cur:UnitOfAccountIdentifierThe trigraph representing the unit of account
Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-agr:AgreementA negotiated understanding between two or more parties, reflecting the offer and acceptance of commitments on the part of either party
Beneficiaryfibo-fnd-agr-agr:BeneficiaryA party that receives some benefit or advantage or profits from something
Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:CommitmentA legal construct which represents the undertaking on the part of some party to act or refrain from acting in some manner.
Commitment At Largefibo-fnd-agr-agr:CommitmentAtLargeA commitment made by some party without direct involvement from the potential beneficiaries of that commitment
has Obligationfibo-fnd-agr-agr:hasObligationIdentifies a duty or obligation that a given party has taken onAssociative Entity
Individual Unilateral Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:IndividualUnilateralCommitmentA commitment made by some party unilaterally to another specific party
Mutual Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-agr:MutualAgreementAn agreement between two or more specific named parties. The rights and obligations pertaining to either party cannot be transferred to another party without prior agreement
Mutual Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:MutualCommitmentA commitment between two or more parties
Obligeefibo-fnd-agr-agr:ObligeeA party to whom some commitment or obligation is owed, either legally or per the terms of an agreement
Obligor (fnd)fibo-fnd-agr-agr:ObligorA party that is bound legally or by agreement to repay a debt, make a payment, do something, or refrain from doing something
Unilateral Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-agr:UnilateralCommitmentA commitment made by one party without reference to the party to which the commitment is made.
Breach Of Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:BreachOfContractClassifier of events representing a violation of an express, or implied, condition of a contract to do or not to do something, without a legitimate excuse
Breach Of Covenantfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:BreachOfCovenantClassifier of events representing breaking a promise specified in a contract to do or not to do something, without a legitimate excuse
Condition Precedentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ConditionPrecedentStipulation that specifies conditions that must be met before some aspect of a contract takes effect
Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractVoluntary, deliberate agreement between competent parties to which the parties agree to be legally bound, and for which the parties provide valuable consideration
Contract only confersfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:Contract_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersA subtype of associative entity ‘confers’ to restrict child entities for the parent, ContractAssociative Entity
Contract only mandatesfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:Contract_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:mandatesA subtype of associative entity ‘mandates’ to restrict child entities for the parent, ContractAssociative Entity
Contract Documentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractDocumentLegal document that records the formal terms and conditions of some contract
Contract Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractPartyLegally competant party that has entered into a binding agreement, accepting and conceding obligations, responsibilities, and benefits as specified
Contract Principalfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractPrincipalParty that originates a contract and is identified as the first party to that contract, in the event that the contract distinguishes any party as such
Contract Third Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractThirdPartyParty that is indirectly involved in, but not a counterparty to, an agreement
Contractual Commitmentfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualCommitmentProvision specifying something that the contracting parties agree to
Contractual Commitment only has Partfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualCommitment_only_lcc-cr:hasPartA subtype of associative entity ‘has Part’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Contractual CommitmentAssociative Entity
Contractual Definitionfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualDefinitionContractual element that specifies the meaning of a term in a legal document, whose definition is substitutable for the term whenever it occurs in the body of that document
Contractual Elementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:ContractualElementElement, such as an arrangement, provision, requirement, rule, specification, and standard that forms an integral part of an agreement
Counterpartyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:CounterpartyParty to a contract with whom one negotiates on a given agreement
defines Terms For (fnd)fibo-fnd-agr-ctr:definesTermsForRelates a contract to something for which the contract defines legally binding terms and conditionsAssociative Entity
has Contract Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasContractPartyIndicates a party that has entered into a binding agreement, accepting and conceding obligations, responsibilities, and benefits as specifiedAssociative Entity
has Contractual Elementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasContractualElementIndicates something that is a component of an agreementAssociative Entity
has Counterparty (agr)fibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasCounterpartyIdentifies a party to a contract, typically not the contract principalAssociative Entity
has Effective Datefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasEffectiveDateIndicates the date a contract, relationship, or policy comes into forceAssociative Entity
has Effective Date Time Stampfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasEffectiveDateTimeStampIndicates the date and time, including time zone, something comes into forceAssociative Entity
has Execution Datefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasExecutionDateIndicates the date a contract has been signed by all the necessary partiesAssociative Entity
has Execution Date Time Stampfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasExecutionDateTimeStampIndicates the date and time, including time zone, a contract has been signed by all the necessary partiesAssociative Entity
has Governing Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasGoverningJurisdictionIndicates the jurisdiction governing the contract, as agreed by all partiesAssociative Entity
has Non Binding Termfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasNonBindingTermRefers to a term that is included in an agreement that is not considered legally bindingAssociative Entity
has Principal Party (fnd)fibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasPrincipalPartyIdentifies the main or principal party to a contractAssociative Entity
has Third Partyfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:hasThirdPartyIdentifies a party which is not signatory to the party but has some role in the overall context defined by the contract.Associative Entity
Mutual Contractual Agreementfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:MutualContractualAgreementContract between named parties whose individual rights and obligations are not transferable to another party without prior written permission
Non Binding Termfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:NonBindingTermContractual element that is not legally binding on any party to the agreement
Promissory Notefibo-fnd-agr-ctr:PromissoryNoteNegotiable instrument that is an unconditional and unsecured promise by one party to another that commits the principal party to pay a specified sum within a specified time frame under specified terms
qualifiesfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:qualifiesLimits, constrains or refinesAssociative Entity
supersedesfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:supersedesIndicates a contract that was executed prior to and is replaced by this contractAssociative Entity
Term Sheetfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TermSheetNonbinding agreement setting forth the basic terms and conditions under which a proposed business deal may be made
Transferable Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:TransferableContractContract in which the rights and obligations of one party (the holder) may be transferred to another party, which thereby takes on the same rights and obligations with respect to the other party to the contractEquivalent Entity
Unilateral Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:UnilateralContractContract in which one party makes an express promise without securing a reciprocal agreement from the other party(ies)
Unilateral Contract only confersfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:UnilateralContract_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersA subtype of associative entity ‘confers’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Unilateral ContractAssociative Entity
Verbal Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:VerbalContractContract that exists as a result of some verbal exchange
Written Contractfibo-fnd-agr-ctr:WrittenContractFormal contract that is written and signed by the parties thereto
clause Contains Termfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:clauseContainsTermAn individual term contained within the clause.Associative Entity
Contract Clausefibo-fnd-agrx-ele:ContractClauseA set of contractual terms, grouped according to subject, intent or the type of rights and / or obligations to which it refers.
Contract Preamblefibo-fnd-agrx-ele:ContractPreambleThe part of a contract which defines the parties and gives sufficient information for them to be unambiguously identified, along with other pertinent information such as the subject of the contract.
Contract Sectionfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:ContractSectionA formally identified Section of a Contract, comtaining terms dealing with a specific type of subject matter.
Contract Termfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:ContractTermAn individual term in a Contract. Forms part of a set of Contractual Terms. Also exists within a Clause of a Contract A Clause exists within a Section of a Contract
defined In Clausefibo-fnd-agrx-ele:definedInClauseThe individual clause of the contract in which the set of terms is defined, if applicable.Associative Entity
defined In Sectionfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:definedInSectionThe section of the contract in which the contract terms set is defined.Associative Entity
defines Principalsfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:definesPrincipalsThe identification of parties to the contract as embodied in the preamble.Associative Entity
DRIPfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:DRIPA kind of financial contract.
has Provisionsfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:hasProvisionsTermination provisions as contained in the Contract. These set out the conditions under which the contract may be terminated and the rights and obligations of each party in the event of such termination.Associative Entity
identifies Counterpartyfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:identifiesCounterpartyThe counterparty to the contract, identified in the contract principals identification.Associative Entity
identifies Principalfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:identifiesPrincipalThe principal to the contract, identified in the contract principals identification.Associative Entity
identifies Third Partyfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:identifiesThirdPartyA third party identified in the third party identification.Associative Entity
Representations Sectionfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:RepresentationsSectionSection containing statements held out by one party to the other as being true and correct at the time of the Agreement. A representation, as contained in this section of a contract, is a statement by one other party asserting that some given state of the world exists.
section Contains Clausefibo-fnd-agrx-ele:sectionContainsClauseA clause contained in the contract section.Associative Entity
Termination Provisionsfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:TerminationProvisionsFormal terms setting out how the written contract may be terminated and what happens when it is.
Warranties Sectionfibo-fnd-agrx-ele:WarrantiesSectionSection defining what is warranted by either party to the other. A warranty, as contained in this section of a contract, is a statement by one other party asserting that some given state of the world exists.
Collection Constituentfibo-fnd-arr-arr:CollectionConstituentElement of a collectionEquivalent Entity
has Constituentfibo-fnd-arr-arr:hasConstituentConsists of or containsAssociative Entity
Schemefibo-fnd-arr-arr:SchemeStructure or means of organizing information such as a blueprint, schema, numbering system, organization structure, measurement system, plan, taxonomy, or language for organizing information
Structured Collectionfibo-fnd-arr-arr:StructuredCollectionCollection that has a clearly defined structure or organization
Appraisalfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:AppraisalWritten estimate of the market value of something, provided by a qualified appraiser
Appraiserfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:AppraiserParty that evaluates or estimates the nature, quality, ability, or value of someone or something
Assessment Activityfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:AssessmentActivityActivity involving the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, ability, or value of someone or something
Assessment Eventfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:AssessmentEventEvent involving the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something
Assessment Reportfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:AssessmentReportReport that includes an opinion, judgement, appraisal, or view about something and typically the methodology and raw inputs used to arrive at that opinion
has Appraiserfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:hasAppraiserRelates something, e.g., a value assessment, to an agent that conducts that appraisalAssociative Entity
has Date Of Assessmentfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:hasDateOfAssessmentDate on which an assessment process was completedAssociative Entity
has Estimated Valuefibo-fnd-arr-asmt:hasEstimatedValueRelates something to its estimated valueAssociative Entity
Opinionfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:OpinionJudgement, appraisal, or view about something
Value Assessmentfibo-fnd-arr-asmt:ValueAssessmentAssessment event to estimate the value of something
Classification Schemefibo-fnd-arr-cls:ClassificationSchemeSystem for allocating classifiers (elements in a classification scheme) to objects, similar to identifiers in some cases; such classification schemes are intended to permit the classification of arbitrary objects into hierarchies (or partial orders)
Classifierfibo-fnd-arr-cls:ClassifierStandardized classification or delineation for something, per some scheme for such delineation, within a specified context
Industry Sector Classification Schemefibo-fnd-arr-cls:IndustrySectorClassificationSchemeSystem for allocating classifiers to organizations by industry sector
Industry Sector Classifierfibo-fnd-arr-cls:IndustrySectorClassifierStandardized classification or delineation for an organization, or possibly for a security representing an interest in a given organization, per some scheme for such delineation, by industry
Applicantfibo-fnd-arr-com:ApplicantParty making some application
Applicationfibo-fnd-arr-com:ApplicationRequest submitted by an applicant to receive something (e.g. a licence, a loan, a membership) accompanied by documentation of pertinent information to determine whether the request should be granted
has Application Datefibo-fnd-arr-com:hasApplicationDateDate on which an an application was completed and submittedAssociative Entity
is Request Forfibo-fnd-arr-com:isRequestForRelates a request to that which is being requested, e.g. a reportAssociative Entity
is Response Tofibo-fnd-arr-com:isResponseToRelates an occurrence to another occurrence that it is a response to, most often in the context of communicationAssociative Entity
is Sent Fromfibo-fnd-arr-com:isSentFromRelates something, e.g. a communication to its source or origin to the agent that sent itAssociative Entity
is Sent Tofibo-fnd-arr-com:isSentToRelates something, e.g. a communication to a target or destination (e.g. the agent receiving a request) to the agent that is its intended recipientAssociative Entity
Requestfibo-fnd-arr-com:RequestOccurrence whereby an agent asks another agent for something or to do something
Certificatefibo-fnd-arr-doc:CertificateDocument attesting to the truth of some fact or set of facts
Documentfibo-fnd-arr-doc:DocumentSomething tangible that records something, such as a recording or a photograph, or a writing that can be used to furnish evidence or information
has Data Sourcefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasDataSourceRelates something, such as an agreement, contract, document, report, process, and so forth to a source of data used to analyze, develop, explain, produce, or otherwise create it (e.g., Experian provides data for a CreditReport)Associative Entity
has Date Of Issuancefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasDateOfIssuanceLinks something, typically an agreement, contract, or document, with the date it was issuedAssociative Entity
has Expiration Datefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasExpirationDateLinks something, typically an agreement, contract, document, or perishable item, with an expiration dateAssociative Entity
has Recordfibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasRecordLinks something to a record that pertains to itAssociative Entity
has Reporting Periodfibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasReportingPeriodSpecifies the reporting period for which a report or something else, such as a market rate or economic indicator, appliesAssociative Entity
has Termination Datefibo-fnd-arr-doc:hasTerminationDateLinks something, typically an agreement, contract, document, or process, with a date on which it was terminatedAssociative Entity
is About (fnd)fibo-fnd-arr-doc:isAboutIndicates the subject or topic of a given documentAssociative Entity
Legal Documentfibo-fnd-arr-doc:LegalDocumentA written or printed paper that bears the original, official, or legal form of something and can be used to furnish decisive evidence or information
Noticefibo-fnd-arr-doc:NoticeAnnouncement, intimation, or warning of something, especially to allow preparations to be made
Recordfibo-fnd-arr-doc:RecordA memorialization and objective evidence of activities performed, events occurred, results achieved, or statements made, regardless of its characteristics, media, physical form, or the manner in which it is recorded or stored
recordsfibo-fnd-arr-doc:recordsDocuments for later referenceAssociative Entity
Reference Documentfibo-fnd-arr-doc:ReferenceDocumentA document that provides pertinent details for consultation about a subject
Indexfibo-fnd-arr-id:IndexIndirect shortcut derived from and pointing into, a greater volume of values, data, information or knowledge
Indexing Schemefibo-fnd-arr-id:IndexingSchemeSystem for indexing values, data, information, or knowledge
is Index Tofibo-fnd-arr-id:isIndexToThat to which the index refersAssociative Entity
Reassignable Identifierfibo-fnd-arr-id:ReassignableIdentifierIdentifier that uniquely identifies something for a given time period, and that may be reused to identify something else at a different point in time
has Lifecyclefibo-fnd-arr-lif:hasLifecycleRelates something, such as a product, trade, or related process, to a lifecycle that characterizes itAssociative Entity
has Stagefibo-fnd-arr-lif:hasStageRelates something, such as a product or trade lifecycle or related process, to a phase or stage in that lifecycleAssociative Entity
Lifecyclefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleArrangement that compares the cyclical nature of families, organizations, processes, products, marketing, and order management, portfolio management or other systems with the cradle to grave life stages (birth, growth, maturity, decay, and death) of living organisms
Lifecycle Eventfibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleEventKind of event that occurs during one or more stages of a lifecycle
Lifecycle Event Occurrencefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleEventOccurrenceRealization of an event in a stage of a lifecycle
Lifecycle Occurrencefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleOccurrenceRealization of a lifecycle
Lifecycle Stagefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleStagePhase in a lifecycle
Lifecycle Stage Occurrencefibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleStageOccurrenceRealization of a phase in a given lifecycle
Lifecycle Statusfibo-fnd-arr-lif:LifecycleStatusClassifier indicating the position or state of something at a particular point in its life-cycle
is Reported Tofibo-fnd-arr-rep:isReportedToIndicates the party to which something is reportedAssociative Entity
is Submitted Tofibo-fnd-arr-rep:isSubmittedToIndicates the party to which something is submittedAssociative Entity
Reportfibo-fnd-arr-rep:ReportA document organized in a narrative, graphic, or tabular form, prepared on ad hoc, periodic, recurring, regular, or as required basis
Reporting Partyfibo-fnd-arr-rep:ReportingPartyA party providing a report, typically in response to some contractual, legal, regulatory or other business requirement
reports Onfibo-fnd-arr-rep:reportsOnIndicates a subject matter, observation(s), assessment(s), focus or other topic of a reportAssociative Entity
submitsfibo-fnd-arr-rep:submitsPresents something (a proposal, application, report, or other document) for consideration or reviewAssociative Entity
Submitterfibo-fnd-arr-rep:SubmitterA party presenting something, such as a regulatory report
has Rating Scorefibo-fnd-arr-rt:hasRatingScoreIndicates the grade or score associated with a rating with respect to a particular rating scaleAssociative Entity
produces Ratings Forfibo-fnd-arr-rt:producesRatingsForIssuer for which ratings are produced or posted throughAssociative Entity
Qualitative Rating Scorefibo-fnd-arr-rt:QualitativeRatingScoreRating score that is a qualitative code in some rating scale, such as a triple-A (i.e., AAA) or 5-star rating for something
Quantitative Rating Scorefibo-fnd-arr-rt:QuantitativeRatingScoreRating score that is a simple numeric value on some scale, such as a credit rating for an individual
ratesfibo-fnd-arr-rt:ratesIndicates the instrument, party or something else to which a rating appliesAssociative Entity
Ratingfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingStanding of something at a particular time as indicated by one or more rating scores with respect to some scale according to some rating party
Rating Agencyfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingAgencyRating issuer that is also a rating scale publisher, frequently but not always an independent rating service
Rating Assessment Activityfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingAssessmentActivityAssessment activity resulting in a grade or score and potentially a report describing the score and the process used to determine that score
Rating Assessment Eventfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingAssessmentEventIndividual assessment resulting in a grade or score and potentially a report describing the score
Rating Issuerfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingIssuerParty that is responsible for issuing ratings
Rating Partyfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingPartyPerson, organization or group that analyzes some aspect of something and develops a rating
Rating Reportfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingReportReport describing a set of ratings
Rating Scalefibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingScaleSystem for assigning a value to something according to some scale with respect to quality, a standard, or ranking
Rating Scale Publisherfibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingScalePublisherParty responsible for managing one or more rating schemes and potentially publishing ratings based on those schemes
Rating Scorefibo-fnd-arr-rt:RatingScoreGrade, classification, or ranking of for something in accordance with some rating scale
Business Day Adjustmentfibo-fnd-dt-bd:BusinessDayAdjustmentConvention that specifies what happens when a date falls on a day that is a weekend or a holiday in one or more business centers
Business Day Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:BusinessDayConventionConvention that enumerates the possible ways to handle a date that falls on a weekend or holiday
Business Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-bd:BusinessRecurrenceIntervalRecurrence interval that is specified using a business recurrence interval convention
Business Recurrence Interval Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:BusinessRecurrenceIntervalConventionConvention that specifies how recurring days should be handled, such as the end of the month, a particular day of the month, a day of the week, or more specifically, a t-bill auction date
Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:ConventionWidely accepted or established way of doing ‘something’ within some community of practice
Day Of Monthfibo-fnd-dt-bd:DayOfMonthSpecific, recurring day of the month
Day Of Weekfibo-fnd-dt-bd:DayOfWeekSpecific, recurring day of the weekEquivalent Entity
End Of Monthfibo-fnd-dt-bd:EndOfMonthThe last day of a calendar month, irrespective of the length of the calendar month
has Business Day Adjustmentfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessDayAdjustmentIdentifies a convention for adjustment of the business day for handling weekends and holidaysAssociative Entity
has Business Day Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessDayConventionIdentifies a convention regarding how a date should be handled when it falls on a day that is not a business dayAssociative Entity
has Business Recurrence Interval Conventionfibo-fnd-dt-bd:hasBusinessRecurrenceIntervalConventionIdentifies a convention regarding how certain recurring dates should be handled with respect to a given schedule, such as the end of the monthAssociative Entity
holds Duringfibo-fnd-dt-bd:holdsDuringSpecifies that some condition or state is true (holds) during a specified date periodAssociative Entity
Ad Hoc Schedulefibo-fnd-dt-fd:AdHocScheduleSchedule consisting of some number of individual events that are not necessarily recurring
Ad Hoc Schedule Entryfibo-fnd-dt-fd:AdHocScheduleEntryEntry, including a date or date and time, among multiple non-regularly-recurring entries in a schedule
Calculated Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:CalculatedDateDate that is or will be determined based on some formula
Calendar Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:CalendarPeriodTime interval that occurs within a system that fixes the beginning and length of a segment of the year with respect to that system
Calendar Specified Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:CalendarSpecifiedIntervalRecurrence interval that is defined as the nth day of some calendar period (such as a calendar month), and a time direction (forward from the beginning of the month, or backwards from the end)
Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:DateCalendar day on some calendar
Dated Collection Constituentfibo-fnd-dt-fd:DatedCollectionConstituentElement of a collection that is associated with a date and time
Dated Structured Collectionfibo-fnd-dt-fd:DatedStructuredCollectionStructured collection whose elements are required to have a date and time
Date Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:DatePeriodTime span over one or more calendar days, defined by at least two of three properties: (1) a start date, (2) an end date, and (3) a duration
Date Timefibo-fnd-dt-fd:DateTimeTime point including a date and a time, optionally including a time zone offset
Date Time Stampfibo-fnd-dt-fd:DateTimeStampTime point including a date and a time that requires a time zone offset
Durationfibo-fnd-dt-fd:DurationInterval of time of some specific length
Explicit Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:ExplicitDateDate in which the ‘hasDateValue’ property is required
Explicit Date Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:ExplicitDatePeriodDate period for which the start date, end date, and/or duration are required
Explicit Durationfibo-fnd-dt-fd:ExplicitDurationDuration for which the ‘hasDurationValue’ property must have a value
Explicit Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:ExplicitRecurrenceIntervalRecurrence interval defined via an explicit duration
has As Of Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasAsOfDateRelates something to the date on which it is accurate or valid (e.g. a credit report has an asOfDate that means the date when the information was drawn)Associative Entity
has Calendar Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasCalendarPeriodIdentifies a period of time used in computing a calendar-specified date, such as a calendar week, calendar month, calendar quarter, or calendar yearAssociative Entity
has Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateIdentifies a calendar day, month and yearAssociative Entity
has Date Addedfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateAddedIndicates the date something was included in something elseAssociative Entity
has Date Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDatePeriodIdentifies a specific window of time, including a start date, end date and/or durationAssociative Entity
has Date Receivedfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateReceivedRelates something to the date it arrived or was delivered, e.g., a loan application requestAssociative Entity
has Date Timefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateTimeIdentifies a specific date and time of day, excluding the time zoneAssociative Entity
has Date Time Stampfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDateTimeStampIdentifies a specific date and time of day, including the time zoneAssociative Entity
has Durationfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasDurationSpecifies the time during which something continuesAssociative Entity
has End Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasEndDateIndicates the ending date of some Schedule or DatePeriodAssociative Entity
has Explicit Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasExplicitDateIndicates a stated date, as opposed to calculated or unknown date, associated with somethingAssociative Entity
has Final Stubfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasFinalStubIdentifies any special period at the end of a regular scheduleAssociative Entity
has Initial Stubfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasInitialStubIdentifies any special period at the start of a regular scheduleAssociative Entity
has Overall Periodfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasOverallPeriodIdentifies a date period that includes all the dates of a schedule, including any schedule stubsAssociative Entity
has Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasRecurrenceIntervalIndicates the frequency with which some event or publication occursAssociative Entity
has Recurrence Start Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasRecurrenceStartDateThe starting date of the first recurrence in a regular scheduleAssociative Entity
has Schedule (fnd)fibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasScheduleIndicates a schedule for somethingAssociative Entity
has Start Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasStartDateIndicates the initial date of somethingAssociative Entity
has Stubfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasStubLinks an abbreviated period at the start or end of some schedule to the overall scheduleAssociative Entity
has Time Directionfibo-fnd-dt-fd:hasTimeDirectionIndicates whether a calendar-specified date is figured from the beginning or end of a calendar periodAssociative Entity
is Relative Tofibo-fnd-dt-fd:isRelativeToIdentifies a specific date that a relative date or relative date period referencesAssociative Entity
Recurrence Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:RecurrenceIntervalTime interval that is consistent between elements of a regular schedule
Regular Schedulefibo-fnd-dt-fd:RegularScheduleSchedule whose time intervals recur regularly
Relative Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:RelativeDateCalculated date that is some duration before or after another date
Schedulefibo-fnd-dt-fd:ScheduleCollection of events, observations, or other occurrences and the associated dates and/or times when they will be done
Schedule Stubfibo-fnd-dt-fd:ScheduleStubDate period before the start of the recurring part of a schedule or after the end of the recurring part, which may be associated with a specific occurrence kind
Specified Datefibo-fnd-dt-fd:SpecifiedDateCalculated date that is defined by a rule that is captured as a string by the ‘hasDateSpecification’ property
Time Directionfibo-fnd-dt-fd:TimeDirectionEnumeration that indicates whether a calendar-specified date is figured from the start or the end of a calendar period
Time Instantfibo-fnd-dt-fd:TimeInstantTemporal entity that is a member of a time scale, with no extent or duration
Time Intervalfibo-fnd-dt-fd:TimeIntervalSegment of the time axis, a location in time, with an extent or duration
Time Of Dayfibo-fnd-dt-fd:TimeOfDayExplicit time, according to a clock
exemplifiesfibo-fnd-dt-oc:exemplifiesIs a realization or example ofAssociative Entity
has Event Datefibo-fnd-dt-oc:hasEventDateIdentifies a date associated with an event (occurrence)Associative Entity
has Inputfibo-fnd-dt-oc:hasInputRelates something (e.g. an occurrence) to something that is used as an input to some activity or processAssociative Entity
has Occurrencefibo-fnd-dt-oc:hasOccurrenceIdentifies events of a given occurrence kind, typically as they occur in a scheduleAssociative Entity
has Outputfibo-fnd-dt-oc:hasOutputRelates something (e.g. an occurrence) to something that is the result of some activity or processAssociative Entity
is Triggered Byfibo-fnd-dt-oc:isTriggeredByIs activated or initiated byAssociative Entity
Occurrencefibo-fnd-dt-oc:OccurrenceHappening of an OccurrenceKind, i.e., an event
Occurrence Based Datefibo-fnd-dt-oc:OccurrenceBasedDateCalculated date that is defined with respect to the occurrence of some occurrence kind
Occurrence Kindfibo-fnd-dt-oc:OccurrenceKindClassifier that specifies the general nature of an occurrance (event)
Business Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:BusinessObjectiveObjective that reflects the strategic goals and direction of a business within a time frame and available resources
Business Strategyfibo-fnd-gao-obj:BusinessStrategyStrategy for achieving a specific business goal, objective, solution or outcome
Distribution Strategyfibo-fnd-gao-obj:DistributionStrategyStrategy for making a product or service available, or for distributing funds, such as in the form of a dividend or coupon
Financial Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:FinancialObjectiveObjective that reflects the strategic financial goals and direction of a party within a time frame and available resources
Goalfibo-fnd-gao-obj:GoalDesired result that a party envisions, plans, and to which it commits, in order to achieve a desired state
has Goalfibo-fnd-gao-obj:hasGoalRelates something to a long-term, desired outcomeAssociative Entity
has Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:hasObjectiveRelates something to a specific objective (result) that it aims to achieve within a time frame and with available resourcesAssociative Entity
Investment Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:InvestmentObjectiveFinancial objective used by an investor to determine whether or not a given potential investment is appropriate for themselves or on behalf of another party
Objectivefibo-fnd-gao-obj:ObjectiveShort-term, quantitative, measurable result that a party seeks to attain in order to achieve its long-term goals
Programfibo-fnd-gao-obj:ProgramCoordinated set of activities designed to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually
Sales Strategyfibo-fnd-gao-obj:SalesStrategyStrategy for selling something, including allocating resources to the sales process, reducing costs, and optimizing revenues
Strategyfibo-fnd-gao-obj:StrategyPlan or method for achieving a specific goal, objective, solution or outcome
Constitutionfibo-fnd-law-cor:ConstitutionSet of basic principles by which an organization is governed, especially in relation to the rights of the people it governs
Court Of Lawfibo-fnd-law-cor:CourtOfLawPerson or body of persons having judicial authority to hear and resolve disputes on the basis of statutes or the common law
Court Of Law only confersfibo-fnd-law-cor:CourtOfLaw_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersA subtype of associative entity ‘confers’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Court Of LawAssociative Entity
has In Forcefibo-fnd-law-cor:hasInForceRelates a jurisdiction or situation to a rule, regulation or law (collectively “law”) that is currently in force in that situation or jurisdictionAssociative Entity
Lawfibo-fnd-law-cor:LawRule recognized by some community as regulating the behavior of its members and that it may enforce through the imposition of penalties
applies Infibo-fnd-law-jur:appliesInIndicates the jurisdiction in which a law appliesAssociative Entity
has Reachfibo-fnd-law-jur:hasReachIndicates the geopolitical area covered by the jurisdictionAssociative Entity
Jurisdictionfibo-fnd-law-jur:JurisdictionPower of a court to adjudicate cases, issue orders, and interpret and apply the law with respect to some specific geographic area
Statute Lawfibo-fnd-law-jur:StatuteLawLaw enacted by a legislature
Statute Law only mandatesfibo-fnd-law-jur:StatuteLaw_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:mandatesA subtype of associative entity ‘mandates’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Statute LawAssociative Entity
Claimfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ClaimA demand or assertion made by one party on another, based on facts that, taken together, give rise to a legally enforceable right or judicial action
Contingent Obligationfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContingentObligationAn obligation that depends on a future event or the performance of an action
Contingent Rightfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContingentRightA right that depends on a future event or the performance of an action
Contractual Capabilityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualCapabilityThe capacity to enter into legally binding contracts
Contractual Obligationfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualObligationAn obligation or duty that is specified in and imposed by a contract
Contractual Optionfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualOptionA contractual right that may be exercised at some point in the future, such as an option to extend a contract, or other available but not obligatory rights as defined in the contract
Contractual Rightfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualRightA contingent right conferred via a contract
Contractual Right only impliesfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ContractualRight_only_fibo-fnd-law-lcap:impliesA subtype of associative entity ‘implies’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Contractual RightAssociative Entity
Delegated Legal Authorityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:DelegatedLegalAuthorityInstitutionalized and legal power inherent in a particular job, function, or position that is meant to enable its holder to successfully carry out his or her responsibilities, where such power has been delegated through some formal means
Dutyfibo-fnd-law-lcap:DutySome obligation which exists and is imposed on some individual
has Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:hasCapacityIdentifies an individual or organization that has some capability to carry out certain actions, or has certain rights or obligationsAssociative Entity
implementsfibo-fnd-law-lcap:implementsCarries out or puts into effect, fulfillsAssociative Entity
impliesfibo-fnd-law-lcap:impliesStrongly suggests or involves as a logical consequence based on some set of observations, facts, or eventsAssociative Entity
Legal Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LegalCapacityThe capability to carry out certain actions or to have certain rights together with the resources to do so
Legal Constructfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LegalConstructSomething which is conferred by way of law or contract, such as a right
Legal Obligationfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LegalObligationAn obligation or duty that is enforceable by a court
Legal Rightfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LegalRightA contingent right or privilege that, if challenged, would be supported in court as a claim that is recognizable and enforceable in law, statutes, regulations, or other legislative actions
Liability Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LiabilityCapacityThe ability to be sued at law
Licensefibo-fnd-law-lcap:LicenseGrant of permission needed to do something
Licenseefibo-fnd-law-lcap:LicenseeA party to whom a license has been granted
License Identifierfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LicenseIdentifierAn identifier associated with a license
licensesfibo-fnd-law-lcap:licensesIssues a license required in order to perform some task, provide some service, exercise some privilege, or pursue some line of business or occupation to some partyAssociative Entity
Licensorfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LicensorA party who grants a license
Litigation Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:LitigationCapacityThe legal capacity to pursue a litigation action in law
Policyfibo-fnd-law-lcap:PolicySystem of principles, rules and guidelines, adopted by an organization to guide decision making with respect to particular situations and implemented via procedures or protocols to achieve stated goals
Regulationfibo-fnd-law-lcap:RegulationA rule used to carry out a law
Reporting Policyfibo-fnd-law-lcap:ReportingPolicyPolicy specifying principles, rules and/or guidelines regarding some aspect of reporting
Signatory Capacityfibo-fnd-law-lcap:SignatoryCapacityThe capacity of some natural person to sign agreements on the part of some organization or legal person
Controlfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:ControlSituation in which some party has the power to direct or strongly influence the direction of the management and policies related to something
Controlled Thingfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:ControlledThingSomething over which some party exercises some form of control with respect to some situation
Controlling Partyfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:ControllingPartyActor that exercises some form of control in the context of some situation
De Facto Controlfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:DeFactoControlControl that exists informally and is accepted, although not formally recognized
De Jure Controlfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:DeJureControlControl that exists as a matter of law, i.e., legitimate, legal control of something
has Controlling Partyfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:hasControllingPartyIndicates the party in control of somethingAssociative Entity
has Party In Controlfibo-fnd-oac-ctl:hasPartyInControlIndicates the actor in the context of a control situation, i.e., the party that has controlAssociative Entity
is Controlled Thing In Rolefibo-fnd-oac-ctl:isControlledThingInRoleIndicates the context of control in which something (undergoer) is being controlledAssociative Entity
Ownership And Controlfibo-fnd-oac-oac:OwnershipAndControlThe intersection of ownership and control reflects the unique case where an independent party both owns and controls another independent thing.Equivalent Entity
owns And Controlsfibo-fnd-oac-oac:ownsAndControlsDirects and exercises authoritative or dominating influence over some thing that is also ownedAssociative Entity
Assetfibo-fnd-oac-own:AssetSomething of monetary value that is owned or provides benefit to some party
has Owned Thingfibo-fnd-oac-own:hasOwnedThingIndicates the asset in an ownership situationAssociative Entity
has Owning Partyfibo-fnd-oac-own:hasOwningPartyIdentifies the actor that holds title to the asset in an ownership situationAssociative Entity
Intangible Assetfibo-fnd-oac-own:IntangibleAssetIdentifiable, non-monetary asset that lacks physical substance
is Owned Byfibo-fnd-oac-own:isOwnedByIdentifies the party that owns the assetAssociative Entity
Ownerfibo-fnd-oac-own:OwnerParty that is legally recognized as having the right to possess, the privilege to use, and ability to transfer any rights or privileges associated with something, as permitted by law
Ownershipfibo-fnd-oac-own:OwnershipSituation in which some party holds the legal title to something (explicitly or implicitly) and has the right to transfer that title and/or possession
ownsfibo-fnd-oac-own:ownsTo have (something) as one’s own, possessAssociative Entity
Tangible Assetfibo-fnd-oac-own:TangibleAssetAsset that is a physical, measurable resource, i.e., one that takes a physical form
Formal Organizationfibo-fnd-org-fm:FormalOrganizationOrganization that is recognized in some legal jurisdiction, with associated rights and responsibilities
Groupfibo-fnd-org-fm:GroupCollection of agents (people, organizations, software agents, etc.) that are considered as a unit
Group only has Memberfibo-fnd-org-fm:Group_only_lcc-lr:hasMemberA subtype of associative entity ‘has Member’ to restrict child entities for the parent, GroupAssociative Entity
Informal Organizationfibo-fnd-org-fm:InformalOrganizationOrganization that is not formally constituted in some way
is Domiciled Infibo-fnd-org-fm:isDomiciledInIndicates a primary location where an entity conducts business, such as where its headquarters is locatedAssociative Entity
Organization (fibo)fibo-fnd-org-org:OrganizationCollection of one or more people, or groups of people formed together into a community or other social, commercial or political structure to act, or that is designated to act, towards some purpose, such as to meet a need or pursue collective goals on a continuing basis
Organization (fibo) only has Partfibo-fnd-org-org:Organization_only_lcc-cr:hasPartA subtype of associative entity ‘has Part’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Organization (fibo)Associative Entity
Organization (fibo) only has Memberfibo-fnd-org-org:Organization_only_lcc-lr:hasMemberA subtype of associative entity ‘has Member’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Organization (fibo)Associative Entity
Buyerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:BuyerParty that purchases something in exchange for money or other consideration under a contract of sale
buysfibo-fnd-pas-pas:buysLinks a party in the role of purchaser to something that they have purchased or plan to purchaseAssociative Entity
buys Fromfibo-fnd-pas-pas:buysFromLinks a party in the role of purchaser to a party from which they have made or are planning to make a purchaseAssociative Entity
Clientfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ClientParty that purchases professional services from, or has a formal relationship to purchase services from another party
Client Identifierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ClientIdentifierSequence of characters uniquely identifying a client within the context of some organization
Commodityfibo-fnd-pas-pas:CommodityMaterial resource used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type
Consumerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ConsumerParty that utilizes economic goods or services, typically for personal, family, or household purposes
Contractual Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ContractualProductProduct that takes the form of an agreement
Contractual Template Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ContractualTemplateProductContractual product that is finalized through specification of values for parameters defined in a template
Customer (pas)fibo-fnd-pas-pas:CustomerParty that receives or consumes products (goods or services) and has the ability to choose between different products and suppliers
Customer Identifierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:CustomerIdentifierSequence of characters uniquely identifying a customer within the context of some organization
Custom Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:CustomProductProduct that is made to order, commissioned based on a customer’s specifications
Goodfibo-fnd-pas-pas:GoodPhysical, produced item over which ownership rights can be established, whose ownership can be passed from one party to another by engaging in transactions, and that is not money or real estate
has Buyerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:hasBuyerIndicates the purchasing party in the context of a sales transactionAssociative Entity
has Sellerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:hasSellerIndicates the vendor in the context of a sales transactionAssociative Entity
Negotiable Commodityfibo-fnd-pas-pas:NegotiableCommodityCommodity that can be bought or sold in some marketplace
Off The Shelf Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:OffTheShelfProductProduct that is readily available from merchandise in stock, or can be quickly and easily configured to order, not specially designed or custom-made
Precious Metalfibo-fnd-pas-pas:PreciousMetalMetal that is considered to be rare and/or have a high economic value
Precious Metal Identifierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:PreciousMetalIdentifierSequence of characters uniquely identifying the precious metal in some context
Producerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ProducerGrower, maker, fabricator, or manufacturer of some product or other good
Productfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ProductCommercially distributed good that is (1) tangible property, (2) the output or result of a fabrication, manufacturing, or production process, or (3) something that passes through a distribution channel before being consumed or used.
Product Identifierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ProductIdentifierSequence of characters uniquely identifying a product in some context
provisionsfibo-fnd-pas-pas:provisionsCustomizes, provides, or outfits something required for use in delivering a serviceAssociative Entity
Salefibo-fnd-pas-pas:SaleExchange of goods or services for money
Sellerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:SellerParty that makes, offers or contracts to make a sale to an actual or potential buyer
sellsfibo-fnd-pas-pas:sellsLinks a party in the role of broker, dealer, vendor, or merchandiser to something that they make available for saleAssociative Entity
Servicefibo-fnd-pas-pas:ServiceIntangible activity performed by some party for the benefit of another party
Service Agreementfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ServiceAgreementWritten contract between a client and service provider whereby the service provider supplies some service in the form of time, effort, and/or expertise in exchange for compensation
Service Providerfibo-fnd-pas-pas:ServiceProviderParty that provides and typically provisions professional services, such as consulting, financial, legal, real estate, education, communications, storage, or processing services, to other parties, typically defined in a service agreement
Supplierfibo-fnd-pas-pas:SupplierParty that provides goods or services that some party wants or needs, especially over a long period of time
suppliesfibo-fnd-pas-pas:suppliesLinks a party in the role of outfitter, provisioner, distributor, etc. to something that they provideAssociative Entity
Transaction Confirmationfibo-fnd-pas-pas:TransactionConfirmationWritten communication from a seller or service provider reciting the relevant details of a transaction
Transaction Event (pas)fibo-fnd-pas-pas:TransactionEventAny sale, assignment, lease, license, loan, advance, contribution, or other transfer of any interest in or right to use any property (tangible or intangible) or money, however that transaction is effected, and regardless of whether the terms of the transaction are formally documented
fulfills Obligationfibo-fnd-pas-psch:fulfillsObligationSatisfies a requirement for payment of some claim, debt, or other obligationAssociative Entity
has Payment Amountfibo-fnd-pas-psch:hasPaymentAmountSpecifies the amount of money involved in a paymentAssociative Entity
has Payment Schedulefibo-fnd-pas-psch:hasPaymentScheduleSpecifies the schedule for payment of an obligationAssociative Entity
Payeefibo-fnd-pas-psch:PayeeA party to whom a debt should be paid, or to whose order a bill of exchange, note, or check is made payable, or who receives or will receive a payment from a payer in partial or complete fulfillment of an obligation
Payerfibo-fnd-pas-psch:PayerA party who pays a bill or fees, or who makes payments to a payee in partial or complete fulfillment of an obligation
Payer only has Obligationfibo-fnd-pas-psch:Payer_only_fibo-fnd-agr-agr:hasObligationA subtype of associative entity ‘has Obligation’ to restrict child entities for the parent, PayerAssociative Entity
Paymentfibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentDelivery of money in fulfillment of an obligation, such as to satisfy a claim or debt
Payment Eventfibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentEventAn event that involves delivery of money in fulfillment of an obligation
Payment Obligation (fnd)fibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentObligationA legally enforceable duty to pay a sum of money, or agree to do something (or not to do something), according to the terms stated in a contract
Payment Schedulefibo-fnd-pas-psch:PaymentScheduleSchedule for delivery of money in fulfillment of an obligation, such as a coupon payment schedule, loan payment schedule, interest payment schedule
Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:AddressIndex to a location to which communications may be delivered
Address Componentfibo-fnd-plc-adr:AddressComponentAspect of an address
Addressing Schemefibo-fnd-plc-adr:AddressingSchemeSystem for allocating addresses to objects
Addressing Scheme only definesfibo-fnd-plc-adr:AddressingScheme_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:definesA subtype of associative entity ‘defines’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Addressing SchemeAssociative Entity
Conventional Street Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:ConventionalStreetAddressPhysical address that identifies a location on a street to which communications may be delivered
Geographic Directional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:GeographicDirectionalSymbolCode element that gives directional information for postal deliveryEquivalent Entity
has Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasAddressIndicates a means by which something (in the case of a network address) or some entity may be located or contacted or may receive correspondenceAssociative Entity
has Individual Postcodefibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasIndividualPostcodeIndicates the local or international postcode element of a delivery address as specified by the local postal serviceAssociative Entity
has Postdirectional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasPostdirectionalSymbolSpecifies a geographic directional symbol that follows the street name and street suffix in a street addressAssociative Entity
has Predirectional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasPredirectionalSymbolSpecifies a geographic directional symbol that occurs after the primary street number but before the street name in a street addressAssociative Entity
has Primary Address Numberfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasPrimaryAddressNumberSpecifies a a location with respect to a given streetAssociative Entity
has Secondary Unitfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasSecondaryUnitSpecifies an individual unit within a larger structure, such as an apartment, office, hangar, slip, mailbox, and so forth, at a given street addressAssociative Entity
has Street Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasStreetAddressIndicates a fully-specified address component that consists of a primary address number, predirectional, street name, suffix, postdirectional, and an optional secondary unitAssociative Entity
has Street Namefibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasStreetNameSpecifies an identifier for a street in some context (e.g., ‘Baker’, ‘First’, ‘Main’)Associative Entity
has Street Suffixfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasStreetSuffixSpecifies an additional qualifier for a street or other delivery location, such as a dwelling located along a waterwayAssociative Entity
has Structure Or Complex Namefibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasStructureOrComplexNameSpecifies an identifier for a building, house, office complex, shopping center, or other structureAssociative Entity
has Transliterated Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:hasTransliteratedAddressIdentifies a transliterated (i.e., in Latin or Romanized ASCII) address for the registered entityAssociative Entity
Physical Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PhysicalAddressPhysical address where communications can be addressed, papers served or representatives located for any kind of organization or person
Physical Address Identifierfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PhysicalAddressIdentifierUnique identifier for a physical address
Physical Addressing Schemefibo-fnd-plc-adr:PhysicalAddressingSchemeScheme for specifying physical addresses according to a country specific standard
Postcodefibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostcodeSequence of characters used to assist in the sorting of mail
Post Code Areafibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostCodeAreaPhysical area uniquely identified by some postal code
Postdirectional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostdirectionalSymbolGeographic directional symbol that follows the street name and street suffix in a street address
Post Office Boxfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostOfficeBoxPost office box associated with an address
Post Office Box Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostOfficeBoxAddressPhysical address used to deliver communications to a designated container at a local post office or the local equivalent for the jurisdiction, where mail is held until the recipient collects it, rather than to a given house, building, or other location
Post Office Box Designatorfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PostOfficeBoxDesignatorDesignator used, together with an identifier, for a post office box
Predirectional Symbolfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PredirectionalSymbolGeographic directional symbol that occurs after the primary street number but before the street name in a street address
Primary Address Numberfibo-fnd-plc-adr:PrimaryAddressNumberAddress component that identifies a location with respect to a given street
Region Specific Identifierfibo-fnd-plc-adr:RegionSpecificIdentifierGeographic region or subdivision identifier used internally by a country or other region
Secondary Unitfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SecondaryUnitAddress component that identifies an individual unit within a larger structure, such as an apartment, office, hangar, slip, mailbox, and so forth, at a given street address
Secondary Unit Designatorfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SecondaryUnitDesignatorClassifier for a smaller structure or component within a larger facility, such as an apartment, office, mail stop, or other similar designation
Secondary Unit Indicatorfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SecondaryUnitIndicatorIndex to the specific unit within a secondary unit, such as a building or apartment, at a particular street address
Street Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:StreetAddressIndex to a location that consists of a primary address number, predirectional, street name, suffix, postdirectional, and an optional secondary unit
Street Namefibo-fnd-plc-adr:StreetNameIdentifier for a street in some context (e.g., city, municipality, geographic region)
Street Suffixfibo-fnd-plc-adr:StreetSuffixClassifier for a street or other delivery location, such as a dwelling located along a waterway
Structure Or Complex Namefibo-fnd-plc-adr:StructureOrComplexNameIdentifier for a building, house, office complex, shopping center, or other structure
Supplemental Address Componentfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SupplementalAddressComponentAddress component that provides additional information that is important to ensuring proper delivery of communications
Supplemental Address Designatorfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SupplementalAddressDesignatorClassifier for supplemental address information, such as a highway contract route, rural route, building complex, shopping center, condominium complex, mail box, or other similar designation
Supplemental Address Indicator Or Unitfibo-fnd-plc-adr:SupplementalAddressIndicatorOrUnitAddress component that includes a specific route, box, apartment, condominium or other indicator or unit associated with a specific address
Virtual Addressfibo-fnd-plc-adr:VirtualAddressAddress identifying a virtual, i.e. non-physical, location
Capabilityfibo-fnd-plc-fac:CapabilityAbility to perform a particular type of work that may involve people with particular skills and knowledge, intellectual property, defined practices, operating facilities, tools and equipment
Facilityfibo-fnd-plc-fac:FacilitySomething established to serve a particular purpose, make some course of action or operation easier, or provide some capability or service
Sitefibo-fnd-plc-fac:SitePlace, setting, or context in which something, such as a facility, is situated
situatesfibo-fnd-plc-fac:situatesIndicates the place, setting, or context in which something is placedAssociative Entity
Venuefibo-fnd-plc-fac:VenueSite where something happens, described in the context of the event or activity that occurs there
Business Centerfibo-fnd-plc-loc:BusinessCenterMunicipality where business is conducted, especially one that is considered a financial center
Countyfibo-fnd-plc-loc:CountyPolitical and administrative division of a country, state or province, providing certain local governmental services
Federal Capital Areafibo-fnd-plc-loc:FederalCapitalAreaGeopolitical entity that is or includes the municipality or capital city that acts as the seat of the federal government
Federal Statefibo-fnd-plc-loc:FederalStateSelf-governing geopolitical unit which forms part of a wider geopolitical unit that is recognized as a country
has Business Centerfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasBusinessCenterIdentifies a location where business is conducted, and hence the business calendar used to adjust datesAssociative Entity
has Countryfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasCountryIdentifies a countryAssociative Entity
has Countyfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasCountyIndicates a country subdivision providing certain local governmental servicesAssociative Entity
has Coverage Areafibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasCoverageAreaIndicates a geographic region in which some service is provided, or to which some policy applies, or in which something is availableAssociative Entity
has Municipalityfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasMunicipalityIndicates a business center, city, or municipalityAssociative Entity
has Regionfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasRegionIndicates a demarcated area on the surface of the EarthAssociative Entity
has Subdivisionfibo-fnd-plc-loc:hasSubdivisionIdentifies a country subdivision (state, province, region, etc.)Associative Entity
is Located Atfibo-fnd-plc-loc:isLocatedAtRelates something to a location, which might be physical or virtualAssociative Entity
Municipalityfibo-fnd-plc-loc:MunicipalityUrban administrative division having corporate status and usually powers of self-government or jurisdiction
Parcelfibo-fnd-plc-loc:ParcelTract or plot of land
Physical Locationfibo-fnd-plc-loc:PhysicalLocationLocation in physical space
Populated Placefibo-fnd-plc-loc:PopulatedPlaceCommunity in which people live or have lived, without being specific as to size, population or importance
Real Estatefibo-fnd-plc-loc:RealEstateTract or plot of land including any fixed structures on it, as well as the natural resources of the land including uncultivated flora and fauna, farmed crops and livestock, water, and any additional mineral deposits
Complete Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:CompleteAddressDelivery address that has all the address elements necessary to allow an exact match with the current Postal Service ZIP+4 and City State files to obtain the finest level of ZIP+4 and delivery point codes for the delivery address
Delivery Address Code Setfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DeliveryAddressCodeSetSystem of numeric codes that substitute for specified delivery point details according to the U.S. Postal Service Publication 28
Delivery Point Codefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DeliveryPointCodeSpecific set of digits between 00 and 99 assigned to a delivery point
Delivery Point Code Setfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DeliveryPointCodeSetSystem of numeric codes that substitute for specified delivery point details according to the U.S. Postal Service Publication 28
Department Of State Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DepartmentOfStateAddressDelivery address whose delivery address line uses ‘UNIT’ followed by the unit identifier, followed by ‘BOX’ followed by box number, in place of a street address, ‘DPO’ as the literal value for the city, and the appropriate armed forces subdivision code in place of a subdivision (state) code
Department Of State Unit Componentfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:DepartmentOfStateUnitComponentComponent of a Department of State address that includes ‘UNIT’ followed by the unit identifier
General Delivery Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:GeneralDeliveryAddressDelivery address that uses the words ‘GENERAL DELIVERY’, uppercase preferred, spelled out (no abbreviation), in place of a street address
has Urbanizationfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:hasUrbanizationIndicates  area, sector, or development within a geographic area relevant to a delivery addressAssociative Entity
Highway Contract Routefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:HighwayContractRouteHighway contract route associated with an address
Highway Contract Route Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:HighwayContractRouteAddressDelivery address whose delivery address line uses the abbreviation ‘HC’, followed by the route identifier, followed by ‘BOX’ followed by box number, in place of a street address
International Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:InternationalAddressPhysical address that explicitly includes a countryEquivalent Entity
Mailboxfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:MailboxMailbox, other than a U.S. Post Office box, associated with an address
Overseas Military Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:OverseasMilitaryAddressDelivery address whose delivery address line uses an abbreviation for the unit or command such as ‘CMR’, ‘PSC’, or ‘UNIT’, or  ‘HC’, followed by the unit identifier, followed by ‘BOX’ followed by box number, in place of a street address, either ‘APO’ or ‘FPO’ as the literal value for the city and the appropriate armed forces subdivision code in place of a subdivision (state) code
Private Mail Box Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:PrivateMailBoxAddressDelivery address provided by a commercial mail receiving company that includes a supplementary address line containing the abbreviation ‘PMB’ or the pound “#” symbol followed by the mailbox number; alternatively, ‘PMB’ or ‘#” and the mailbox number can be appended to the street address
Puerto Rico Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:PuertoRicoAddressDelivery address for a delivery point in Puerto Rico that may include a supplementary address line containing the abbreviation ‘URB’ followed by the name of the urbanization area that is appropriate for that address
Rural Routefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:RuralRouteMail route outside the city or township limits in a rural area associated with an address
Rural Route Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:RuralRouteAddressDelivery address whose delivery address line uses the abbreviation ‘RR’, followed by the route identifier, followed by ‘BOX’ followed by box number, in place of a street address
Standardized Addressfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:StandardizedAddressDelivery address that is fully spelled out, abbreviated by using the Postal Service standard abbreviations or as given in the current Postal Service ZIP+4 file
Urbanizationfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:UrbanizationAn area, sector, or development within a larger geographic area
US Postal Service Address Identifierfibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:USPostalServiceAddressIdentifierCombined with the ZIP + 4 code, the delivery point code provides a unique identifier for every deliverable address served by the USPS
ZIP Codefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:ZIPCodeFive-digit code code assigned to a delivery address indicating the state and post office or postal zone
Zip Code Schemefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:ZipCodeSchemeSystem used in the U.S. to facilitate the delivery of mail, consisting of a five- or nine-digit code Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) printed directly after the address, the first five digits (initial code) indicating the state and post office or postal zone, the last four (expanded code) the box section or number, portion of a rural route, building, or other specific delivery location
ZIP Plus4Codefibo-fnd-plc-uspsa:ZIPPlus4CodeNine-digit number consisting of five digits, a hyphen, and four digits, which the USPS describes by its trademark ZIP+4
Electronic Mail Addressfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:ElectronicMailAddressVirtual address that defines an electronic messaging endpoint to which email messages can be delivered, typically via an Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) based communications system
has Electronic Mail Addressfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:hasElectronicMailAddressSpecifies an electronic messaging endpoint at which some entity may be located or contacted or may receive correspondenceAssociative Entity
has Telephone Numberfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:hasTelephoneNumberIndicates a virtual address composed of a sequence of digits and symbols that may be assigned to a fixed-line telephone subscriber station, a wireless electronic telephony device, such as a radio telephone or a mobile telephone, or other similar device or serviceAssociative Entity
Network Locationfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:NetworkLocationA virtual location that may be identified by a network address (an identifier for a node or interface)
Notional Placefibo-fnd-plc-vrt:NotionalPlaceAn abstract place; one of many commonly understood concepts such as domestic, Eurozone etc.
Telephone Numberfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:TelephoneNumberVirtual address that may be assigned to a fixed-line telephone subscriber station connected to a telephone line or to a wireless electronic telephony device, such as a radio telephone or a mobile telephone, or to other devices or services for data transmission via the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or other public and private networks
Virtual Locationfibo-fnd-plc-vrt:VirtualLocationPlace that is not located in any single physical location; a network location without geographic boundaries
Actorfibo-fnd-pty-pty:ActorParty that is the primary performer in a relationship between parties, i.e., the party that does something, causes something to happen, or otherwise plays an agentive role in the relationship
acts Infibo-fnd-pty-pty:actsInIndicates a situation in which the actor plays a primary roleAssociative Entity
acts Onfibo-fnd-pty-pty:actsOnRelates an actor in a given situation to the undergoer that they affect under the circumstancesAssociative Entity
experiencesfibo-fnd-pty-pty:experiencesRelates something to a situation that affects them in some wayAssociative Entity
experiences Withfibo-fnd-pty-pty:experiencesWithRelates something to an actor that drives a situation involving itAssociative Entity
has Commencement Datefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasCommencementDateThe date a party relationship comes into forceAssociative Entity
has Partyfibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasPartyIdentifies an independent party associated with an agreement, contract, policy, regulation, or other business arrangementAssociative Entity
has Party In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasPartyInRoleIdentifies a party acting in a specific role as related to the particular agreement, contract, policy, regulation, or other business relationshipAssociative Entity
has Related Party In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasRelatedPartyInRoleRelates a party acting in a specific role directly to another party acting in the same or another roleAssociative Entity
has Thing In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:hasThingInRoleIdentifies something acting in a recipient or target role as related to the particular agreement, contract, policy, regulation, situation, or other business relationshipAssociative Entity
Independent Partyfibo-fnd-pty-pty:IndependentPartyAny person or organization
is Affected Byfibo-fnd-pty-pty:isAffectedByRelates an undergoer in a given situation to the actor that has an impact on them under the circumstancesAssociative Entity
Organization Memberfibo-fnd-pty-pty:OrganizationMemberIdentifies an organization or someone that plays a membership role in some organization
Party In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-pty:PartyInRoleRelative concept that ties a person or organization to a specific role they stand in
Party In Role Identification Schemefibo-fnd-pty-pty:PartyInRoleIdentificationSchemeSystem for allocating identifiers to parties
Party In Role Identifierfibo-fnd-pty-pty:PartyInRoleIdentifierSequence of characters, capable of uniquely identifying a party based on a specific role that they play in some context
plays Active Role Infibo-fnd-pty-pty:playsActiveRoleInRelates a person or organization to a situation that they are directly involved inAssociative Entity
plays Active Role That Affectsfibo-fnd-pty-pty:playsActiveRoleThatAffectsRelates a person or organization to an undergoer they have an impact on under the circumstancesAssociative Entity
Situationfibo-fnd-pty-pty:SituationSetting, state of being, or relationship that that is relatively stable for some period of time
Tax Identification Schemefibo-fnd-pty-pty:TaxIdentificationSchemeIdentification scheme used to identify taxpayers in some jurisdiction
Tax Identifierfibo-fnd-pty-pty:TaxIdentifierIdentifier assigned to a taxpayer that enables compulsory financial charges and other levies to be imposed on the taxpayer by a governmental organization in order to fund government spending and various public expenditures
Undergoerfibo-fnd-pty-pty:UndergoerSomething that is the recipient in a relationship, i.e., the thing (or party) that something impacts, affects, or otherwise plays passive recipient / patient or theme role in the relationship
undergoesfibo-fnd-pty-pty:undergoesIndicates a situation that the undergoer experiencesAssociative Entity
Agent In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:AgentInRoleAn agent-in-role is a relative concept that ties an autonomous agent to a role they are playing in a given situational context.
has Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:hasRoleProvides a means for relating a person, organization, group, or other entity to a role that entity plays in some relationship and contextAssociative Entity
plays Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:playsRoleIndicates a role that an independent thing, such as a person or organization, plays under some circumstanceAssociative Entity
Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:RoleA role is a set of connected behaviours, rights, obligations, beliefs, and norms as conceptualised by actors in the context of some situation.
Thing In Rolefibo-fnd-pty-rl:ThingInRoleA thing-in-role is a relative concept that ties some thing to a role it plays in a given situational context
Base Quantityfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:BaseQuantityQuantity kind in a conventionally chosen subset of a given system of quantities, where no subset quantity can be expressed in terms of the others
Base Unitfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:BaseUnitMeasurement unit that is defined by a system of units to be the reference measurement unit for a base quantity
Derived Quantityfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:DerivedQuantityQuantity kind that may be defined as a product of powers of one or more other kinds of quantity
Derived Unitfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:DerivedUnitMeasurement unit that is defined with respect to one or more base units, such as as a product of powers of one or more other measurement units
Dimensionalityfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:DimensionalityClassifier that represents a set of equivalent units of measure
has Dimensionfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasDimensionIndicates the dimension associated with a given quantity kind in some system of quantities (which may also be derived and depends on the choice of base quantity)Associative Entity
has Factor (fnd)fibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasFactorIndicates a number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expressionAssociative Entity
has Measurement Unitfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasMeasurementUnitIndicates the unit in which something is expressedAssociative Entity
has Quantity Kindfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasQuantityKindIndicates the quantity kind involved in the definition of a quantity or factorAssociative Entity
has Quantity Valuefibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasQuantityValueRelates something (an expression, formula, etc.) to its magnitude expressed as a number together with its unit of measure (if applicable)Associative Entity
is Derived Fromfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:isDerivedFromIndicates something that the subject is derived from: a derived quantity is derived from a base quantity; a derived unit is derived from a base unitAssociative Entity
Measurement Unitfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:MeasurementUnitQuantity, defined and adopted by convention, with which any other quantity of the same kind can be compared to express the ratio of the two quantities as a number
Quantityfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:QuantityProperty of a phenomenon, body, or substance, to which a number can be assigned with respect to a reference
Quantity Kindfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:QuantityKindClassifier for ‘quantity’ that characterizes quantities as being mutually comparable
Quantity Kind Factorfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:QuantityKindFactorFactor in a product of powers that defines a derived quantity
Quantity Valuefibo-fnd-qt-qtu:QuantityValueNumber and measurement unit together giving magnitude of a quantity
specializesfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:specializesIndicates something whose nature is more general (broader than) the subjectAssociative Entity
System Of Quantitiesfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:SystemOfQuantitiesSet of quantities together with a set of non-contradictory equations relating those quantities
System Of Unitsfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:SystemOfUnitsSet of measurement units associated with a system of quantities, together with a set of rules that assign one measurement unit to be the base unit for each base quantity in the system of quantities and a set of rules for the derivation of other units from the base units
Unit Factorfibo-fnd-qt-qtu:UnitFactorFactor in a product of powers that defines a derived unit
applies To (fnd)fibo-fnd-rel-rel:appliesToIs pertinent, suitable, or relevant toAssociative Entity
causesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:causesRelationship between an event or set of events or factors (the cause) and a second event, phenomenon, situation, or result (the effect), where the second event or outcome is understood as a consequence of the firstAssociative Entity
characterizesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:characterizesSpecifies a discriminating feature or quality ofAssociative Entity
comprisesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:comprisesIncludes, especially within a particular scope, is made up ofAssociative Entity
confersfibo-fnd-rel-rel:confersGrants or bestows by virtue of some authorityAssociative Entity
controlsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:controlsExercises authoritative or dominating influence over; directsAssociative Entity
definesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:definesDetermines or identifies the essential qualities or meaning of, discovers and sets forth the meaning of, fixes or marks the limits of, demarcatesAssociative Entity
describesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:describesConveys the nature ofAssociative Entity
designatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:designatesAppoints someone officiallyAssociative Entity
embodies (rel)fibo-fnd-rel-rel:embodiesIs an expression of, or gives a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling), makes concrete and perceptibleAssociative Entity
evaluatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:evaluatesAssesses the nature, quality, or ability of someone or somethingAssociative Entity
exchangesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:exchangesGives something in return something elseAssociative Entity
generatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:generatesProduces through the application of one or more mathematical or logical steps or rulesAssociative Entity
governs (rel)fibo-fnd-rel-rel:governsPrevails or has decisive influence over; exercises authorityAssociative Entity
has Contextfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasContextProvides a context in which something is defined, expressed, or representedAssociative Entity
has Designationfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasDesignationRelates an individual or organization to a position, role, or other designationAssociative Entity
has Identityfibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityProvides a means for identifying something that fills a particular roleAssociative Entity
holds (rel)fibo-fnd-rel-rel:holdsIs the relationship between a party and something it possesses, or over which it exercises some ownership or control or has at its discretion the ability to dispose of it as it sees fitAssociative Entity
involvesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:involves(of a situation or event) includes (something) as a necessary part or resultAssociative Entity
is Conferred Onfibo-fnd-rel-rel:isConferredOnThat on which the conferred thing is conferredAssociative Entity
issues (rel)fibo-fnd-rel-rel:issuesOfficially makes something availableAssociative Entity
manages (fnd)fibo-fnd-rel-rel:managesRelates an autonomous agent to something that it directs in some wayAssociative Entity
mandatesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:mandatesRelates something to a commitment, contract, law, obligation, requirement, regulation, or similar concept that requires itAssociative Entity
produces (fnd)fibo-fnd-rel-rel:producesIdentifies something that is fabricated, manufactured or created via some production processAssociative Entity
providesfibo-fnd-rel-rel:providesMakes something availableAssociative Entity
Referencefibo-fnd-rel-rel:ReferenceConcept that stands in for how something may be interpreted or understood in some context
Referentfibo-fnd-rel-rel:ReferentSomething that another concept stands for, exemplifies, symbolizes, or otherwise mentions
refers To (fnd)fibo-fnd-rel-rel:refersToClassifies, provides context for, or indicatesAssociative Entity
representsfibo-fnd-rel-rel:representsIllustrates, symbolizes, exemplifies, stands for, or meansAssociative Entity
Accounts Ledger Entryfibo-fnd-txn-acc:AccountsLedgerEntry
amountfibo-fnd-txn-acc:amountAssociative Entity
is Part Of (fibo)fibo-fnd-txn-acc:isPartOfAssociative Entity
reflected In Somefibo-fnd-txn-acc:reflectedInSomeAssociative Entity
triggersfibo-fnd-txn-acc:triggersAssociative Entity
Accounting Reporting Partyfibo-fnd-txn-cle:AccountingReportingPartyThe party, from the perspective of which economic facts are defined.
Aspect Viewing Partyfibo-fnd-txn-cle:AspectViewingPartyThe party from the perspective of which the aspect is defined.
as Reported Byfibo-fnd-txn-cle:asReportedByAssociative Entity
as Seen Byfibo-fnd-txn-cle:asSeenByAssociative Entity
Cashflow Commitmentfibo-fnd-txn-cle:CashflowCommitmentA legal or contractual commitment to some cash flows in the future.
Contractual Transaction Obligationfibo-fnd-txn-cle:ContractualTransactionObligationAn obligation which is one perspective on a commitment which is both a contractual commitment and a transaction-related economic commitment.
Debt Claimfibo-fnd-txn-cle:DebtClaim
defined On The Part Offibo-fnd-txn-cle:definedOnThePartOfAssociative Entity
Equity Claimfibo-fnd-txn-cle:EquityClaimNeeds to be unpicked Equity represents ownership in some venture. You own a piece of the assets of the venture, which gives you a claim on those assets. there is parallel to the discharging of obligations and rights in a transaction, in there here, the obligation/right continues to exist until or unless the venture is wound up.
has Endfibo-fnd-txn-cle:hasEndAssociative Entity
has Startfibo-fnd-txn-cle:hasStartAssociative Entity
REA Transaction Obligationfibo-fnd-txn-cle:REATransactionObligation
REA Transaction Rightfibo-fnd-txn-cle:REATransactionRight
Economic Contextfibo-fnd-txn-ecr:EconomicContext
Economic Resourcefibo-fnd-txn-ecr:EconomicResourceAnything that can bought sold or exchanged.
takes Material Formfibo-fnd-txn-ecr:takesMaterialFormThe material form of the Economic Resource; that is the thing which is recognized as being an Economic Resource as defined here, Editorial Note: This would usually be some Independent Thing. However it is conceivable that the existence of some relative thing, for example an asset, may itself be regarded and defined as a resource, over and above the role or context already defined for it. Therefore this identity relationship has a range of Thing, but is modeled as a sub property of “identity” to make this conclusion explicit. Editorial Note: This is a relationship with the sense that some relative thing takes the form of something, but is distinct from the similar concept as applied to Asset, in which the thing which takes the form of some asset is owned by someone. Here it is a resource, irrespective of whether or by whom it is owned. Labeled as “takes material form” to disambiguate these two relationships.Associative Entity
bestowsfibo-fnd-txn-ev:bestowsAssociative Entity
Contractual Undertakingfibo-fnd-txn-ev:ContractualUndertakingA commitment, defined in a Contract, in which one Party to that Contract undertakes to do something or to deliver something or make some payment, to the other Party.
Discharging Eventfibo-fnd-txn-ev:DischargingEventThe event in which the
gives Rise To (fnd)fibo-fnd-txn-ev:givesRiseToAssociative Entity
is Made As Part Offibo-fnd-txn-ev:isMadeAsPartOfAssociative Entity
is Party Tofibo-fnd-txn-ev:isPartyToAssociative Entity
is Undertaking Tofibo-fnd-txn-ev:isUndertakingToAssociative Entity
made Byfibo-fnd-txn-ev:madeByAssociative Entity
terminatesfibo-fnd-txn-ev:terminatesAssociative Entity
Transaction Undertakingfibo-fnd-txn-ev:TransactionUndertakingA contractually defined and established commitment to deliver some goods, perform some service or make some payment in cash or in kind.
undertaken Byfibo-fnd-txn-ev:undertakenByAssociative Entity
Undertakingfibo-fnd-txn-ev:UndertakingSome undertaking to act.
Undertaking Eventfibo-fnd-txn-ev:UndertakingEventSomething which occurs at a point in time, at which a party makes some commitment to some other party.
Undertaking Partyfibo-fnd-txn-ev:UndertakingParty
considerationfibo-fnd-txn-mkt:considerationAssociative Entity
customer Transacts With Vendorfibo-fnd-txn-mkt:customerTransactsWithVendorAssociative Entity
has Counterparty (txn)fibo-fnd-txn-mkt:hasCounterpartyAssociative Entity
has Principal (fnd)fibo-fnd-txn-mkt:hasPrincipalAssociative Entity
Market Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-mkt:MarketTransactionAny transaction which defines a supply of some negotiable item in return for some Consideration. The Market Transaction has a Principal and a Counterparty, i.e. it is not symmetrical.
Market Transaction Invoicing Termsfibo-fnd-txn-mkt:MarketTransactionInvoicingTerms
Market Transaction Payment Termsfibo-fnd-txn-mkt:MarketTransactionPaymentTerms
payment Termsfibo-fnd-txn-mkt:paymentTermsAssociative Entity
Transaction Counterpartyfibo-fnd-txn-mkt:TransactionCounterparty
Transaction Principalfibo-fnd-txn-mkt:TransactionPrincipal
Quantified Raw Materialfibo-fnd-txn-qr:QuantifiedRawMaterialSome measured or quantified amount of some raw material. Scope Note: This is a kind of economic resource i.e. it may be bought or sold or exchanged, or put to work in some process.
quantified Raw Material Takes Material Formfibo-fnd-txn-qr:quantifiedRawMaterialTakesMaterialFormThe actual numerical amount of some material, that is represented as quantified raw material.Associative Entity
Quantified Resourcefibo-fnd-txn-qr:QuantifiedResourceAn amount of something which is defined in terms of its use for some purpose.
Contractual Economic Agreementfibo-fnd-txn-rea:ContractualEconomicAgreementAn economic agreement forming part of a transaction, which has contractual standing as evidenced by a contract between the two parties to the Agreement.
contractual Economic Agreement Has Partyfibo-fnd-txn-rea:contractualEconomicAgreementHasPartyAssociative Entity
Contractual Economic Commitmentfibo-fnd-txn-rea:ContractualEconomicCommitmentSome Commitment, made as part of a transaction (economic) agreement, which has contractual standing.
contractual Economic Commitment Described Infibo-fnd-txn-rea:contractualEconomicCommitmentDescribedInAssociative Entity
Contractual Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-rea:ContractualTransactionAn economic transaction which has some contractual basis.
Contractual Transaction Partyfibo-fnd-txn-rea:ContractualTransactionPartyThat which is party to a transaction which has contractual standing.
contractual Transaction Party Identityfibo-fnd-txn-rea:contractualTransactionPartyIdentityTransaction Party is identified as some form of Legal Entity in all cases.Associative Entity
defined In Context Offibo-fnd-txn-rea:definedInContextOfAssociative Entity
Economic Agreementfibo-fnd-txn-rea:EconomicAgreement
economic Agreement Governs Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-rea:economicAgreementGovernsTransactionThe transaction which is set out by this agreement.Associative Entity
Economic Commitmentfibo-fnd-txn-rea:EconomicCommitmentSome Commitment which forms part of the subject of some Transaction, being an undertaking by one or other of the parties to the transaction, extended to the other party to that same transaction.
Economic Contractfibo-fnd-txn-rea:EconomicContractA contract relating to and governing an economic transaction between two parties.
Economic Contract Terms Setfibo-fnd-txn-rea:EconomicContractTermsSetTerms underlying the contract for a transaction.
Economic Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-rea:EconomicTransactionSome exchange of some items of economic value between two parties (economic agents).
establishes Contractual Economic Commitmentfibo-fnd-txn-rea:establishesContractualEconomicCommitmentAn economic contract sets up some commitment on the part of one or other party to the contract.Associative Entity
has Correspondingfibo-fnd-txn-rea:hasCorrespondingAssociative Entity
has Corresponding Alternative Aspectfibo-fnd-txn-rea:hasCorrespondingAlternativeAspectAssociative Entity
has Perspectivefibo-fnd-txn-rea:hasPerspectiveAssociative Entity
has Transaction Componentfibo-fnd-txn-rea:hasTransactionComponentAssociative Entity
has Transaction Partyfibo-fnd-txn-rea:hasTransactionPartyAssociative Entity
is Imbalance Infibo-fnd-txn-rea:isImbalanceInThe imbalance in Obligations or Rights (depending on the viewpoint from which it is described) between one party and another.Associative Entity
REA Claimfibo-fnd-txn-rea:REAClaimSome imbalance, at a given point in time, between the respective rights and obligations of two parties with respect to one another.
subjectfibo-fnd-txn-rea:subjectAssociative Entity
transacted Underfibo-fnd-txn-rea:transactedUnderAssociative Entity
Transaction Business Eventfibo-fnd-txn-rea:TransactionBusinessEventOccurrence in time that partners to a business transaction wish to monitor or control.
Transaction Event (txn)fibo-fnd-txn-rea:TransactionEventThe event component of a transaction
Transaction Event Aspectfibo-fnd-txn-rea:TransactionEventAspectA transaction side as seen from the perspective of one of the parties to the transaction.
transaction Event Follows Business Processfibo-fnd-txn-rea:transactionEventFollowsBusinessProcessAssociative Entity
Transaction Partyfibo-fnd-txn-rea:TransactionPartySome entity which takes part in some transaction by receiving and/or parting with some item of economic value or some payment or both.
transacts Withfibo-fnd-txn-rea:transactsWithAssociative Entity
embodies (txn)fibo-fnd-txn-sec:embodiesAssociative Entity
Financial Primary Market Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-sec:FinancialPrimaryMarketTransaction
Financial Securities Secondary Market Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-sec:FinancialSecuritiesSecondaryMarketTransactionA Transaction in which some negotiable security is provided in exchange for some Consideration.
followsfibo-fnd-txn-sec:followsAssociative Entity
Securities Transaction Contractfibo-fnd-txn-sec:SecuritiesTransactionContractThe contract (written or implied) which governs the transaction of securities in the secondary Market.
Securities Transaction Counterpartyfibo-fnd-txn-sec:SecuritiesTransactionCounterparty
Securities Transaction Principalfibo-fnd-txn-sec:SecuritiesTransactionPrincipal
Settlement Processfibo-fnd-txn-sec:SettlementProcess
When Issued Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-sec:WhenIssuedTransactionTrading in securities ahead of them being traded.
Bundle Of Resourcesfibo-fnd-txn-sup:BundleOfResources
Customer (txn)fibo-fnd-txn-sup:Customer
Delivery Terms (fnd)fibo-fnd-txn-sup:DeliveryTerms
denomination (sup)fibo-fnd-txn-sup:denominationThe currency in which the negotiable cash is denominated. This is the currency seen in the “Monetary Amount”.Associative Entity
governed By Termsfibo-fnd-txn-sup:governedByTermsAssociative Entity
has Customerfibo-fnd-txn-sup:hasCustomerAssociative Entity
has Vendorfibo-fnd-txn-sup:hasVendorAssociative Entity
supplyfibo-fnd-txn-sup:supplyAssociative Entity
Supply Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-sup:SupplyTransaction
Supply Transaction Termsfibo-fnd-txn-sup:SupplyTransactionTerms
Contractually Defined Benefitfibo-fnd-txn-txnx:ContractuallyDefinedBenefitSome benefit from one party to the other party, defined in contractual terms.
Contractual Relationshipfibo-fnd-txn-txnx:ContractualRelationshipA relationship in which two or more parties have some contractual obligations or extend some rights under a contract, to one another.
Covered Transactionfibo-fnd-txn-txnx:CoveredTransactionA transaction covered by some Master Agreement.
Master Agreementfibo-fnd-txn-txnx:MasterAgreementA legal contract which is deemed to apply to a number of future activities between the parties thereto and having force over future agreements or contracts to be brought into effect between those parties.
Master Agreement Obligationfibo-fnd-txn-txnx:MasterAgreementObligationObligation set out in some master agreement
Annualized Standard Deviationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:AnnualizedStandardDeviationStandard deviation for some measure over a specific reference period
Arithmetic Meanfibo-fnd-utl-alx:ArithmeticMeanSum of a collection of numbers divided by the number of numbers in the collection
Aspectfibo-fnd-utl-alx:AspectCharacteristic or feature that can be used to dimensionalize, filter, or subset something
Average Absolute Deviationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:AverageAbsoluteDeviationAverage of the absolute deviations from a central point
Constantfibo-fnd-utl-alx:ConstantSymbol that represents a value that does not change (i.e., is fixed) with respect to a formula or expression
Differencefibo-fnd-utl-alx:DifferenceQuantity by which amounts differ; the remainder left after subtraction of one value from another
Dispersionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:DispersionDegree of scatter or variability shown by observations
Expressionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:ExpressionFinite combination of symbols that are well-formed according to applicable rules
Finite Populationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:FinitePopulationPopulation for which it is possible to count its units
Formulafibo-fnd-utl-alx:FormulaRule expressed in letters and symbols that consists of at least one expression
Geometric Meanfibo-fnd-utl-alx:GeometricMeanMean that indicates the central tendency or typical value of a set of numbers by using the product of their values (as opposed to the arithmetic mean which uses their sum)
has Anchor Datefibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasAnchorDateSpecifies the base date against which the value of a numeric index for a more recent date is compared (i.e., the starting point from which it stems)Associative Entity
has Applicable Date Periodfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasApplicableDatePeriodIndicates the date period for which the statistical measure is applicableAssociative Entity
has Argumentfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasArgumentIndicates a specific input to a function, formula or expression, also known as an independent variableAssociative Entity
has Expressionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasExpressionSpecifies a mathematical or other formal expression, which may be part of a formulaAssociative Entity
has Fixed Comparative Datefibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasFixedComparativeDateSpecifies the a specific date, such as the end of the last recession (e.g., March 2009) against which the scoped measure is comparedAssociative Entity
has Formulafibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasFormulaSpecifies a concise way of expressing information symbolically, as in a mathematical or chemical formulaAssociative Entity
has Minuendfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasMinuendSpecifies the quantity value from which something is subtracted; the value that is diminishedAssociative Entity
has Observed Valuefibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasObservedValueSpecifies a collection of values over which some analysis is performedAssociative Entity
has Operandfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasOperandIndicates the operand of a mathematical argument, parameter or other similar conceptAssociative Entity
has Periodicityfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasPeriodicitySpecifies a recurrence interval (monthly, quarterly, annual) that a statistical measure reflectsAssociative Entity
has Reference Periodfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasReferencePeriodSpecifies a reference (baseline) recurrence interval for which a given measure appliesAssociative Entity
has Relative Comparative Datefibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasRelativeComparativeDateSpecifies a date against which the value of a scoped measure is compared (e.g., one month prior, three months prior, etc., and typically against a prior release or average over prior releases)Associative Entity
has Relative Comparative Periodfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasRelativeComparativePeriodSpecifies a period (typically a prior period) against which the scoped measure is compared, such as an average set of values for some period of time compared with a more recent or projected average for a forward looking period of timeAssociative Entity
has Release Datefibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasReleaseDateSpecifies the publication date for a given economic indicatorAssociative Entity
has Subtrahendfibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasSubtrahendSpecifies the quantity value that is subtracted from somethingAssociative Entity
is Value Offibo-fnd-utl-alx:isValueOfIs the measure that the value representsAssociative Entity
Meanfibo-fnd-utl-alx:MeanMost common measure of central tendency; the average of a set of numbers
Measurefibo-fnd-utl-alx:MeasureAmount or degree of something; the dimensions, capacity, or amount of something ascertained by measuring
Medianfibo-fnd-utl-alx:MedianValue of the variate dividing the total frequency of a data sample, population, or probability distribution, into two halves
Median Absolute Deviationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:MedianAbsoluteDeviationMedian of the absolute deviations of observations from the average which may be the arithmetic mean, the median or the mode
Numeric Index Valuefibo-fnd-utl-alx:NumericIndexValueNumeric value of some aggregate relative to the value of that aggregate as of some date
Percentagefibo-fnd-utl-alx:PercentageRatio value expressed as a fraction of 100, i.e., in which the denominator is fixed rather than variable and equal to 100
Qualified Measurefibo-fnd-utl-alx:QualifiedMeasureStatistical measure that is constrained by features, quantity kinds or units that refine how it is calculated
Ratiofibo-fnd-utl-alx:RatioProportional relationship between two different numbers or quantities, or in mathematics a quotient of two numbers or expressions, arrived at by dividing one by the other
Ratio Valuefibo-fnd-utl-alx:RatioValueProportional relationship specifically between two different quantity values that gives rise to a datum of a specific quantity type
Sampling Variancefibo-fnd-utl-alx:SamplingVarianceMeasure of the extent to which the estimate of a characteristic from different possible samples of the same size and the same design differ from one another
Scoped Measurefibo-fnd-utl-alx:ScopedMeasureQualified measure that is constrained by filters on the statistical population to which it applies
Scoped Measure only has Periodicityfibo-fnd-utl-alx:ScopedMeasure_only_fibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasPeriodicityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Periodicity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Scoped MeasureAssociative Entity
Standard Deviationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:StandardDeviationSquare root of variance that measures the spread or dispersion around the mean of a data set
Statistical Areafibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalAreaPhysical location that is defined per some program for designating geographic regions for the purposes of tabulating and presenting statistical data
Statistical Area Identifierfibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalAreaIdentifierIdentifier for a physical location that is defined per a nationally consistent program for designating geographic regions for the purposes of tabulating and presenting statistical data
Statistical Measurefibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalMeasureSummary (means, mode, total, index, etc.) of the individual quantitative variable values for the statistical units in a specific group (study domain)
Statistical Populationfibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalPopulationStatistical universe filtered by time and region
Statistical Programfibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalProgramProgram that presents a detailed investigation and analysis of a subject or situation involving one or more studies or surveys
Statistical Universefibo-fnd-utl-alx:StatisticalUniverseCollection representing the total membership, or ‘universe’, of people, resources, products, services, events, or entities of interest for some question, experiment, survey or statistical program
Totalfibo-fnd-utl-alx:TotalSum of the values for some characteristic of all units
Variablefibo-fnd-utl-alx:VariableSymbol that represents a parameter in a formula or expression
Variancefibo-fnd-utl-alx:VarianceMeasure of spread, calculated as the average squared deviation of each number from the mean of a data set
Weighting Functionfibo-fnd-utl-alx:WeightingFunctionExpression or function that determines the relative importance or influence of a given element of a set with respect to the whole
Maturity Levelfibo-fnd-utl-av:MaturityLevelClassifier used to indicate state of an artifact with respect to its development lifecycle
All Borrowers Monthly Incomefibo-loan-ln-app:AllBorrowersMonthlyIncomeTotal monthly qualifying income for all borrowers on the loan
Borrower Assessmentfibo-loan-ln-app:BorrowerAssessmentAssessment report detailing information about the borrower and their credit history that may be relevant to the loan application
Borrower Monthly Incomefibo-loan-ln-app:BorrowerMonthlyIncomeTotal monthly qualifying income of a potential borrower
Credit Risk Assessmentfibo-loan-ln-app:CreditRiskAssessmentRisk assessment that focuses on determining the likelihood of a potential borrower repaying a loan
has Application Phasefibo-loan-ln-app:hasApplicationPhaseThe phase within the application lifecycle, that this Loan Application is at,Associative Entity
has Approved Amountfibo-loan-ln-app:hasApprovedAmountRelates something, e.g. a loan, to the amount of funds approvedAssociative Entity
has Gross Incomefibo-loan-ln-app:hasGrossIncomeIndicates the personal gross income of the borrowerAssociative Entity
has Requested Amountfibo-loan-ln-app:hasRequestedAmountRelates something, e.g. a request for a loan, to the amount of funds requestedAssociative Entity
Income Verification Reportfibo-loan-ln-app:IncomeVerificationReportReport providing the methodology and supporting documentation used to verify the borrower’s income
Individual Person Credit Ratingfibo-loan-ln-app:IndividualPersonCreditRatingCredit rating that provides an opinion of the creditworthiness of a person
Loan Applicationfibo-loan-ln-app:LoanApplicationRequest by a potential borrower to a potential lender to borrow money containing information used to decide whether to grant the loan
Loan Application At Agreement Stagefibo-loan-ln-app:LoanApplicationAtAgreementStage
Loan Application At Disbursement Stagefibo-loan-ln-app:LoanApplicationAtDisbursementStage
Loan Application Phasefibo-loan-ln-app:LoanApplicationPhase
Loan Application Statusfibo-loan-ln-app:LoanApplicationStatus
Loan At Application Stagefibo-loan-ln-app:LoanAtApplicationStage
Pre Approval Contractfibo-loan-ln-app:PreApprovalContractWritten commitment to lend when specified conditions are met, such as finding suitable property, and unchanged creditworthiness
Pre Approval Requestfibo-loan-ln-app:PreApprovalRequestRequest from a potential borrower that a lender commit to pre-approving the borrower for a loan of up to a specified amount of money
Public Recordfibo-loan-ln-app:PublicRecordRecord about an action involving a party that is publicly available from a court or other government agency
Public Record Categoryfibo-loan-ln-app:PublicRecordCategoryClassifier of public records relevant to a loan application, e.g. tax lien, wage garnishment, foreclosure
Total Debt Expense Ratiofibo-loan-ln-app:TotalDebtExpenseRatioRatio of all monthly debt payments of all borrowers, including proposed expenses, with respect to the income of the borrowers as relied upon to make a credit decision
Total Debt Expense Ratio only has Quantity Kindfibo-loan-ln-app:TotalDebtExpenseRatio_only_fibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasQuantityKindA subtype of associative entity ‘has Quantity Kind’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Total Debt Expense RatioAssociative Entity
Underwriting Automationfibo-loan-ln-app:UnderwritingAutomationClassifier indicating whether a loan was underwritten manually or using an automated underwriting system
Underwriting Decisionfibo-loan-ln-app:UnderwritingDecisionClassifier providing a loan approval recommendation determined either manually or by an automated underwriting system
uses Factorfibo-loan-ln-app:usesFactorRelates e.g. a risk assessment to something used as a factor to make the assessmentAssociative Entity
Collateral Valuationfibo-loan-ln-ev:CollateralValuationAssessment activity resulting in the valuation of real property as collateral
Collateral Valuation only evaluatesfibo-loan-ln-ev:CollateralValuation_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:evaluatesA subtype of associative entity ‘evaluates’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Collateral ValuationAssociative Entity
Court Judgmentfibo-loan-ln-ev:CourtJudgmentDecision by a court or other tribunal that resolves a controversy and determines the rights and obligations of the parties
Delinquent Loanfibo-loan-ln-ev:DelinquentLoanA loan which is an active loan (in Repayment phase), which is in default.
delivered Byfibo-loan-ln-ev:deliveredByAssociative Entity
Disbursed Loanfibo-loan-ln-ev:DisbursedLoan
has Disbursement Datefibo-loan-ln-ev:hasDisbursementDateAssociative Entity
has Judgement Amountfibo-loan-ln-ev:hasJudgementAmountUndefined PoC SDM Notes: Total value of CCJs or equivalent recorded against the primary borrower that were satisfied / unsatsified (at time of underwriting ) is computed by selecting the satisfaction code value of interest and aggregating against all borrower CC Judgements </p>Associative Entity
has Loan Phasefibo-loan-ln-ev:hasLoanPhaseAssociative Entity
is Againstfibo-loan-ln-ev:isAgainstAssociative Entity
Legal Proceedingfibo-loan-ln-ev:LegalProceedingLegal step or action taken at the direction of, or by the authority of, a court or agency
Loan Default Proceedingfibo-loan-ln-ev:LoanDefaultProceeding[no definition] Further Review This is typically part of mortgagte servicing. THere would typically be a whole department dealing with this. Dealing with default, helping borrowers make payment Collections Default admin Foreclosure Reselling All dealt with by several sub departments. This requires subject matter experts in this area. 1. scoping Identify default as a possible state. This hands off to other business processes. Once you get into the default scenario we are talking about a proces that is going to fall into place over a period of time. The bank works out what to do with the default scenario, e.g. whether it restructures, forecloses, seeks restitution from the security (collateral). It does nto help us to understand the structure of the loan, rather tha consequences of the loan. If we were to further explore the default detail we would bring in other SMEs. And we would have to model a process flow. 1.1 impact on the pool of an MBS Loan Default Proceeding (special ase of legal thing) is an aspect of Default Management / Administratoin. there is also the State of the Loan. Sale / something / fulfilment / fiunduing / approved = servicing mode. Something happens (non payment) => Default Grace Period followed by negotiation. Some threshold whereby after a given amount of delinquency it needs to go into some other process moving towards foreclosure. Do State Diagram. Stages of loan.
loan Default Proceeding Amountfibo-loan-ln-ev:loanDefaultProceedingAmountUndefined PoC SDM Notes: Default or Foreclosure amount – Total default amount before the application of sale proceeds and recoveries.&nbsp; (AO 146, RR 135) Loan Default Proceeding_cd= (1) Default amount </p> <p> Sale price – Price achieved on sale of property ( AO 147, RR 137 )&nbsp; Loan Default Proceeding_cd= (2) Property Sale </p> <p> Loss on Sale&nbsp;&nbsp; Total loss net of fees, accrued interest etc. after application of sale proceeds (excluding prepayment charge if subordinate to principal recoveries). Show any gain on sale as a negative number (AO 148, RR 138 )&nbsp; Loan Default Proceeding_cd = (3) Loss amount </p> <p> Cumulative Reocveries – ony relevant for cases with losses&nbsp; ( AO 149, RR 139 )&nbsp; Loan Default Proceeding_cd =&nbsp; (4) Recoveries </p> <p> Professional Negligence Recoveries – Any amounts received in settlement or as a result of professional negligence claims against surveyors, solicitors etc. net of any fees / costs ( AO 150, RR 140 )&nbsp; Loan Default Proceeding_cd = (5) Professional Negligence </p><br />Associative Entity
Loan Paid In Fullfibo-loan-ln-ev:LoanPaidInFull
Loan Phasefibo-loan-ln-ev:LoanPhase
Repaid Loanfibo-loan-ln-ev:RepaidLoan
repayment Datefibo-loan-ln-ev:repaymentDateThe date the loan was deemed to be repaid.Associative Entity
Repayment Phasefibo-loan-ln-ev:RepaymentPhase
takes Place Underfibo-loan-ln-ev:takesPlaceUnderAssociative Entity
Ethnicityfibo-loan-ln-hmda:EthnicityCategory based on a cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language
has HMDA-Disposition Datefibo-loan-ln-hmda:hasHMDA-DispositionDateThe date associated with the HMDA Disposition for a HMDA Covered LoanAssociative Entity
HMDA-Covered Loan Contractfibo-loan-ln-hmda:HMDA-CoveredLoanContractA closed-end mortgage loan or open-end line of credit that is not an excluded transaction for HMDA reporting under US section 1003.3(c) of the Revised Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 2015
HMDA-Dispositionfibo-loan-ln-hmda:HMDA-DispositionA type of action taken regarding an application for a HMDA covered loan
HMDA-Pre Approval Requestfibo-loan-ln-hmda:HMDA-PreApprovalRequestA request for pre-approval of a home purchase loan up to a certain amount, and subject to certain non-credit related conditions
HMDA-Reportfibo-loan-ln-hmda:HMDA-ReportA report prepared to satisfy HMDA regulatory reporting requirements as described US section 1003.3(c) of the Revised Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 2015
How Submittedfibo-loan-ln-hmda:HowSubmittedCategory indicating whether the applicant or borrower submitted the application for the covered loan directly to the reporting financial institution
Racefibo-loan-ln-hmda:RaceA category based on a person’s physical characteristics, such as bone structure and skin, hair, or eye color
Closed End Creditfibo-loan-ln-ln:ClosedEndCreditLoan or extension of credit in which the loan principal cannot be increased after funds are dispersed and the loan is partially repaid
Collateralized Secured Loanfibo-loan-ln-ln:CollateralizedSecuredLoanSecured loan that is secured via collateral
Comakerfibo-loan-ln-ln:ComakerParty that signs a borrower’s promissory note, providing additional security and potentially improving the quality of the debt
Combined Loan To Value Ratiofibo-loan-ln-ln:CombinedLoanToValueRatioRatio of the total amount of debt that is secured by the property and the appraised value of the asset securing the financing
Combined Loan To Value Ratio only has Measurement Unitfibo-loan-ln-ln:CombinedLoanToValueRatio_only_fibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasMeasurementUnitA subtype of associative entity ‘has Measurement Unit’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Combined Loan To Value RatioAssociative Entity
Commitment To Fundfibo-loan-ln-ln:CommitmentToFundCommitment that obliges the lender to provide funds pursuant to a loan
Commitment To Payfibo-loan-ln-ln:CommitmentToPayCommitment obliging one party to make a payment to another party according to the terms of a loan
Commitment To Repayfibo-loan-ln-ln:CommitmentToRepayCommitment obliging the borrower to repay funds that have been loaned
Commitment To Reportfibo-loan-ln-ln:CommitmentToReportCommitment obliging a party to deliver a report
Guaranteed Loanfibo-loan-ln-ln:GuaranteedLoanSecured loan that is secured by guaranty
has Costfibo-loan-ln-ln:hasCostRelates something to its costAssociative Entity
has Credit Limitfibo-loan-ln-ln:hasCreditLimitSpecifies the maximum amount of funds that may be borrowed (e.g. for line of credit)Associative Entity
has First Rate Change Termfibo-loan-ln-ln:hasFirstRateChangeTermRelates a loan contract to a period of time in months after origination during which the interest rate cannot changeAssociative Entity
has Payment Historyfibo-loan-ln-ln:hasPaymentHistoryRelates a credit agreement, loan, or commitment to any history of payments that have been made by the borrower up to the point that payment history is requestedAssociative Entity
has Pre Payment Penalty Termfibo-loan-ln-ln:hasPrePaymentPenaltyTermRelates a loan contract to a period of time in months after which there is no prepayment penaltyAssociative Entity
has Principal Amountfibo-loan-ln-ln:hasPrincipalAmountIndicates the notional amount of the contractAssociative Entity
has Scheduled Unpaid Balancefibo-loan-ln-ln:hasScheduledUnpaidBalanceIndicates what the balance should be after a scheduled payment is made according to contract termsAssociative Entity
has Total Closing Costsfibo-loan-ln-ln:hasTotalClosingCostsRelates to the amount of total loan costs, as disclosed pursuant to Regulation Z, 12 CFR 1026.38(f)(4)Associative Entity
has Total Points And Feesfibo-loan-ln-ln:hasTotalPointsAndFeesRelates to the total amount of points and fees, expressed in dollars, calculated in accordance with Regulation Z, Truth in LendingAssociative Entity
is Serviced Byfibo-loan-ln-ln:isServicedByRelates a loan to the financial service provider that services itAssociative Entity
Lender Lien Positionfibo-loan-ln-ln:LenderLienPositionClassifier indicating whether the lender has the primary lien position with respect to an asset used as collateral for the loan
Loanfibo-loan-ln-ln:LoanAgreement whereby one party extends money or credit to another party with the understanding that the borrowed money will be repaid according to specific terms
Loan Principalfibo-loan-ln-ln:LoanPrincipalNotional value of the loan that must be paid at or before maturity
Loan To Value Ratiofibo-loan-ln-ln:LoanToValueRatioRatio, expressed as a percentage, between the principal amount of the loan and the appraised value of the asset securing the financing
Loan To Value Ratio only has Measurement Unitfibo-loan-ln-ln:LoanToValueRatio_only_fibo-fnd-qt-qtu:hasMeasurementUnitA subtype of associative entity ‘has Measurement Unit’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Loan To Value RatioAssociative Entity
Loan To Value Ratio only has Argumentfibo-loan-ln-ln:LoanToValueRatio_only_fibo-fnd-utl-alx:hasArgumentA subtype of associative entity ‘has Argument’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Loan To Value RatioAssociative Entity
Open End Creditfibo-loan-ln-ln:OpenEndCreditLine of credit that may be extended up to an agreed credit limit and paid down at any time within the period of the line, if any, and on which interest is charged only on the outstanding balance
Ownership Interest Typefibo-loan-ln-ln:OwnershipInterestTypeClassifier indicating the nature of the applicant’s or borrower’s ownership or leasehold interest in an asset used as collateral for the loan
Payment Historyfibo-loan-ln-ln:PaymentHistoryRecord of actual payments of principal, interest, and other related amounts made by a borrower to a lender or servicer in order to fulfill their re-payment obligation
Prepayment Termsfibo-loan-ln-ln:PrepaymentTermsPrincipal repayment terms related to payment of the loan prior to maturity
Secured Loanfibo-loan-ln-ln:SecuredLoanLoan in which the borrower pledges some asset via a security agreement as collateral for the loan, or that is secured via third-party guarantee
Security Agreementfibo-loan-ln-ln:SecurityAgreementAgreement between parties that contains information about their relative duties and rights regarding the disposition of a specified asset used as collateral
Servicer (loan)fibo-loan-ln-ln:ServicerParty that collects principal and interest payments on behalf of the lender
Unsecured Loanfibo-loan-ln-ln:UnsecuredLoanLoan granted based on the strength of the borrower’s credit history or reputation in the community
acceptsfibo-loan-loan-loan:acceptsAssociative Entity
borrowsfibo-loan-loan-loan:borrowsAssociative Entity
has Loan Retained Amountfibo-loan-loan-loan:hasLoanRetainedAmountRetained amount, this is an amount the Issuer will be obliged to fund to the borrower at a later date, for example construction deposit.Associative Entity
Loan Drawdownfibo-loan-loan-loan:LoanDrawdownAn amount of money, drawn down by one party (the borrower) from a credit tranche made available by another party (the lender) at a specific point in time. Formal terms for the loan are defined in a Loan Contract.
Loan Drawdown only has Guarantorfibo-loan-loan-loan:LoanDrawdown_only_fibo-fbc-dae-gty:hasGuarantorA subtype of associative entity ‘has Guarantor’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Loan DrawdownAssociative Entity
loan Maximum Allowed Balancefibo-loan-loan-loan:loanMaximumAllowedBalanceMaximum balance – For loans with flexible re-draw facilities, the maximum loan amount that could potentially be outstandingAssociative Entity
loan Original Advance Amountfibo-loan-loan-loan:loanOriginalAdvanceAmountThe Original Balance of the loan, that is the amount advanced under this loan. Further notes: PoC workings: Original balance (inclusive of fees)Associative Entity
Loan Originatorfibo-loan-loan-loan:LoanOriginatorThe party which finds the lender for the loan, for the borrower.
Loan Partyfibo-loan-loan-loan:LoanPartyA Party to the Loan.
Loan Retained Amountfibo-loan-loan-loan:LoanRetainedAmountRetained amount, an amount the Issuer will be obliged to fund to the borrower at a later date, for example construction deposit.
loan Subsidy Amountfibo-loan-loan-loan:loanSubsidyAmountLoan Subsidy Received – Amount of subsidy received from government by borrower.Associative Entity
retained Untilfibo-loan-loan-loan:retainedUntilDate when the retained amount is to be drawn by.Associative Entity
spreadfibo-loan-loan-loan:spreadThe percentage of interest added to the base rate.Associative Entity
administered By (loan)fibo-loan-loan-reg:administeredByAssociative Entity
Borrower Data Protection Requirementfibo-loan-loan-reg:BorrowerDataProtectionRequirement
Borrower Disclosure Requirementfibo-loan-loan-reg:BorrowerDisclosureRequirement
Borrower Rightfibo-loan-loan-reg:BorrowerRight
Consumer Credit Equal Treatment Requirementfibo-loan-loan-reg:ConsumerCreditEqualTreatmentRequirement
Consumer Credit Protection Lawfibo-loan-loan-reg:ConsumerCreditProtectionLaw
Consumer Credit Reference Agencyfibo-loan-loan-reg:ConsumerCreditReferenceAgencyApplicable regulations: vary by jurisdiciton. for example, only being allowed ot divulge actual judgements against a party, but not things that are not substantiated by judgements. For example, slow payments which are not covered by some judgement against the party. There will be different regulatory requirments about: 1. What the CR Agency can hold 2. Who they can divulge it to 3. What information they must provide the borrower at his/her request Some of the third thing there is covered in the EU the Data Protection Directive and local acts that implement this.
Consumer Credit Requirementfibo-loan-loan-reg:ConsumerCreditRequirementRequirement set out on the lender about how they must treat the appliction to a loan
Consumer Protection Agencyfibo-loan-loan-reg:ConsumerProtectionAgencySome agency tasked with regulating consumer protection in some jurisdiction.
Consumer Protection Lawfibo-loan-loan-reg:ConsumerProtectionLaw
Consumer Rightfibo-loan-loan-reg:ConsumerRight
Credit Reference Agency Requirementsfibo-loan-loan-reg:CreditReferenceAgencyRequirementsREquirements other than data protection, governing what a credit reference agency can or cannot do.
Data Protection Requirementfibo-loan-loan-reg:DataProtectionRequirementRequirements defining how data about individuals is held. Example is the EU DA directive and laws, which make the data the property of the individual that data is about. Covers – what information i sheld – who information can be divulged to. – the individual’s rights in respect of that information Privacy regulations cover most of this. EU defines “Personal Data” and “Sensitive Personal Data”. For credit reference agencies the latter would be covered. More detail about whether they can divulge facts which are not subject to formal judgements etc.
Disclosure Requirementfibo-loan-loan-reg:DisclosureRequirementRequirement for disclosure to borrowers or potential borrowers. There are two kinds of disclosure requirement: 1. Disclosure about the information held on the borrower 2. Disclsure about the product.
Equal Treatment Rightfibo-loan-loan-reg:EqualTreatmentRightThe right to equal treatment under the law.
Good Faith Estimatefibo-loan-loan-reg:GoodFaithEstimateGFE – representation by the lender on the costs and implications of settlement (early termination) of the loan.
Information Rightfibo-loan-loan-reg:InformationRightThe right to some information in some context, for example when purchasing some product. The right to full and fair disclosure of
Lender Rightfibo-loan-loan-reg:LenderRightRights on the lender to protect them against loss. furthe rNtoes: Logically, considering the two parties, they both have protecxtion mechanisms. so while the lender has protecxtion mechanisms through mortgage insurance, and the consumer has protextion mechanisms such as good faith estimates. also the agencies (see Consumer Protection Agency), an instance of which is the CFPB in the US (just set up). Lender rights are: – expressed in the Contract Consumer protection develops becaues the contract is written by the potential Lender. So the rights are introcued to rectify the imbalance between the two parties. Same goes for insurance. consumer protection laws (governe dby the relevant consumer protection agency. So the lender protexts itself as it writes th contract AND does the things it needs to do to protext itself, but on the approval process, and with later instruments such as insurance. Interestingly., it is the Borrower who pays for this by paying for credit reports etc. So the borrower protects itself by other mechanisms. Caveat emptor – displaced by regulation (the buyer is protected by regulation). Uberimae Fidae – in the utmost good faith. Mortgage Insurance is an additional means of mitigating the risk, that the lended may have., so if the information assessed is not accurate, or if the borrower’s situation changes for the worse. then the risk rating may go down. So the Mortgage Insurance is a further strategy which mitigates any shortfall in the Lender Righrs that you may have – ie someone guarantees. In the US you can also avoid that by having paid a deposit. PIMI: Principal, Interst and Morgage Insurance. So the Borrower pays towards the MI, esxcept if they have paid a given amount as deposit. there are 2 types of MI: 1. protects the lender in the event of borrower degault 2. Insurance for “Incapacity to pay the mortage” (these can be bought off the shelf – can combine health, unemployment etc.). – this is the Borrower mitigating their own risk. Prevents foreclosure. Similar to general sickness etc. Where the lender charges for MI, the cost is passed onto the Borrower. e.g. if there is a % valuation (e.g. 70% in Aus, 80% in US for example) then no insurance is required.
Loan Product Representationsfibo-loan-loan-reg:LoanProductRepresentationsRepresentations about the loan product and the appropriateness of this for the borrower.
Loan Regulatory Requirementfibo-loan-loan-reg:LoanRegulatoryRequirementA regulatory requirement defined in regulations by a comsumer credit act or other legislation.
overseen By (loan)fibo-loan-loan-reg:overseenByAssociative Entity
Product Disclosure Requirementfibo-loan-loan-reg:ProductDisclosureRequirementA requirement governing what representations can be made about a product, as it affects the consumer.
Product Disclosure Rightfibo-loan-loan-reg:ProductDisclosureRightThe right to information about products at the point of purchasing these.
Reg Bfibo-loan-loan-reg:RegBUS regulation concerning “Equal credit opportunity act” Electronic delivery of disclosures
regulates (loan)fibo-loan-loan-reg:regulatesAssociative Entity
Reg Zfibo-loan-loan-reg:RegZUS Fed regulation “Truth in Lending Act” uniform standards for electronic delivery of disclosures
Right Of Credit Record Correctionfibo-loan-loan-reg:RightOfCreditRecordCorrectionThe right to have a credit record corrected.
Construction Loanfibo-loan-typ-cl:ConstructionLoanLoan covering construction and development costs, secured by a mortgage on the property financed
Construction Loan Contractfibo-loan-typ-cl:ConstructionLoanContract
Construction Loan Credit Facility Tranchefibo-loan-typ-cl:ConstructionLoanCreditFacilityTrancheA loan taken out for construction purposes. Further notes: These are a temporary loan. when the construction is finished then that loan is transformed to another loan, which would be a permanent loan. Information to follow on what the new permanent loan would be. Terms are adjusted in the new loan, since in construction loans the rates are significantly higher. This is an incentive to complete the construction works. Notes from PoC reviews, discussing Maximum Balance concept: In a Construction Loan you agree a maximum amount that you could draw. As you progress with the construction you continue to draw more and more. So you start with the minimum. Example: for purpose of construction of a house you could need to borrow up to 500K and the bank establishes the milestones at which certain amounts are made availalbe and can be drawn. For instance prior to start you might draw 10%, (50K); the next 50K would be available to draw only once the foundations are laid. And so on. Milestones may include “Frame standing” (for American-style frame based houses). Each stage requires inspection on behalf of the bank. So you are starting with no more than 10% (in this example) of what is allowable, and could arrive to the full 500K by the end of ths construction but it is not mandated that you arrive to that. What differentiates a Construction Loan is that there si a max amount specified and there are Milestones specified in which the amounts for each milestone can be advanced.
Construction Loan Milestone Terms Setfibo-loan-typ-cl:ConstructionLoanMilestoneTermsSetAn agreed point at which an amount is advanced to the lender on completion of some pre-agreed scope of works on the construction.
Construction Typefibo-loan-typ-cl:ConstructionTypeParticular kind of construction
has Maximum Allowed Balancefibo-loan-typ-cl:hasMaximumAllowedBalanceMaximum balance – For loans with flexible re-draw facilities, the maximum balance that could potentially be outstanding based on a credit limitAssociative Entity
has Maximum Anticipated Balancefibo-loan-typ-cl:hasMaximumAnticipatedBalanceMaximum balance – For loans with flexible re-draw facilities, the maximum balance the borrower believes they might need, below the credit limit, for planning purposesAssociative Entity
has Milestone Maximum Drawdown Amountfibo-loan-typ-cl:hasMilestoneMaximumDrawdownAmountThe maximum amount of the loan that can be drawn by the Borrower on completion of this Milestone.Associative Entity
has Milestone Termfibo-loan-typ-cl:hasMilestoneTermAssociative Entity
Commercial Loanfibo-loan-typ-com:CommercialLoanLoan extended for a commercial purpose. Further notes: Commercial Loans: Talk about property like office building. Borrower is a small business or corporation. Meanings: Loan extended for a commercial purpose versus Loan extended to a corporate entity Example: Aus: Nature of security e.g. private property versus commercial property being pledged as security, as there are different requirements on these. Also legislation on commercial lending by governments (business strategy etc.).
Commercial Loan Borrowerfibo-loan-typ-com:CommercialLoanBorrowerThe borrower of a Commercial Loan
Corporate Borrowerfibo-loan-typ-com:CorporateBorrowerA borrower which is a Corporation.
becomes Revolving Line Of Creditfibo-loan-typ-cr:becomesRevolvingLineOfCreditAssociative Entity
Credit Card (loan)fibo-loan-typ-cr:CreditCard
Home Equity Line Of Creditfibo-loan-typ-cr:HomeEquityLineOfCreditA credit line on a house or other property, that can be drawn down and/or paid back by the borrower.
Home Equity Line Of Credit Contractfibo-loan-typ-cr:HomeEquityLineOfCreditContractA credit line on a house or other property, that can be drawn down and/or paid back by the borrower.
Home Equity Line Of Credit Tranchefibo-loan-typ-cr:HomeEquityLineOfCreditTranche
maximum Allowed Balancefibo-loan-typ-cr:maximumAllowedBalanceThe maximum loan amount that is allowed to be outstanding as defined in this loan contract.Associative Entity
maximum Anticipated Balancefibo-loan-typ-cr:maximumAnticipatedBalanceThe maximum loan amount that could potentially be outstanding.Associative Entity
Revolving Credit Contractfibo-loan-typ-cr:RevolvingCreditContractContract which embodies and defines the terms and conditions for a credit line based on some collaterial, which can be drawn down and/or paid back by the borrower.
Revolving Line Of Creditfibo-loan-typ-cr:RevolvingLineOfCreditA credit line based on some collateral, that can be drawn down and/or paid back by the borrower.
Revolving Line Of Credit Tranchefibo-loan-typ-cr:RevolvingLineOfCreditTrancheA contractually committed line of credit which is issued as a revolving line of credit which can be drawn upon and has collateral
Auto Loanfibo-loan-typ-gen:AutoLoanA loan specifically for the purpose of automobile purchase.
Auto Loan Contractfibo-loan-typ-gen:AutoLoanContract
Marine Financefibo-loan-typ-gen:MarineFinanceA loan for the purchase of a boat or other vessel.
Marine Finance Contractfibo-loan-typ-gen:MarineFinanceContractContract embodying the terms under which a loan is advanced for marine finance.
percentage Advancedfibo-loan-typ-gen:percentageAdvancedThe percentage of the purchase price advanced as the loan.Associative Entity
Amortization Typefibo-loan-typ-mtg:AmortizationTypeClassifier of amortization algorithms
assumesfibo-loan-typ-mtg:assumesRelates a new mortgage loan contract to a previous one made to a different borrower for the same property. The new contract is created via a legally binding process where the new borrower assumes the terms of the previous loan contractAssociative Entity
Automated Underwriting Systemfibo-loan-typ-mtg:AutomatedUnderwritingSystemSoftware system that collects the information necessary to approve a loan application and supports a mortgage lender’s analysis of a new loan application
Cash Out Statusfibo-loan-typ-mtg:CashOutStatusClassifier indicating the extent to which funds are released to the borrower on a new loan origination that refinances an existing loan
Charge Categoryfibo-loan-typ-mtg:ChargeCategoryClassifier indicating what a particular fee or other expense is for
Dwelling Capacityfibo-loan-typ-mtg:DwellingCapacityClassifier indicating how many dwellings some property has
Government Sponsored Loanfibo-loan-typ-mtg:GovernmentSponsoredLoan
has Appraised Valuefibo-loan-typ-mtg:hasAppraisedValueRelates to a monetary amount that is the product of a valuation eventAssociative Entity
has Closing Datefibo-loan-typ-mtg:hasClosingDateRelates, e.g. a loan contract to the date on which the contract is consummated, officially creating the obligations thereinAssociative Entity
has Originating Service Providerfibo-loan-typ-mtg:hasOriginatingServiceProviderRelates something, typically a loan contract, to the service provider responsible for originated the loanAssociative Entity
has Originator Personfibo-loan-typ-mtg:hasOriginatorPersonRelates something, typically a loan, to a person that initially originates or creates itAssociative Entity
is Inspection Offibo-loan-typ-mtg:isInspectionOfRelates an inspection to the thing being inspectedAssociative Entity
is Lien Onfibo-loan-typ-mtg:isLienOnAssociative Entity
Manufactured Home Legal Classificationfibo-loan-typ-mtg:ManufacturedHomeLegalClassificationCategory indicating whether the covered loan is secured by a manufactured home only or with land as well
Mortgagefibo-loan-typ-mtg:MortgageA loan contract that is secured by real propertyEquivalent Entity
Mortgage Indemnity Guaranteefibo-loan-typ-mtg:MortgageIndemnityGuaranteeInsurance-backed guarantee that protects lenders if the mortgage repayments cease for some reason, perhaps due to death or a homeowner being made redundant at work
Mortgage Indemnity Guarantorfibo-loan-typ-mtg:MortgageIndemnityGuarantorGuarantor and insurer that provides mortgage insurance in the form of a mortgage indemnity guarantee (MIG)
Mortgage Indemnity Insurance Policyfibo-loan-typ-mtg:MortgageIndemnityInsurancePolicyInsurance policy providing the mortgage indemnity guarantee
Mortgage Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-mtg:MortgageLoanPurposeThe purpose for which mortgage loan proceeds will be used, such as real property purchase, dwelling construction, or loan refinancing
NMLSR-IDfibo-loan-typ-mtg:NMLSR-IDThe number permanently assigned by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) for each company, branch, and individual that maintains a single account on NMLS.
Property Inspectionfibo-loan-typ-mtg:PropertyInspectionAssessment activity that involves analyzing one or more aspects of a real property for independent assessment of status or deficiency
Property Usagefibo-loan-typ-mtg:PropertyUsageA category indicating the manner in which the borrower intends to utilize the property
Real Property Appraisalfibo-loan-typ-mtg:RealPropertyAppraisalValue assessment that estimates the amount of money a real estate property is worth
Reverse Mortgagefibo-loan-typ-mtg:ReverseMortgageMortgage contract that pays out money to the borrower against a set principal limit that is based on the value of existing equity in the underlying collateral.
Universal Loan Identifierfibo-loan-typ-mtg:UniversalLoanIdentifierA unique identifier given to unequivocally identify a specific mortgage loan.
Personal Loanfibo-loan-typ-per:PersonalLoanConsumer Loan: The recipient (borrower) is an end consumer. Types: Home Mortgage
Personal Loan Borrowerfibo-loan-typ-per:PersonalLoanBorrower
Personal Loan Contractfibo-loan-typ-per:PersonalLoanContractThe contract for a loan which is advanced to an individual human beings or two more individual human beings in their personal capacities.
Auto Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:AutoLoanPurpose
Bridging Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:BridgingLoanPurpose
Construction Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:ConstructionLoanPurpose
Credit Card Receivable Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:CreditCardReceivablePurpose
has Preconditionsfibo-loan-typ-prod:hasPreconditionsAssociative Entity
has Unit Costfibo-loan-typ-prod:hasUnitCostRelates an item to its unit costAssociative Entity
Home Equity Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:HomeEquityLoanPurpose
Line Itemfibo-loan-typ-prod:LineItemDescription of a product or service including its unit cost, number of units and total cost
Loan Market Categoryfibo-loan-typ-prod:LoanMarketCategoryCategory indicating the market domain in which the loan product is offered
Loan Productfibo-loan-typ-prod:LoanProductFinancial product that is realized as a loan that a party may acquire from a lending institution with specific characteristics and terms
Loan Product Disclosure Rightfibo-loan-typ-prod:LoanProductDisclosureRightRight to fair representation of the facts about Loan products before entrering into agreements for same.
Loan Product Offeringfibo-loan-typ-prod:LoanProductOfferingOffering related to a loan product that may be a tailored to particular circumstances, aimed at a group of borrowers or individual borrower
Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:LoanPurposeA selection of different types of loan purpose, being the purpose for which and manner in which loan (credit) draw-down amounts are to be used. This shows the purpose for which credit is to be used, and implies certain kinds of fact that relate to that specific type of loan e.g. mortgages. These are also identified as tranche types in tranches of a credit facility.
Mortgage Productfibo-loan-typ-prod:MortgageProduct
Motorhome Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:MotorhomeLoanPurpose
Ordinary Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:OrdinaryLoanPurpose
Overdraft Facility Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:OverdraftFacilityPurpose
Residential Houseboat Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:ResidentialHouseboatLoanPurpose
Student Loan Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:StudentLoanPurpose
Working Capital Purposefibo-loan-typ-prod:WorkingCapitalPurpose
Student Borrowerfibo-loan-typ-stu:StudentBorrower
Student Loanfibo-loan-typ-stu:StudentLoanA loan provided for the purposes of education.
Student Loan Contractfibo-loan-typ-stu:StudentLoanContractThe contract for a Student Loan.
Alpha2Code (cr)lcc-cr:Alpha2CodeA digraph representing a country or geographic region
Alpha3Code (cr)lcc-cr:Alpha3CodeA trigraph representing a country or geographic region
classifieslcc-cr:classifiesArranges in categories according to shared characteristicsAssociative Entity
Coordinate Systemlcc-cr:CoordinateSystemA system that uses one or more numbers, or coordinates, to uniquely determine the position of a point or other geometric element on a planar or spherical surface
Countrylcc-cr:CountryA geopolitical entity representing a country or dependent territory
Country only uses Administrative Languagelcc-cr:Country_only_lcc-cr:usesAdministrativeLanguageA subtype of associative entity ‘uses Administrative Language’ to restrict child entities for the parent, CountryAssociative Entity
Country Subdivisionlcc-cr:CountrySubdivisionA geopolitical entity, typically a division of a country, dependency, or other area of special geopolitical interest related to a country or other geopolitical entity
Geographic Coordinate Systemlcc-cr:GeographicCoordinateSystemA three-dimensional reference system that locates points on the Earth’s surface
Geographic Regionlcc-cr:GeographicRegionAn area, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries
Geographic Region Identifierlcc-cr:GeographicRegionIdentifierA string of letters assigned to a country or other geographic region for the purpose of uniquely representing it
Geographic Region Identifier only denoteslcc-cr:GeographicRegionIdentifier_only_lcc-lr:denotesA subtype of associative entity ‘denotes’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Geographic Region IdentifierAssociative Entity
Geographic Region Identifier only identifies (lcc)lcc-cr:GeographicRegionIdentifier_only_lcc-lr:identifiesA subtype of associative entity ‘identifies (lcc)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Geographic Region IdentifierAssociative Entity
Geographic Region Kindlcc-cr:GeographicRegionKindA classification scheme for geographic regions, including but not limited to subdivisions of a geopolitical entity, (noting that there may be more than one kind for a given country or other entity)
Geographic Region Kind only classifieslcc-cr:GeographicRegionKind_only_lcc-cr:classifiesA subtype of associative entity ‘classifies’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Geographic Region KindAssociative Entity
Geopolitical Entitylcc-cr:GeopoliticalEntityAny country, federal province, city or other administrative unit that represents a geophysical location and has some political identity
has Partlcc-cr:hasPartIndicates any portion of something, regardless of whether the portion itself is attached to the remainder or detached; cognitively salient or arbitrarily demarcated; self-connected or disconnected; homogeneous or gerrymandered; material or immaterial; extended or unextended; spatial or temporalAssociative Entity
has Subregionlcc-cr:hasSubregionRelates a geographic region to another geographic region that is a designated subregion of itAssociative Entity
Locationlcc-cr:LocationA place or position in time and/or space, including virtual place
Territorylcc-cr:TerritoryA geopolitical entity, typically considered an area of special geopolitical interest, related to a country or other geopolitical entity
useslcc-cr:usesEmploys as a means of accomplishing some task or achieving some resultAssociative Entity
uses Administrative Languagelcc-cr:usesAdministrativeLanguageRelates a country or geopolitical entity to an administrative language that entity uses for international communicationsAssociative Entity
Alpha2Code (lr)lcc-lr:Alpha2CodeA language identifier for a human language as defined by ISO 639-1, that is, a two-letter combination of characters used to represent a language or languages
Alpha3Code (lr)lcc-lr:Alpha3CodeA language identifier for a human language as defined by ISO 639, that is, a three-letter combination of characters used to represent a language or languages
Ancient Languagelcc-lr:AncientLanguageAn extinct language that has an attested literature and is recognized as having special status in the academic community
Arrangementlcc-lr:ArrangementA structure or means of organizing information such as a schema, numbering system, organization scheme, measurement system, taxonomy, or language for organizing information
Artificial Languagelcc-lr:ArtificialLanguageA language for human communication that has been artificially devised
Bibliographic Codelcc-lr:BibliographicCodeAn alpha-3 code that is a member of the set of bibliographic codes in ISO 639-2
Code Elementlcc-lr:CodeElementA sequence of characters denoting something that it is associated with for some purpose, within a specified context, according to some rule set
Code Setlcc-lr:CodeSetA system of alpha-numeric symbols, or combinations of symbols, that stand for specified values in some context
Code Set only has Memberlcc-lr:CodeSet_only_lcc-lr:hasMemberA subtype of associative entity ‘has Member’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Code SetAssociative Entity
Collection (lcc)lcc-lr:CollectionA grouping of some variable number of things (may be zero) that have some shared significance
Collective Language Codelcc-lr:CollectiveLanguageCodeA language identifier or code used to represent a group of languages
Collective Language Code only denoteslcc-lr:CollectiveLanguageCode_only_lcc-lr:denotesA subtype of associative entity ‘denotes’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Collective Language CodeAssociative Entity
Collective Language Code only identifies (lcc)lcc-lr:CollectiveLanguageCode_only_lcc-lr:identifiesA subtype of associative entity ‘identifies (lcc)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Collective Language CodeAssociative Entity
denoteslcc-lr:denotesServes as a linguistic expression of the notion of, meansAssociative Entity
Dialectlcc-lr:DialectA language variant that is specific to a geographical region or speech community
Extinct Languagelcc-lr:ExtinctLanguageAn individual language or variant that is no longer in use and has no current descendant
haslcc-lr:hasIndicates that someone (or something) possesses something, such as a characteristic, attribute, feature, or capabilityAssociative Entity
has Earlier Formlcc-lr:hasEarlierFormRelates a language to an earlier form (historically significant) of that same languageAssociative Entity
has Memberlcc-lr:hasMemberRelates something, typically a collection, group or organization, to some discrete thing identified as a member of itAssociative Entity
Historical Languagelcc-lr:HistoricalLanguageA well-known prior version of a living or extinct language
Identification Schemelcc-lr:IdentificationSchemeA system for allocating identifiers to objects
Identification Scheme only has Memberlcc-lr:IdentificationScheme_only_lcc-lr:hasMemberA subtype of associative entity ‘has Member’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Identification SchemeAssociative Entity
Identifierlcc-lr:IdentifierA sequence of characters uniquely identifying something that it is associated with for some purpose and within a specified context
Identifier only identifies (lcc)lcc-lr:Identifier_only_lcc-lr:identifiesA subtype of associative entity ‘identifies (lcc)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, IdentifierAssociative Entity
identifies (lcc)lcc-lr:identifiesRecognizes or establishes within some contextAssociative Entity
Individual Languagelcc-lr:IndividualLanguageA language that can be distinguished from another language by some set of rules
Individual Language Identifierlcc-lr:IndividualLanguageIdentifierA language identifier whose scope is that of an individual (distinct) language
Individual Language Identifier only denoteslcc-lr:IndividualLanguageIdentifier_only_lcc-lr:denotesA subtype of associative entity ‘denotes’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Individual Language IdentifierAssociative Entity
Individual Language Identifier only identifies (lcc)lcc-lr:IndividualLanguageIdentifier_only_lcc-lr:identifiesA subtype of associative entity ‘identifies (lcc)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Individual Language IdentifierAssociative Entity
Languagelcc-lr:LanguageA systematic use of sounds, characters, symbols or signs to communicate meaning
Language Familylcc-lr:LanguageFamilyA group of individual languages related to each other through common ancestry
Language Grouplcc-lr:LanguageGroupA collection of two or more individual languages, treated as a group for some purpose
Language Identifierlcc-lr:LanguageIdentifierA string of characters that uniquely identifies a linguistic entity
Language Identifier only denoteslcc-lr:LanguageIdentifier_only_lcc-lr:denotesA subtype of associative entity ‘denotes’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Language IdentifierAssociative Entity
Language Identifier only identifies (lcc)lcc-lr:LanguageIdentifier_only_lcc-lr:identifiesA subtype of associative entity ‘identifies (lcc)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Language IdentifierAssociative Entity
Language Variantlcc-lr:LanguageVariantA variation of an individual language that is sufficiently unique that it can be identified and named
Language Variationlcc-lr:LanguageVariationContinuous change within and between individual languages
Living Languagelcc-lr:LivingLanguageAn individual language or variant in use today by some speech community
Macrolanguagelcc-lr:MacrolanguageA language that may be viewed in some circumstances as an individual language, but actually represents two or more individual languages
Macrolanguage Identifierlcc-lr:MacrolanguageIdentifierA language identifier whose scope is that of a macrolanguage
Macrolanguage Identifier only denoteslcc-lr:MacrolanguageIdentifier_only_lcc-lr:denotesA subtype of associative entity ‘denotes’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Macrolanguage IdentifierAssociative Entity
Macrolanguage Identifier only identifies (lcc)lcc-lr:MacrolanguageIdentifier_only_lcc-lr:identifiesA subtype of associative entity ‘identifies (lcc)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Macrolanguage IdentifierAssociative Entity
Natural Languagelcc-lr:NaturalLanguageA language used in human communications that is not artificial in nature
Orthographylcc-lr:OrthographyA set of conventions and rules for representing language in written form
Remainder Grouplcc-lr:RemainderGroupA group of languages that explicitly excludes certain individual languages
Scriptlcc-lr:ScriptA set of graphic characters used to represent one or more languages in writing
Special Purpose Codelcc-lr:SpecialPurposeCodeA language identifier whose scope is that of a special purpose language construct
Special Purpose Code only denoteslcc-lr:SpecialPurposeCode_only_lcc-lr:denotesA subtype of associative entity ‘denotes’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Special Purpose CodeAssociative Entity
Special Purpose Code only identifies (lcc)lcc-lr:SpecialPurposeCode_only_lcc-lr:identifiesA subtype of associative entity ‘identifies (lcc)’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Special Purpose CodeAssociative Entity
Special Purpose Language Conceptlcc-lr:SpecialPurposeLanguageConceptA language concept introduced in ISO 639-3 to satisfy special-purpose requirements, typically to support application constraints
Spoken Languagelcc-lr:SpokenLanguageAn individual language or language variant that is articulated through speech (oral or vocal) sounds
Standard Variantlcc-lr:StandardVariantA language variant with a high degree of status and normalization, typically used in public discourse, centers of government and commerce
Terminology Codelcc-lr:TerminologyCodeA language identifier whose scope is that of terminological codes
Transcriptionlcc-lr:TranscriptionThe representation of speech or signing in written form
Transliterationlcc-lr:TransliterationThe conversion of text from one script to another without loss of information
Writing Systemlcc-lr:WritingSystemA system for writing a language, including the requisite script and character set
Written Languagelcc-lr:WrittenLanguageThe representation of a language via a writing system, with a relatively normalized orthography
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